Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HoLLYWOOD FLOSS Vacation is Over!!!

Christmas was good to catch up on rest and have fun
with 09 coming in, look for more opportunities and more music, im telling you it will be fun and i'm going to make it fun

Jan. 1 expect some new music and maybe some unreleased material

08 was a breakthru year for me, and 09 will be the year i make the lasting mark some kind of way in this music



Thursday, December 18, 2008

HoLLYWOOD FLOSS in Houston Press

I was recently interviewed by Houston Press and received artist of the week honors...please follow the link and leave a comment for me


yuppy808 on youtube - check me out



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HOLLYWOOD FLOSS Dec. 16th, 2008

... Getting ready for the holidays and wanting to perform, so if you got some space on your set to let me rock with you, please contact me HERE (click the link)

and this invitation extends after the holidays are over as well...

I'm really just having fun, trying to be as creative as possible, I got new songs on the way - might as well tell you now, the new album is going to be a myriad of sounds - meaning it might not flow like an exact album, but it will be considered my second LP

I'll have excerpts or skits on the album talking about certain songs etc...

I want to encourage everyone to embrace individuality in music and DO YOU!!! - dont worry about someone not like your music, just keeping doing you... I like every genre from pop to grime to country to crunk to jazz so dont expect to hear me staying the same all the time

Just sharing my thoughts with you


Hollywood FLOSS

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec. 15 Updates for Hollywood FLOSS

Hey Hollywood FLOSS fans, this is an update - click this link to go to a review of a recent show i had



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HOLLYWOOD FLOSS new interview


Everything Happens for a Reason

...One of my favorite phrases and i have to say it to myself to humble myself (not that i'm an egomaniac or anything). It also puts your current life in perspective

I have a job and i'm able to work on music every now and again, so i should be happy, but i want to do music full time and tour the world off my music, i grind fairly decent and i still dont have the buzz off music that i would like, well that just means i have to work harder

Some days it feels as if my time wont come, but i believe strongly that this is what im made to do and its my purpose, so i will, will it to happen

Anyways look out for new music as always and btw, i got an interview up at

so thats something to be proud of - sometimes i hate being patient, but everything happens for a reason

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hollywood FLOSS reflecting on music/studio

...Im on vacation for thanksgiving right now and in my personal studio watching tv...Lmao .. .yea i should be making music but this is how it always goes, I get in the studio and take my time to do music and when i get out of the studio im thinking about music...Crazzzyyyyy

Anyways i release the Ari Gold Tendencies ep on my myspace so check that out and keep up the support, because there will be more music eventually from me


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hollywood Floss Ending the week strong

check it, if you want to know what i'll be up to this weekend -

Thurs. Nov. 20 - Studio and figuring out what kanye is doing on 808 & Heartbreaks lol
Fri. Nov. 21 - Q-Tip Concert
Sat. Nov. 22 - Filming Fat Tony set
Sun. Nov. 23 - Recording

Holla if you see me out and get some merchandise from me shirt or cd's

Remember November 28th I will be performing @ Secret Awesome Fest 9000 (check my shows on the front of my page for more info)

And if you need me to perform holla at me hwfloss@gmail.com - I'm def. in need of more shows and the performance is great :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

HOLLYwood Floss in studio

Its Sunday and i'm chillen in the studio - recorded and got a song mixed, i'm stashing for my next couple of projects...

Check out my myspace.com/hwflossss

its Hollywood BITCHES

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hollywood Floss

Just might be one of the few excited about Kanye's new project... As an artist i've always said that its important to do all types of music, so you dont get burnt out of the usual style of music you do, plus it helps with the creative process

Anyways big ups to Kanye for expanding the genre

I dont even tell people i rap anymore, I just say i do music, so i dont get any stereotypes lol

Monday, November 10, 2008

Artist Spotlight: Nosaprise

Houston should be ... Scratch that, Hip-Hop should be glad that there are still emcee's that care about lyrics and content in their music...Nosaprise is one of them...The lyrical assassin balances political music entitled "GROWN FOLKS MUSIC" with soul/grime/punk to make a refreshing sound in the music world

IA caught up with the emcee and here's the interview!

FLOSS: Nosa, I want to thank you for taking your time to interview with
IA, can you discuss a little bit about yourself?

NOSA: Whats good Floss sorry it took a bit, ya my names nosa or Nosaprise im Nigerian out the southwest side of Houston.........I rip and i rhyme .... i rhyme and i rip! Oh i also released my 1ST album Grown Folks Music not to long ago. Go cop that shit!

FLOSS: Who or What made you decide to start rhyming?

NOSA: I started rhyming cause thats what my friends did when we were younger we would just freestyled all the time. my boy had turntables and we would all just collect records and play' them at his house, hang out and rhyme.

FLOSS: How would you classify your music?

NOSA: The root of the music is Hip Hop but i feel my music is more than just that i've grown up on everything Punk and Hardcore to Fela and King Sunny Ade to Garage and Grime so i feel it all comes through one way or another.

FLOSS: What is your process when you decide to create a song? Are there
any subjects you wont talk or rhyme about?

NOSA: I dont think as a musician or an artist we should censor ourselves thats the beauty of music it's always been able to handle topics people don't always talk about. When i write a song i usually get a bunch of music and just listen to it constantly and till things start clicking in my head. I try not to say im gonna write a song about this or that going into it.

FLOSS: How long does it usually take you to write your verses?

NOSA: Im kinda critical when it comes to writing i really listen to what people say, verses can take me anywhere from 30 minutes to days to a week depending on how many times i re-write it.

FLOSS: Do you play any instruments? If so which ones?

NOSA: I played piano as a youngin but i really took to guitar around 6th grade i also play a bit of standard drums as well as the African talking drum which i started playing about a year and half ago it's a really dope, unique instrument.

FLOSS: Can you name some of your favorite memories of your music career?

NOSA: My 1st big show with atmosphere at warehouse live was good also we got to perform at the state capital for a rally for Darfur that was fun and enlightening. But all our charity events like Trills The Season And We Give A Jam have to take the cake cause we're actually able to really help others through music.

FLOSS: We've talked before and you teach youth kids as well… how did that
come about?

NOSA: My Crew RnS pretty much worked with kids since getting out of high school. We had a dance program in school that really kept us out of trouble and gave us some focus in life. we really felt the need to give that back to other who havn't been as lucky as us.

FLOSS: What current projects do you have in the works for NOSA, and who
are you working with?

NOSA: Im really promoting this Album Grown Folks Music Im working on my 2nd project It Takes A Village. this project Im really trying to work with as many folks as possible Im trying to expand passed what Im used to and really just trying to create a new path.

FLOSS: Where can rappers, singers, and future fans get in contact with
you or hear your work?

NOSA: Myspace.com/nosaprise hit me up!

FLOSS: What would you like to see from the Houston underground music scene?

NOSA: Less separation a little more open mindedness i want to eliminate the word"scene" and just have musicians work despite genre, crowd or whatever.


1. Favorite Rapper- Biggie since i been like 12 that Ready To Die album got me open. Big L also he left way to early as well

2. Mos Def or Talib Kweli - Blackstar!

3. Artist(s) you would love to work with- Bird Peterson, Damaged Goods, PPT, Uzoy, Devin, Floss and of Course all my Htown peeps.

4. Fave Band- Stark Reality this really trippy band from the 60's, the Sword, Golden Axe some good metal bands from Texas

5. Hidden Talent- the one handed joint roll

I want to thank my guest this week, nosaprise and if you would like to hear his music, please visit myspace.com/nosaprise

Thanks for those who came out to support Nov. 7

... I (Hollywood FLOSS) performed at the MINK Nov. 7,2008 - Mission Control night and had a blast

Shout out to Kidd, DJ Klinch, Tae Gutta, Duce and the Council

Even met some new faces who said they enjoyed the show - Jaycee

So now if you didnt see me, you got two chances before the year lets out - Nov. 28 and Dec. 6 - check Myspace.com/hwflossss for the exact details of each show

---Also people keep asking what i do musically and i say "ALL" because i plan on being apart of every genre somehow - i really like music and I hate to think i would not want to be apart of as much music as possible ---

TONS of projects coming from me in the next 4 months...be on the look out - its about to get hectic 4 real

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hollyood FLOSS Shows and Booking

Dont forget Nov. 7 I will be at The Mink Backroom performing for Mission Control (Shout out to Mic Skills )

Nov. 28 - i will be at the secret awesome fest 9000

Dec. 6, 2008 - The Cellar Bar, please make your way out to any of the events and say whats up


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hollyood FLOSS wants you to vote

& come out and support him Friday Nov. 7th at the Mink backroom for Mission Control

also ARI GOLD TENDENCIES IS DONE ep will be available soon

On to the next project ;)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Whats Good Hollywood FLOSS fans!!!

the ep collabo between Hollywood FLOSS and Sans Bayonet is almost done,

editors note (The project was really away from my element, but i enjoyed making the ep...the finished version will be 6 tracks, 5 songs and 1 intro explaining the campaign)

Shouts to Sans and Gusto for the beats and the artwork

I'm really i a creative space and ahppy to do music right now

As promised Kidd the Great album is 90% done and ready for the world...Its really like a 2.0 album, we went back in and touched up songs that he had unreleased and created new vibes...What most dont understand about Kidd is that he has a lot of old material no one has heard and he just sits on material, but never puts it out...I literally have to get on him about that

Next adventure will be E Pluribus Unum and working with other artist such as Presto, Council and Hero & Rad

Please stay tuned, and make sure to keep me i mind for shows and booking, i appreciate all the love


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its Hollywood FLOSS again


Fave Movies: Bad Boys 1, Casino, Goodfellas, Saw 1, Menace 2 Society and many more

Fave Songs of the Moment: Paris Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco
Art of Story Telling 4 - Outkast

Shows coming up - Mission control , Nov. 7th at The Mink backroom

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hollywood Floss Chopping Samples

Check It Out


Monday, October 13, 2008


if you domt know Hollywood FLOSS, KIDD the Great, Mai Duce, Tae Gutta, The WEB GET READY!!!

Its a slow process, but the reward will be great

Dont Say I Didnt Warn You!!!!!

hahahaha...nah but forreal "Ari Gold Tendencies" is coming soon...the new ep produced by The Sans Bayonet and Vocals by me (Hollywood FLOSS)


Here is the first song...rough mix, and just a small portion of the puzzle


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hollywood Floss does Free Press Houston...

Get ya mid out of the gutter, i went to the event and had a blast...Chilled with RAD and Mic Skills and saw numerous Houston Talent...also got some interviews, check them out

More on the way

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Weekend is here....

And i'm axious to get to the studio...Alot of projects are gonna be underway, please stay tuned

also check out youtube.com/yuppy808 ad vimeo.com search Hollywood FLOSS for videos of me and the camp: The Council, Presto, and The WEB

Sans-Bayonet EP collab coming soooonnnn!!! What up Gusto!

I need shows, so if you're looking to book any artist, holla at hwfloss@gmail.com or my cell 832-618-4365


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Tables are Turned: Rad interviews FLOSS

This edition of underground spotlight is special to me, because the homie RAD asked to interview me, instead of me giving you the latest on dope underground emcees...

RAD: Who is Hollywood Floss???
For those of you who have not taken notice or are sleeping on this brother I asked him if I could interview him on his own website, to put you up on game. He is doing his best to unite the scene in Houston and has taken the time out to interview many other artist and producers. I figured it was his time to get some shine. He is a lyricist and a producer and his skills have earned him recognition by companies such as Open Labs (putting him in the company of Timbo, Prince and other great composers.) Editors note( If you have not heard of open labs keyboards google it now). Out of respect for his grind and talent It felt appropriate for me to switch roles with him. For those that are just waking up this is caffeinated drink it up!

RAD: What’s good Hollywood?

FLOSS: Nothing much RAD, still grinding in the music scene and about to release a lot of new music, so things are looking up!

RAD: You are usually asking all of the questions how does it feel to be in the hot seat?

FLOSS: It’s awkward I cant lie, but I’m glad you came up with the idea because I do feel its time for people to get to know me and bridge the gap in the underground music scene of Houston

RAD: How long have you been rapping and composing?

FLOSS: I’ve been rapping on and off since 2000, but its been serious since 2005. As far as composing and making beats, I started in 2006, so about 2 years now.

RAD: Where does the name Hollywood Floss come from?

FLOSS: (Laughs) It used to be Flossy B…that name came from my neighborhood…I’m from a poor hood, but I was fortunate to have both my parents raise me, so it was a poor rich situation ( we were poor, but upper-class poor lol) Anyways I had fly clothes and Jordan’s all the time…If you had 10 pairs of shoes and didn’t sell dope you were considered Flossy or Fresh, so my friends would see me in new items and say their go FLOSSY B again (haha) but when I started rapping I felt Flossy B was too corny so I took FLOSS, and made an acronym to it…F.L.O.S.S. (Flawless Lawless Opposing Stagnant Situations) and kind of just added the Hollywood to it, to give it a different feel and something you will remember once you hear it.

RAD: What type of music do you do?

FLOSS: I don’t limit myself…I can’t and I refuse too…I think my new album will answer that question, its called Art or Fi$caL Intelligence and its about the two sides of hiphop mainstream versus underground, lyrics versus dance etc… I dont care if its crunk, hyphy, boom bap, country, r&b , snap, or death metal I want to be apart of good music! I’ll do a conscience song one day and the next day I might be in the mood for a dance track. Music is about feeling and I refuse to get pigeon-holed. Look at Immortal Technique, great talent but if he was to make a club track with Paul Wall do you know how many people would be mad!? I want my fans to accept any kind of music I make as long as it is good. I want to be able to do tracks with Shawty Lo and Mos Def… No boundaries for me!

RAD: What future projects can we expect from you and your camp?

FLOSS: First project coming is in mid September from me, entitled “ART or Fi$caL Intelligence” its my solo debut(Not really an album, but a foundation for me to build upon and get better), Next I have two group albums from my group E Pluribus Unum(which is a group comprised of me Hollywood Floss and KiDD the Great), those will be ready by Late October/early November, and then I’ll finish the year with mixtapes and an album from my first solo artist Tae Gutta…So Kwiet Riot music Group will be pretty busy as far as music is concerned...As far as helping others out - Presto!, The Council, Hero & Rad, and Mic Skills...I'm trying to push and be as supportive as time allows

RAD: Explain how you linked up with Open labs and became a spokesperson for them.

FLOSS: No doubt, I purchased the Open Labs keyboard and was trying to really learn how to work the machine and told myself once I did, I would upload videos for others to see my work and how I used the Miko. Well it turns out people really were interested, and it just so happened that an Open Labs rep had came across one of my videos and was impressed by it, so she (Valerie Fouche) contacted me about the video and offered me sponsorship with the company and of course I couldn’t turn her down. The Miko has been a blessing for my music career.

RAD: As a producer who inspires you to compose new songs?

FLOSS: The underdogs who haven’t made it yet. You know why? Because they’re still raw and excited about the music game, that motivates me… If I’m ever not in a music making mood all I have to do is go search for unsigned people on myspace and get into that zone. You have to realize that someone is always out working you and if you not putting in that work, you cant look back and say “how he get to that recognized spot and I didn’t”… “ I was Better than him and no one knows me…

RAD: What makes a lyricist dope to you and who are some of your influences as a rapper?

FLOSS: Creativity mixed with me being able to relate to the music…Really that’s all I need when I hear music… My influences are Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3000, Cee Lo, Eminem, NERD, Fionna Apple, Prince…I’m gonna stop there cause I could go on for days with musical influences. Its all about which mood I’m in and what am I writing about.

RAD: What do you think that the biggest problem facing the Houston Scene, is and how can we change it?

FLOSS: (Plays Dr. Dre’s Big Ego’s) LOL … People who not even signed yet be getting hyped over myspace plays and shit, you ask them to lay a verse or collab and they get Hollywood on you…no pun intended… I’m cool with favoritism towards your friends and people your close to cause that’s natural, but the high and mighty attitudes have got to go so we can unite and make this music together…that’s the only true way to rise up…Get together, form shows together, record together, travel together…Its not hard its just people get jealous if they’re not the center of attention, but there’s enough for everyone to eat…There are 6 billion people on the planet not everyone gonna like the same music, so that’s when you put your boy on if the people not feeling you…Hell you suppose to put your boy on anyways!

RAD: In an industry full of ego-maniacs how do you keep such a positive attitude?

FLOSS: To be honest, I do it for the love, so this doesn’t bother me. Whether they have an ego or not, I’m still gonna have to pay bills and do me, so I cant be concerned with them… Plus there’s always tomorrow

RAD: Kidd the Great is amazing tell us how you met him and what his role is in your camp?

FLOSS: Me and Kidd been best friends since Birth lol, he was my next door neighbor and we always enjoyed the same things as far as cartoons, women, movies, shoes etc… So I really don’t see him as a group member or friend, that’s my brother from another right there! His role is the singer/rapper/entertainment… He’s the marq’e act and we just want the world to see the talent he’s blessed with...Matter of fact his solo album is coming soon and i'm glad to be apart of it.

RAD: What is one thing that you want us to know about you?

FLOSS: I really want the people, critics, fans whoever to know I really love music… Techno, Rap, Grime, Crunk, Club, Country, Death Metal, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Pop … I really love music

Name your favorite up and coming artist? Myself lol, nah but on some real talk Rockaway Productions...sidebar check out my myspace blog titled I PUT ONNN for the in depth list

Samples or original beats? Samples

Lauren London or Kim Khardashian? Can we say Menage???

In search of or Seeing Sound? No doubt in my mind In Search Of

Pete Rock or DJ Premier – Pr Pr Pr Premier, but Pete Rock is more organic

Lil Wayne or Lupe Fiasco? Lupe Fiasco, but wayne got the flow down

Name an artist that you really want to work with? M.I.A.

Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? ( anything other than MJ will get you crucified) Harold Minor hahaha

I want to thank Rad for taking his time out to interview ya boy...and i can leave you without some music RIGHHHT???



Saturday, October 4, 2008

Presto! Interview

Dope emcee out of Houston, check him out!

Presto Studio Interview from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October's Here

and the album is done Art or Fi$caL Intelligence...definetly download when you get a chance or donate some money to me and receive the hard copy version (nh)

Anyways i'm back in the lab this weekend working with KIDD, Presto! and maybe Fat Tony, so we will see and of course i'll update you guys...Also going to Mission Control Oct. 3 to film and network, so catch me there...Other than that be on the look out for more music and videos

yall know what time it is

Hollywood FLOSS

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Floss finished with Art or Fiscal Intelligence

Here is the last bit of the album, finally completed and ready for the world...I had so much fun working on the project. Time to start it all over again with a new one and so far its a beast, stay tuned for that one, but this one should tie you down for a while


Nick of Rockaway Productions

In the studio talking about Floss new album and Rockaway Productions

Kidd Singing on FLOSS album

here is footage of Kidd singing in the studio for Floss album "Art or Fiscal Intelligence"

album download here:


Floss Talking in the Studio

Floss in the Studio

Friday, September 19, 2008

Team Scene Got Next?!...

Or at least for the moment...Team Scene sounds are def. original, but i cant help but compare them to a mash-up of Pop culture meets Kid CuDi mixed with the Seeing Sounds Pharrell... Honest lyrics with abstract beats combine for a great mixture and a breath of fresh air to the music industry.

"Team Scene" (the name's under discussion) is a project that's been a long time in the making. Creating music together since 2003, Team Scene should see a spot in the limelight soon!

Bigger.Bu$iness and Carmel Labs are the producers and architects of the project. Erick and Ike are the MCs

FLOSS: Uniting new talent in music is IA's goal and you guys def. have a different sound...Can you explain how Team Scene was formed and where the name originates from?

Nako - Thanks man. Well Erick (Chase Love) and I have actually been rapping together since 2003, since the days of Cool Edit and computer mics. I put out a tape back in '04 that he helped me with called "Educated Thuggery" that got a generally mixed reaction on the net, both good and bad, but we've been making records together ever since.

We never really had a band name (it was always just Chase Love & Nako) up til a few months ago. I guess you could say, we kinda "borrowed" the whole Team Scene idea (haha, shout out to jblackcat and NT) first and foremost because I love scene girls...

Chase Love - I think with the name Team Scene comes from, both words have significant meaning to form the overall point we try to make. Life is a collaboration. Music is definitely a collaboration. While we are the only two official members of the group, there are plenty of people who make Team Scene happen whether they are musicians we've worked with, our people behind the scenes, or our fans --- everyone's a part of the team!

Now "Scene" basically stems from the fact that we are the life of the party, and while our music varies widely in style, theme, and topic (and is not always party music), it is always entertaining.

FLOSS: Who are your musical influences and How would you define your sound?

Nako - I grew up listening to every genre of music, and I mean literally EVERYTHING. Em's rap style definitely had a big influence on me when I first started -- all my verses were very lighthearted and sarcastic -- and of course everyone from New York aspires to rhyme like BIG and Jay. I'm really into T.i. and Luda... But also artists you wouldn't expect like Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine (one of the most underrated MCs ever) have definitely influenced my style as well. Haha, and I've made the argument before that folk vocalist Regina Spektor's flow is flawless (check out her tracks Pavlov's Daughter and Consequence of Sounds). Oh and I fucks with Kanye and 50. They're the funniest personalities in hip-hop today.

Chase Love - Outkast, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye, Jay, N.E.R.D.,

FLOSS: As a group i know its hard because sometimes the beat takes you in two different directions, how do you vibe and create your songs together?

Nako - It really depends. With the "Go Shawty" record the producer, BNyce from "Carmel Labs," came to us with the beat and song idea so once we agreed to keep it simple, coming up with that hook was automatic.

Chase Love - The fact that right now we both live in different cities makes it a bit different than usual. We'll get a track from either Carmel Labs or Bigger Business that one of us likes. That person will throw down a rough draft of whatever inspiration has created (it could be as developed as a few verses and a hook to a simple hook idea). The other will then formulate their part. It goes back and forth a couple times after that until we have a full version. We usually go through 2-3 different versions of a song.

FLOSS: Also I peeped you have two seperate groups of producers...Can you explain the two different producers?

Nako - Well Bigger.Bu$iness is a group I've been down with since high school. The producers are the Marti brothers who are very into pianos, strings, and guitars. Carmel Labs are child hood friends of Chase's and if you hear samples, deep bass, and synth then it's probably them.

FLOSS: Which group produced the single?

Nako - Carmel Labs did, specifically BNyce who also rapped on the record. But there's definitely going to be a lot of Bigger.Bu$iness on it.

FLOSS: What is your favorite 16 that you've rapped? Heard from an established artist?

Nako - My favorite 16... actually it's probably more like a 48, is a verse i originally came up with for a radio cipher I had with a few rappers on a show I hosted back in '05. I said something on there like "I inhale shotguns like Kurt Cobain, and let the smoke out slow, blow my thoughts away..." I remember the first time I kicked that everyone's face was sort of like "eek!" haha. I actually just laid it down on a song that we're thinking about using on the tape, so that verse should see the light of day soon. As for my favorite verse I've ever heard... I don't know, I'm not sure if I have one. Both of Biggie's verses from Victory still give me shivers though.

Chase Love - My favorite verse I've rapped is actually from an unreleased song we did called The Coolest Verse Ever. My favorite 16 from an established artist has to be from Lupe Fiasco's Real Recognize Real track..."They say the game has the belly of a beast..."

FLOSS: How does the international traveling of your life influence your music?

Nako - This probably pertains to me a lot more than Erick. Umm, well you know I spent my childhood in England so I grew up very into British Rock and Garage music, but I've also been surrounded by Nigerian culture my entire life and that upbringing definitely still influences my tastes today. I'm REALLY into MIA, groups like MSTRKRFT and JUSTICE and I personally thought Kanye remaking Stronger and Jay covering Wonderwall were two of the greatest things to happen to hip hop ever. I'm really into experimenting with genre blending and international sound, so every time Carmel or Bigger.Bu$iness play a beat for us with the slightest hint of an electro sound or African drums or sampling sitar strings or whatever, I go nuts. This is a little bit of a diatribe, but if Timbaland could stop straight up jacking beats from international producers and just work with them on bringing their sounds over here, I think he could really help advance hip-hop as a world genre (because it really isn't just an American thing anymore) and really expand it to a lot of people.

FLOSS: If you could get a mainstream artist on your debut album who you going to get? Producer?

Chase Love - Andre 3000, Pharrell (I need my melodies)

Nako - Hmmm, artist... I'd go with Kanye. I'd have to. I'd definitely have Timbaland produce it though. With Just Blaze helping, haha.

FLOSS: Have any labels shown any interest in you and if no what would be the perfect label situation for you?

Nako - Hah, naw no label interest yet. Bigger.Bu$iness got a couple of offers to intern as producers (think Mysto and Pizzi) with some big names and Carmel are definitely talented enough to work for a major, but no deals are on the table for Team Scene as a whole yet. I'm not really sure what the perfect label situation would be for us. You always hear artists complaining about how labels are restricting them creatively, but then the second they get that freedom they wanted so bad, they fuck it up, you know what I mean? They just make horrible decisions and piss everything away. I want to say I'd want to sign with Puff because he's a fucking genius, but I know after the first album he'd just rape us for everything we had hahaha. I think the right situation for us would be one with a label that understood yeah we'll do the club songs and the pop records -- haha, I've got no qualms about making the sell out record -- but they would also need to understand that every now and then i might want to sample a billie goat, yodellers, and a baby crying and I'd need them to support my creativity and vision and believe in me enough as an artist to get behind me and give me and that record the proper push we deserve.

FLOSS: What upcoming projects are in the works for the group? (Shows, Albums, etc).

Nako - Planning the logistics for shows are hard considering we and our live band live in different cities right now, but we've got a few things in the works for Boston this winter. And the album/EP/mixtape, whatever you want to call it, either way it'll be free, should be out around the same time. We're about 4 or 5 tracks in, way more than we expected to have done by now, so we're just working on getting that done and then taking it to the next level. A website launch is gonna coincide with the album release, so be on the look out for that too.

FLOSS FIVE (answered by Nako)
1. USA or LONDON - USA. NYC to be exact.

2. FAVE New Artist - Hmmm, besides Chase? I'm gonna go with Drake. "Wheel Chair Jimmy's" been doing his thing lately, and I can't hate. I still think we'd body him though.

3. Football or Soccer - Football. Ask me again in two summers, and I'll probably say soccer hah.

4. Music Gulity Pleasure - i don't really have guilty pleasures. It's music. I listen to it all and I like it. (That last Britney album was a banger though...)

5. Jordan 4 or Jordan 5
Jordan 4. i'll take the 3s over both of them though.

Thats it for this week's artist you need to know, but as usual i provide you with your musical fix: A link of 4 songs from TEAM SCENE enjoy!!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And I Wonder....

One of my favorite songs off of Graduation, probably top ten in Kanye's catalog...The song questions what does life mean and how to sort out your dreams

For my whole life i had a 6th sense about being in the entertainment business in some way - acting, music, marketing commecials, sports etc but not into 3 and a half years ago did i feel my real passion was and is MUSIC...For those who have reached it kudos, but i'll see you when i get there

I'm happy that i completed my foundation album, its a relief to get it off your chest, but now i need the public to get ahold of it

Its also bittersweet because I'm happy its completed but sad because i'm already recording my next one...You see i'll promote the hell out of it, but at the same time, i feel people are really gonna take notice to me and i want extra songs for them to have once they get tired of the foundation album

I know it sounds crazy, but i got a weird feeling about it, and i think it will pay off


Please support the album when you get ahold of it, It really means alot to me

Friday, September 12, 2008

EP for download

Art or Fi$caL Intelligence EP download:

zshare.net/download/17152729a3b7b2f8/ download

Yo for more info about me hit myspace.com/hwflossss


As most people know, Hurricane Ike is approaching and it got Houston and the rest of the city by the gulf coast in a frenzy, Me i'm still trying to do what i love third (after god and fam) MUSIC baby lol!!!

Anyways the Art or Fi$caL Intelligence album is done, complete...I'm just picky about mixing and making sure i get the best product to ya ears ya dig

The process for making the album was really a dream...For the first time i was on my own and i had to come up with everything from the beats to the hooks to the verses...I really had fun tossing away songs as if i was a real exec. haha

But i read on another artist blog uzoy - that she didnt feel like her album she was working on was her first- but instead a foundation

I feel the same way, Technically it is my first album, but it isnt because i'm just opening the world to me, and still finding myself as an artist..I really dont want to find myself as an artist, i want to always change as i think its healthy and i got undiscovered ADD

But anyways look out for my album and pick it up, buy it, download it, steal it, whatever - -I love my fans and everyone trying to support the movement

Shoutouts to KIDD, Duce, Rockaway Productions, The Council, Presto!, Young Rilla, GoD Jewelz, Wize, TIME, Henz $, Fat Tony, KAM, Hero & RAD, H-Town Music Period

Listening To : Lupe The Killer Song - Sick Wordplay and he put Ninja Turtles in a verse

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where Brooklyn At - Henz $

FLOSS: Henz, I want to thank you for taking your time to interview with
IA, can you discuss a little bit about yourself?

HENZ: Oh no problem my dude, we been fucking with each other before I even thought about rapping (LOL) so its my pleasure. Well, my name is Henry but now a days all I hear is Henz, henz0, henz $, or with the chicks Henzy, Henzy Wenzy LOL. Anyway, I'm from Brooklyn, New York.. East New York to be exact... I'm 23 (damn niggas getting old), Sarcastic as hell. Super laid back.. Maybe to laid back.. my hobbies include: Stayin' Fresh, Sports (basketball,football,baseball) i'm a athlete!!, Surfing ( the internet, lets be serious LOL).. Smoking ( bud ), and lets not forget Video games... Yall holla @ me on Xbox live so I could show yall how to do this ( gamertag - henz0 ).

FLOSS: As a newcomer to the music scene, what made you decide to take

rapping serious and pursue it?

HENZ: Hmmm I dont really have a clear answer to this one its really a mixture of things.. I've been a fan of rap for as long as I can remember and I would always take niggas lines & switch it up a little to fit myself personally and use it as away msg's or just random sayings during everyday shit and people would always comment on em like " thats funny " or " thats hot ". Or even " hey make 1 for me " ( LOL ).. So I realized that people really pay attention to my words, and what better way for people to follow em? About a year ago one of my dudes who raps, just outta the blue came to me like " yo, you got a rapper voice ", So everybody lookin at him like AYOO you like Henz voice.. But now I guess he can say I told you so (shout to rah) haha. Last but not least, I started doing this shit because I hear these dudes who been calling themselves rappers for years that sound horrible making moves with it so I figure hey why not me?

FLOSS: Who are some of your favorite rappers or influences?

HENZ: Well my favorite rappers are ( No order ): The Clipse , Cam'Ron, Eminem, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Juelz Santana, and Youg Jeezy. As far as influence I would definitely have to say the Dip Set.. My reason for that being it always sounds like they're having fun with what they do, not taking themselves to serious.. Like the joker said.. " why so serious " So i definitely take that approach when I'm in the booth.. Also Kanye, Jeezy and I'm gonna single Juelz out (juelz from the dips in this part) because of the emotion they be put out on the tracks.. I fucks with that.

FLOSS: What is your process when you decide to create a song?

HENZ: The urge to lay down some shit could come at any time its never planned but here it goes: First I need to hear the beat, I've never wrote a verse just to write it, always the beat first.. Then figure out how I'm gonna start the track, Thats like the hardest part to me, after that it kinda just flows out 8-).. Are there
any subjects you wont talk rhyme about? I will never rhyme about killin niggas or selling tons of cocaine because I dont do either.. Some things may be exaggerated in the lyrics, but I wouldn't talk about things that I dont do.

FLOSS: How long does it usually take you to write your verses?

HENZ: I dont think its ever taken me more than an Hour to complete em.. With just the first 2 lines taking up the most time.. I try not to sit there and think to much about it because then it never comes out >:o so I just put down whatevas running through my mind.. And when I play it back I might make a couple little edits here & there.

FLOSS: What would be the ultimate goal for you music wise? Do you want to
get signed or do you prefer the indie route?

HENZ: My ultimate goal is to really just to entertain & have alotta people fuckin wit me and interested in whats coming next.. Also working with alotta different people and to just keep having fun enjoying the music shit. I'd prefer the indy route because I can still do what I prefer which is just having fun on the mic and saying whatever I want instead of having a whole plan to things. I think that takes some of the fun out of it.. I didn't get involved for the $ I did it for the fun.. If $ comes along with that... Thats a Plus ( big plus haha )

FLOSS: The Ayo Technology and Sexual Healing freestyles is where people
started acknowledging your skills…Have you always known you can rap or
did the responses shock you?

HENZ: "Started acknowledging my skills?!?!?" LOL... That statement sounds like I been rapping for years and niggas just started noticing me... Those are like 2 out of the first 5 shits I ever wrote/spit in my LIFE.. I kinda knew I could do it because like i mentioned earlier people always comment on little sayings/lines theyve seen me use/post up online.. But I never tried to turn it into rap until recently which you can still tell ( flow still in progress!).. The responses definitely did shock me though to see so many people feeling it and even putting it on their on myspace pages, and asking for the mp3's to download like I was a veteran at this shit definitely put a smile on my face and motivated me to keep going @ it.

FLOSS: When can we expect more material from you? A mixtape or more features maybe?

HENZ: I have all the lyrics and beats I plan on using for my mixtape ( The Unu$ual Suspect ) ready to go, a nigga just been lazy with going to the studio.. Which is right around the corner from my house SMFH.. I know this sounds cliche but " Coming soon " LOL. Features I'm always up for.. Maybe by doing that, their fans can become your fans.. you never know. I actually features more because it makes you want to go harder knowing you're along side somebody, sorta like a little fun competition ( see: crosscountry royalty ).. So whoever wanna do something with me holla at me.. I'm down.

FLOSS: Any producers or other rappers you want to work with?

HENZ: My dude Plan was displaying some of his beats at " the secret society " (LOL).. And I was feeling one of em so hopefully we can work something out with that... My man time has a song called " I'm That Nigga " that is just crazy to me so I would love to be on the remix of that ;) since every day I hear "im that nigga ".. The other 2 people I wanted to work with G.O.D Jewels & Dom Kennedy we already completed that and is getting crazy reviews called Cross Country Royalty... On a mainstream level I would love to get a beat from Heatmakers, and whoever the fuck be doing Jeezy beats, shits just get you hype and WANT to go in in the booth... As far as rappers if I could pick some people to do a track with it'd be Juelz, & Cam.. would be a funny ass track.. Or Weezy, you get Weezy on a track you know a million peoples listening.. Son is going in right now!

FLOSS: What makes you listen to a rapper and buy the album or show support?

HENZ: They have to entertain me, it doesn't even have to be lyrical.. The shit could just be funny. But as long as im entertained I could fuck with it.. If its a new rapper, I have to hear them go in on somebody else's beat. I cant just listen to a "song" from someone i've never heard of they have to show me something first, like bodying somebody elses beat.

FLOSS: Where can rappers, singers, and future fans get in contact with
you or hear your work?

HENZ: Well the best place would be the myspace.. www.myspace.com/henzmuzik. With all my other contacts ima have to know you first before you get access to those, theres some weird things going on out here!( listen to "technology" Lol & watch the video on the space ).


1. Jay-Z or Fabolous - I'm not gonna sit here and say that Fab is better than Jay. But i'd rather listen to fabs music anyday over jays.. he entertains me way more.

2. Besides rap what music artists do you listen to - alicia keys( my boo ).. Other than that I dont really check for anybody but when its a good song I fucks with it reguardless of who it is.

3. Favorite Jordan - Jordan XI.. I remember me & my moms went to go cop the White/black joints when I was in 5th grade a week before they came out when everybody had the grant hills, I was that dude..

4. Jets or the Giants - UGHHH I dont fuck with either of these teams, and before a few weeks ago i wouldve quickly said the jets but now they have brett favre :-\ who i despise. So im gonna leave this one open (-_- )

5. Madden 09 or NCAA 09 - When I'm playing with friends I prefer Ncaa because its more fun, but online I gotta go with madden, shit is serious business with the online play and you really have to have a strategy to win, whereas in NCAA its mainly run & gun.

Once again i want to thank my guest this week (HENZ $) and you know I want leave you without a preview here it is:


Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!!!

Even though summer coming to a close, you still have Winter/Fall to look forward to, and the best music if you believe in what Billboard releases say

Anyways, i'ma start back with the video blogs and more music...i know i keep saying it, but i'm 4real...I just had to settle down back into my job...You know how that go

But once i get the video and music rolling, i'm telling you it will be plentiful and you're going to be sick of me

But thats my plan

Have a safe weekend and listen to lots of new artists give us a chance :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

When everything is down

...thats when you keep your head up! If anything, thats what life and Tupac taught me...This music game is a constant grind, but i think the ones truly in it for the love and the overall grind will make a way in it...well back to the lab

i been making a 110% effort to do music everyday, so i can share it with others...Art or Fi$caL Intelligence is done now i'm on to new material mixtapes ad albums

stay in touch and support ya boy Hollywood Floss 832-618-4365


Saturday, August 16, 2008


yessir...I'm back again today to say the album Art or Fi$caL Intelligence will be presented to the world September 2, 2008
It will be available for download and for purchase, so make sure you get involved with that

I'm proud of it and i'm already working on the next solo album from me!

Here is a teaser sort of ep of Art or Fi$caL for download:


also check out EB productions for more updates of me and KIDD the Great, and check out an amazing producer EB from Sweden


Friday, August 1, 2008


As Most know its my debut album, and I think its a great piece of work, gotta hit the studio and finish off 3 more songs and then its on to pressing them up....So please stay tuned

For those that dont know Art or Fiscal Intelligence represents the Art and the Money Side of Hiphop...

ART = underground, boom bap, creative lyrics, storytelling, being different and yourself, backpack etc

Fi$CAL = Mainstream, club, hyphy, crunk tracks, "hip pop", Materialistic, etc

I like to feel my style is a combo of both, the best from both of the worlds...I just love all kinds of music and i dont want to get stagnant or bored, so i give you a variety of sounds to choose from me.

I will show you one of the album covers that didnt make the cut

Dope huh!? ...Wait til you see the Final one

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Check out some photo's of me and KIDD DA GREAT side group project, I was telling you about a couple post back

site = Myspace.com/Sneakymarcello

yo yo yo ...whats better than old footage?

Yea ya boy been putting in work, so dont think its just overnight, anyways i still have copies of these mixtapes, so if anyone wants hit me up in the comments or on myspace.com/hwflossss

here is a verse off of the prequel mixtape

Saturday, July 26, 2008

YOU CAN FIND ME IN THE H!!! H!!! H!!! Houston

or at these websites


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Producer Spotlight...DIGI. M

Born in Texas but musically raised in Seattle Digi. M is an under the radar producer / engineer in the well-rounded Houston Hip-Hop scene. With a musical influence of every genre you can think of from classical to emo to hiphop; Digi hopes to install real music back into the music game. . . With numerous projects coming out this year alone we caught up to Digi to learn more about him and why you should take notice to his new
generation movement!

FLOSS: Digi I want to thank you for taking your time to interview with IA, can you discuss a little bit about yourself?

DIGI: I enjoy beers, beards, and broads. i also like breakfast cereal, cool shoes, robots,dumpsters.lemons.road trips.xbox360. oh and i also produce music.

FLOSS: Who or What made you want to start producing?

DIGI: My family has always been very supportive when it comes to my music. There was always some type of music playing in my house growing up. We would even have a mariachi band come play on special occasions...still do to this day..... that def had a HUGE affect on me.

FLOSS: How would you classify your sound?

DIGI: I'd say I'm a mix between Rick Ruben (cause of the beard) and Burt Bacharach for the musical aspect. Rick Ruben + Burt Bacharach = Digi.M
not a bad mix huh? haha but to be honest, I'm always trying new things and constantly trying to out do my self. so i don't know?... hopefully someone can tell me who they think i sound like, cause I'm pretty confused about it right now,and i think thats a good thing.

FLOSS: What is your process when you decide to create a song?

DIGI: Really i just let my creativity run with it. I'm fortunate enough to have very diverse artists that i can work with, so i don't necessarily have to stick to one formula...I love that!
but anything can set off my process.... i could be watching Tv,or trying to make a different beat all together and get distracted and it comes out how it comes out and I'm not afraid to try new things.

FLOSS: What equipment do you use and how long does it usually take you to make a beat?

DIGI: I just bought an oxygen 8 midi control from Vango (Houston Producer), other than that, I use my PC,Reason, and Acid. As far as the how long it takes... it just really depends on what i want to do with it. If i feel a piece is complete i roll with it. sometimes i sit on music for months at a time till i find the right sounds for it, sometimes I'm done in 45 minutes.

FLOSS: How many instruments do you play?

DIGI: I play keys and drums... Started playing keys by ear at the age of five, i had this small keyboard that my mom had got for me from sears or something hahaha, after that i just continued to take in as much music as i could. then joined band and picked up the drums. never made a more appropriate decision before in my life!

FLOSS: Now you work with Hero and Rad a lot, Can you describe a session with you guys?

DIGI: I'm going to name this portion of the interview "FE-BREEZE ON YO FEET"
a typical session starts with Hero and Rad showing up to my house (late)... asking me what new beats Ive made that week. They eat up all my food, quote pop culture,play Xbox and then make some of the best damn music you've ever heard.

FLOSS: We've talked before and you engineer as well… how did that come about?

DIGI: I went to Mexico for three weeks and took in my culture, had some time to meditate and I knew I wanted to get back into music, i wanted to be around it for the rest of my life. so i decided to take a HUGE leap and moved to Seattle to go to school for audio engineering. It was the best experience of my life, and it definitely completed me as a person and as an artist. It made me the musician I am today!

FLOSS: What projects are in the works for DIGI, and who are you working with?

DIGI: Right now I'm working on wrapping up albums for Mic Skills and of course Hero and Rad... Also lets just say i have an ace up my sleeve production wise (hahahaha)....
I'm also slowly planning a compilation album. it would be a mix album of different genres and collaborations between dMP artists all produced by me. Something everyone can listen to no matter their genre of choice. It's gonna be crazy!!!

FLOSS: Where can rappers or singers get in contact with you or hear your work?

DIGI: Come see me at the shows, support the scene. Do open Mics @ mission control and also Houstonhiphop.com, get on that and do some networking(vote for me on the battles)and of course hit me up on www.myspace.com/digimproductions


1. Favorite instrument.

drums, about to buy another set soon. It'll be emerald green and Im gonna name her Seattle.

2. Timbo & Danja or Neptunes.

how bout asking Quincy Jones vs Burt Bacharach ? (me and rad have this discussion alot)

3. Artist(s) you would love to work with?

Id love to work with The Strokes, or The Flaming Lips, Lupe Fiasco,maybe Gnarles Barkley... I think those projects would be a lot of fun to work on,very creative, and those guys seem cool as hell to hang out with in a studio.

but at the same time i gotta stick with my home team and continue recording and making music with the BGP, Hero & Rad, Mic Skills, Mike and Ike.

4. Fave Band

The Beatles, The Strokes, Mates of State... minus the bear., The Flaming Lips, Peter Bjorn & John... I also love listening to ALL music, i love the feeling i get when i hear something new for the first time.

5. Hidden Talent

I don't have any... I wont ever keep them hidden....you will constantly hear my hidden talents in my music.

I want to thank my guest Digi M once again for letting IA interview him, its been fun..and you know HOLLYWOOD cant leave without giving you production from DIGI...its called SICK! and features Mic Skills, HERO and MIKE FLO...HOLLA!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Mood: BLESSED & Thinking Positive

Working on my debut LP, but i will release a 6 track EP first for 2 reasons

1. Get a buzz going

2. While the buzz is going, i will be making more money to fund the full length project, yeah i know INDIE's a "B", but it is what it is

Name will be revealed later on, but the Series is called -

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED: __________ the blank is what i will fill in upon release, to many biters out there

NEXT, also got two more side projects besides my solo debut

I have a collab type project with http://www.eb-productions.blogspot.com/ and a group project with KIDD called E PLURIBUS UNUM...def. look out for both of those

Keep checking the myspace.com/hwflossss ... and helping me get views and plays, i need all the support i can get, and for a treat i'll probably leak my own songs for the E PLURIBUS UNUM PROJECT


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

G.o.D. Jewels Bitches Need I Say Mo'!!!

The Windy City just got a lil colder...You take Kanye, Common, Lupe, Rhymefest, Twista,GemStones then pass the torch to GoD Jewels and you arguably have one of the best rap lineups in modern day hiphop.

Known for his slick wordplay and effortless flow Jewels will soon have not only the internet buzzin, but your car speakers bustin to what i tab "Lyrical Riding Music", Music not captured since The Black Album (imo), and most recent example is "Maybach Music" by Rick Ross & Jay-Z, but thats neither here or there...IA got a chance to interview the Chicago Emcee to discuss Rap, Life and the future of Hiphop...I Present G.o.D. Jewels a.k.a. The Chicago Bully a.k.a. Rifle Jordan - The Last
Shot a.k.a. Jewels Almighty a.k.a. Chicago Hope

Southside Chicago, IL (Wild 100's area) STAND UP!!!

FLOSS: Thanks for the patience to interview you, how you been?

JEWELS: I'm feelin' really "glorious" right now...(laughs)

FLOSS: God Jewels is an odd and unique name...how did u come up with it?

JEWELS: It honestly just came to me...It had a nice ring to it...(laughs) But
in all seriousness it's one of the more powerful sounding stage names
out right now...wouldn't you agree?

But nah, It's actually "G.o.D." Jewels, and the G.o.D part in it of
itself has endless meanings...But I'll spare you the elaborate
explanations and try to keep it basic: I just feel as though I'm one
of God's jewels...A diamond in the ruff if you will. A special type of
nigga. Everyone should feel that way in my opinion...But a lot of
people don't, So that's what they got me for.

FLOSS: Can you recall for the readers what made up decide to rap?

JEWELS: Oh, I was kinda like a late bloomer on the rap side G...I started at
like 17 years old. And at the time, It seemed as though I just kind of
stumbled into it, But lookin' back, That shit was actually destiny
when I think about it...

I just always had a deep love for hip-hop...I mean, Niggas lived off
that shit G...For real. I would memorize the lyrics word for word in
only like a couple of spins of the album, And I'd be reciting the shit
damn near AS good as the artist...If not better! (laughs) Like how you
got a nigga spittin' YOUR shit better than you? And it wasn't like I
was consciously going out of my way to memorize the shit on some Stan
type shit, But I would just naturally pick it up pretty effortlessly,
And I guess that lends itself to actually being a writer and being
able to deliver the bars. It wasn't no little hoe ass raps
either...Niggas used to walk around spittin' Big Pun verses with
ease...(laughs) But yea, I just respected the fuck out of hip-hop
since as far back as I can remember...

My cousin Jake used to say "You gon be a fuckin' rapper G...", And I
used to laugh it off...Now look. Guess folks saw somethin' I didn't
(laughs). Shouts to Jake...

FLOSS: I honestly didn't know Chicago was that official rapping wise
outside of Common and Twista back in the day...Where did all these
gifted emcee's arrive from?

JEWELS: Ummm...How about: Necessity is the mother of invention...

I wouldn't say that Chicago emcee's "arrived"...They were "made".

Chicago hip-hop is a product of being looked over by the labels and
fans for over a decade, Being treated like a second class city and
region as a whole, And a competitive, hungry, and vicious

To the niggas that are reading this: Can you HONESTLY say you was
checkin' for a Chicago nigga before Ye and Lupe? Like, Let's be for
real...It's this whole inferiority complex from a Chicago
standpoint...So after awhile, A whole bunch of niggas collectively
said "You know what? We'll show you."

They all went home to their lil tight rooms, or their momma's
basement, Got them a beat CD, A pen and a pad, And got it THE FUCK
in...I know, Because this is still my reality...I'm still in the

Fast-forward a few years later, And you got niggas like me, My team,
My guy Illinois...Shouts to The State...Uhhh...GemStones, Mikkey, Bump
and them...And niggas is NOT goin'...We WILL be recognized.

And it's even deeper than hip-hop...That feeling of inferiority,
Combined with the fact that niggas is not eating out here due to the
economy and their environment, is what's fueling all these murders in
Chicago this summer...Unfortunately.

But we didn't arrive...We been here...(laughs) Y'all made us.

FLOSS: Who are some of your musical influences?

JEWELS: The crib...(laughs)

I mean, Just livin' in the 100's is enough influence is it not?

Literally, Right before this interview, I watched these niggas sell
this cluck some soap...He came back to complain because they gave him
some fake work...So they pretty much whopped his ass like HE was in
the wrong and took his bike...(laughs)

Now I shouldnt be laughin' at that, But I could write a whole song on
JUST that!

But I mean, Other than Chicago and the hood in general...Because there
is obviously more to life than that, I draw my musical influences from
any and everywhere...I'm a well-rounded nigga, So that helps. Aside
from the typical nigga shit, I'm into everything from comic books and
technology, To history and government...

You ask another rapper what type of shit he's into, A nigga gon say,
"Uhhhh...Ummm...Basketball...Ummm...hoes..." (laughs)

So thank "God" there's more to "Jewels" than that...Ohhhh, Did you
peep the wordplay Floss? I'm cold as hell...(laughs)

FLOSS: Can you describe who you work with in the city? Any group affiliates?

JEWELS: Oh, Off top, Its Embassy Empire, Better known as "E2" all day.
Diction, My brother to the death - Naych, Real...E2 crazy.

I fuck wit The Boy Illinois heavy...That's my guy. That's like the Ryu
to my Ken and shit...My rap sparring partner...Nigga keep me on my
shit...He cold. Aint too many niggas fuckin' wit The State. Be sure to
download that Inhale Part 1 when that drops...Shouts to F.A. Squad

Ummm...It's another dude by the name of Ickus...He was dope. He was a
Northside dude...I'm Southside to the death...So we was gonna put a
joint together called "The Crosstown Classic"...Niggas not in the know
can Wiki that...But anyway, That punk just fell off the map...I don't
know where he at...Hit me up if you see this Joe...

But that's it though really...Hopefully I can expand that resume and
work with more Chicago acts...

FLOSS: What projects are you working on at the moment?

JEWELS: Glory Or Death...Which is coming along great...real great.

It's just a lot of the little shit that needs to be done...Shit like
artwork and what not...Shouts to Dub on that...

And I'm planning on doin' the Glory Or Death covershoot this
summer...I need to do some more recording and tighten up some old
songs...As far as release, I'm shooting for early 2009...Winter music.

FLOSS: Can you share what you usually go through when your creating a song?

JEWELS: Beat first. Period. My prerequisite for beat selection is this: It has
to grab me...Pause. You know how you felt when you first heard the
Blueprint production? It's was just something that grabbed
you...Pause. So I feel if the beat can successfully grab
me...Pause...It will more than likely grab you...Pause.

I cant be NaS with the beat selection...But shouts to NaS.

After that prerequisite is cleared, The beat has to either fit a
preconcieved concept, Or speak to me in such a way that it TELLS me
what to write about...You know those beats where you be like "Oh, This
is the joint where I speak on this...". The type of shit that was just
tailor made for a certain topic. But you gotta be careful with that,
Because you can box yourself into a cliche topic or talking point.

Then after that, I want to express myself in a way that hasnt been
done before...If it's something thats been said already, I have to
freak it to where its fresh and new again...If I'm traveling the
beaten path that everyone else walked down, I gotta at least backflip
down that ma'fucka...

To steal one from Pusha, "Twist metaphors to avoid sounding cliche..."

Too many niggas rap...You gotta approach shit from whole new angles nowadays.

FLOSS: Name your fave verse of all time... And one from yourself as we'll
if its not already your favorite.Explain why.

JEWELS: I can't do that...(laughs)

There are TOO many verses to name, And I'm so finicky that if I ever
did establish an all-time favorite verse, It would change everyday...

But I CAN tell you my favorite all-time verse is for today and today

So yea, As of today, I'm really fuckin' with NaS's verse off of
Revolutionary Warfare on God's Son...

That shit is really potent to me...A lot of gems in that verse...But
niggas don't really dissect NaS shit the way they be tryin' to DaVinci
Code Jay-Z's verses. But I guess Jay is more accessible...

But anyway, This punk NaS said:

"The beauty of life was when my moms said 'Nigga, YOU could be
Christ...', I wasn't old enough to hold my dick and pee right..."

Nigga...what? (laughs)

Then he follow that by sayin':

"Jesus? What is He like? I pictured Him standin' with diamonds on Him,
A little different from the way my Mommy saw Him..."

His momma saw Christ in him when he was just a shorty, And he saw
Christ as some nigga with all types of ice on...(laughs) Everybody
views Jesus differently, And Jesus is a part of all of us...It's just
ill to me how NaS conveyed that in that verse...His mind works crazy.

As far as a favorite verse of mine, My most recently created verse is
usually my favorite...So I would say I'm fuckin' with the verse I
wrote for this joint with me and Henz0 called "Royalty". My usual
sarcastic, sardonic, smart-ass, joke-cracking, witty, condescending
shit...A nigga was just stuntin' on that one...Havin' fun...Nothin'
too serious.

FLOSS: Your not a stranger to the limelight, and we all know that's when
people start taking shots...have you had to put any "Out of Liners" in
place? If so who? (Subliminal or not lol)

JEWELS: First off, Stop with that limelight shit G...(laughs)

I can be an arrogant asshole, But I know how to humble myself at
times...To be real, I haven't really done anything yet by my
standards. Yea, I'm better than a lot of niggas rappin' and I have a
very good chance to be "great" in this game, But I'm not there yet...I
gotta keep workin'.

So there is not limelight yet...Shit is lemonlight...I'm bitter as
fuck G...(laughs)

As far as puttin' people in line, I'm gonna have to put one of my
little kids over my knee in the near future...Grounded.

No TV...No phone...Ummm...Gotdammit...No goin' outside...No video
games...They gon have to come straight home from school...No
extra-cirrcular after school shit...I wanna check your homework too...

Ay, Y'all remember that shit? Everybody ridin' their bikes, Playin'
and shit...You in the window with the salty face....Ahhhhhhhhhh...

But yea, A nigga had to take his belt off...You'll see it...Call DCFS.

FLOSS: You've openly touched (nh) on your dislike for Cassidy, can you go
into detail why and what actually happened @ Mtv studios?

JEWELS: I don't dislike Cassidy...I don't feel any type of way towards him
good or bad. He's just not a genuine individual...He's not real.

Not real in the sense that he doesn't do what he raps about...I don't
care about that...Cuz we all guilty of that in some way, Just give me
quality music...

I mean that he's not real on a person-to-person level...He's just not
that down to earth, Cool, Approachable type nigga...He's just not that

And we need more niggas like that in the industry...But unfortunately
there are more Cassidy's out there than there are good dudes.

As far as the MTV situation, I'm not gonna break that whole thing
down, Because I'd be here all night explaining it...But more or less,
MTV/Cassidy/J Records pulled a little switcheroo that I wasn't
prepared for that I SHOULD HAVE been prepared for.

Just a paragraph in a chapter of the book of my life...Learning experience.

FLOSS: What do you expect and want to see from the Chicago rap scene in
the future?

JEWELS: Oh, I expect to be at the forefront...(laughs)

Me and Illinois basically had this same conversation, And we feel as
though Chicago hasn't fully been represented from OUR viewpoint
yet...Y'all have only been shown a small facet of it thus far...

Yea, Lupe is great...Common is amazing...Ye is incredible...Twista is
awesome...And I'm extremely proud to claim all them niggas...I poke my
chest out in pride over them niggas bein from the Crib and
accomplishing what they have accomplished.

But none of them speak for US, Or rep US...At least not in the way we
would like.

We the young, early 20's, streetsmart, booksmart, aggressive,
fashion-conscious, and hungry niggas
from Chicago...We want in.

Floss FAVE Five

1. Fave mixtape dj

Fuck the DJ...The DJ is dead.


Nah, I'm playin'...(laughs)

Shiiiit....Gotdammit...I dunno...I guess whoever will play my records? (laughs)

2. Lord Willin or HHNF

HHNF...Bitch Bra-zilian, Purse rep-tilian!

3. Fave Jordan shoe

A tie between the Aqua VIII's and the Inf VI's.

4. Studio or the stage

Studio...You wouldn't be able to reach the stage if you didn't go into
the studio first. That's where you perfect your craft. I couldn't get
on that Iverson shit..."Practice?"

5. Hidden Talent

Drawing. I'm nice with the pen in more ways than one..."Legend in two
games like I'm..." Lemme stop...(laughs)

Once again its closing time here @ IA, so i want to thank my interviewee (G.o.D Jewels) for sharing with us, and you know i couldn't leave without a viewer treat, so i got that Vinyl Heroin ,an exclusive track from Jewels called Word Play...Also stay tuned for his website


Sunday, July 6, 2008


As the Featured Artist of the Houston staple event Mission Control he has built a legacy of memorable events featuring passionate stage performances.

The honesty in his songs is a rarity that consistently pushes the envelope of artistry in a time of fabricated personas. The sharp, in-your-face lyrics will smack you in the head and then at other times they calmly convey his deepest thoughts on an array of topics.

Mic Skills has opened for several national artists, has been featured on and released several mix-tapes, but has now set his ambitions higher. His yet to be released debut album promises to shake the foundation of music as he emerges onto the forefront.

FLOSS: Here at IA, we want to reach out to all types of musical talent and your no exception…How you been?

MIC SKILLS: I've been great, business as "unusual."

FLOSS: For those that aren’t familiar with the Mic Skills brand name, can you explain how got involved with music?

MIC SKILLS: I grew up a fan music, certain songs have a special place with all of us, so as I began to rap as a teen it was fun but became serious and thought out my songs better as I matured.

FLOSS: Do you remember your very first rhyme? If so could you share a couple bars with us?

MIC SKILLS: All I remember was it was wack & corny, but I got better (thank God).

FLOSS: The Fever is a solid mix-tape, but you know everyone is anxious for the album… can you go into detail what we can expect from your solo debut?

MIC SKILLS: The title is "Defiant" and it is truly a concept album. When I came up with the title I had to relearn the definition of word "Defiant." Once I did that I realized that was me - Defiant!

It embodies My personality, my attitude, my persona, my style, my mode of operation even the duality of being a Gemini.

More than anything it is a bold statement that this is Mic Skills, Hate it or Love it!

FLOSS: What other projects or events do you have in the works at the moment?

MIC SKILLS: I am currently working on Mission Control Vol. I, Hero & Rad 's Album "Resilance", A Mixtape w/ DJ Nocturnal, Vertual Vertigo & Cooley Fly, Fever 2 plus remixes with Mike & Ike and Hi-Stakez.

FLOSS: Most rappers live at the studio, is that the same mind frame you have?

MIC SKILLS: I love being in the studio, creating and brainstorming, even if I'm not recording, but if the vibe ain't right or I don't have to be there I don't want to be there. Although I'm always thinking about it.

FLOSS: How long does it take you to write a 16?

MIC SKILLS: There is no set time, again it just depends. I've written great songs in a half hour and vice versa. In fact my verse on Three Kings (that I did with Hero & Rad) I wrote a verse in about an 20 min, loved it, recorded it, then played it for about a week. Came back in the studio a week later and freestyled it. But I don't do that a lot, I prefer to write it down and then record it.

FLOSS: Who are some of your favorite producers to work with? What are some famous producers you would like to work with?

I work mostly with Vango & Digi. We have a great working/studio relationship. Also I work with DJ Nut, Darren of Last Soul Descendants, Hi Stakez (Yeah he produces), Alpha 2020 (aka Ike from Mike & Ike) and Aktone.

I would really love to work with anyone that I could vibe with. I like so many different styles, Kanye, Neptunes, Timbo more than anyone Rick Ruban. I grew up on Def Jam and even the things he did with Geto Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the music he makes, makes statements. I want my music to make statements!

FLOSS: You also host shows… How is that working out and how did it start?

MIC SKILLS: Its great! It started from promoters in Houston straight up hating on me. I come from humble beginnings, freestyling and rocking open mics, practically begging for shows. At the time I was working with another mc and he and I would share every show we got, which wasn't much. He got booked for a show in Austin and told the show promoters to give me a full set since I was his ride. I received so much love when I got there and as a result had offers to come to other cities and do more shows and tours which was a no-brainer. Once I got back I basically said no ones going to do it for us I'm going to make it happen for us.

The rest is history.

FLOSS: What is your vision for H-Town hip-hop scene?

MIC SKILLS: There is great promise and great performers. I see so many artist/djs with the opportunity to take off and become megastars.

No matter where I go I will never forget where it came from.


1.Hulk or Ironman - Tie, I'm into robots and technology, but you can't stopa mad man either.

2.Favorite upcoming MC - Tie Hero & Rad

3.Host or MC - MC

4.Artist(s) you would love to work with? Prince, Alica Keys, Lupe Fiasco, Bun B & Kanye

5.Hidden Talent - Amateur Chef

I want to thank Mic Skills for the interview you can check him and his music out @

http://www.myspace.com/micskillstheillest & Over at Houstonhiphop.com/forum

There you can find more about his upcoming projects and shows

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Producer TIME making a beat!!!

Producers step ya beat game up...Shout out to ProTalk as well, google them

Monday, June 30, 2008

So its been a minute .... sue me!!!

A brother do have a life other than this blogging, but anyways i'm back with more swagger, and news:

1. 3 brand new interviews coming from 3 talented artists
2. July 5th I'll be at the Cellar Bar performing with The Council & Hero & Rad
Thats 3140 Richmond 77098
9:00 o clock
3. Brand new album from me - The Road Less Traveled: Art or Fiscal Intelligence
4. New videos to be leaked by me soon as well
5. Check out my myspace by clicking here FLOSS

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Houston's Own FAT Tony !!!

...Few artist have the passion that Tony has for making music. Constructing his rhymes true to his life and matching his words to go along with his ever changing flow, its a combo thats rare in Emcees these days. With the momentum of the highly successful Love Life Ep under his belt, Tony plans on using that to open doors for his full length LP and new group collaborations...Get familiar with FAT Tony!

FLOSS: I've known you for couple of years now, and it seems like the hard work is paying off…How you been doing?

FT: I've been good, bro. Blessed to have folks supporting me and peoples that really feel my music. Can't complain...and where I can, I won't!

FLOSS: Can you pinpoint the person or thing that made you decide to rap?

FT: Kriss Kross. I used to play a videogame on Sega CD where you edited crappy pixel versions of their music videos. I saw that shit, bought the Totally Krossed Out cd and felt like it was something I could do. I was about 8 or 9 years old feeling this way...youngster status. Born in '88 so Hip Hop is the culture I was naturally F
FLOSS: Now I've seen you list numerous groups/ rap affiliation's that you're apart of, can you name the groups you are actively in and what's different about each?

FT: Actively I'm focused on pushing out my solo material and collaborating with different producers. I'm big on projects, groups, duos, whatever.. The possibilities of two or more good artists together can change the world. I work with Dee Rail under a moniker we frequently use to represent us.. I and I. I've worked with Robert Foster, Tron, and DJ b-side as The Low Ends in the past few years. Also, knock out tunes as a duo with Smash Bro. Who knows what could come next.

FLOSS: Your stage show is crazy, where do you find the energy to bring it to that level each and every night?

FT: "Somebody put something in my drink."
I'm hype from the get go. Hype from seeing the mics and PA equipment. Hype from seeing the bartender wipe down some shit. Hype from seeing pretty faces line up the front row. Its a party for me and my folks each time we hit a stage.

FLOSS: What's your favorite studio moment?

FT: All the events spurred by spontaneity catch me the most. "She Glows" off the Love Life EP came outta me, Tom Cruz, and Smash Bro hangin out at Yougenious' place one night. The beat was made, song written, and recorded the same night in a couple hours. Same for "Stand High." Tom Cruz's verse came out of him being at the studio right place, right time.

FLOSS: Houston is a big resource for music, but it seems so distant. What changes would you like to see in the Houston hiphop scene?

FT: Young folks taking music seriously and giving a shot at entertaining peoples. More originality and fun styles. Less seriousness, wallflower posting in the club, tough guy shit, and backpacker events.

FLOSS: Who are some unknown rappers from Houston you wouldn't mind seeing get their props?

FT: They're known just at varying levels of exposure. Off the top of me head... Dee Rail, Smash Bro, Cornbreadd, Hodge, Hollywood Floss.

FLOSS: What upcoming projects/shows are in the works?

FT: Working on my first LP right now. Doing music with Smash Bro seeing what we can concoct. I'm open to features so I'm just expanding and linking with more artists at the moment. Next show is BUNNY CAMP at The Mink Backroom Friday, June 13th. Its a free party hosted by myself, You(genious) the misfit of R&B, and Dee RaiL. Kam is gonna be performing and DJ Klinch, Dick Almighty, + iPod Ammo holdin it down all nite.

1. Top 5 personal favorite MC's (not best necessarily)

1) murs
2) q-tip
3) jay-z
4) andre 3000/big boi
5) mac dre

2. Fave venue in Houston and Austin

Houston: warehouse live
Austin: salvage vanguard theater

3. Do you prefer Solo or Group

I love the control one has over their art through solo work but its nothing like the growth a group can give.

4. Prince or Michael Jackson

Tough decision..but I'm go with Prince on this. Dude is my hero! Dirty Mind is a very influential record for me.

5. Hidden Talent

I can make broccoli morph into smoke in a split second.. Just try me maaannn.

Big shouts out to Fat Tony for the interview catch him live this June 13th for the Bunny Camp @ The Mink backroom performing with Dee Rail, YouGenious and KAM!, also download the ep right here ya digg!!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As Rilla as its gets!

Born and raised from in the G (Gary, Indiana), Young Rilla is an underground rapper with vivid flow and microphone swagger of a east coast rapper. With aka's Rilla or Young or Jones.. he crafts each bar without waste, sure to keep you paying attention to his lyrics. He's been "at it since "Since" and He ain't stopping for nobody or nothing. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL STAND UP!

FLOSS: First of all let me say this interview is long overdue. If anyone deserves this, its you...How's it been going Young Rilla?

RILLA: Ha...word? That's how you feel huh? That's what's up family. Preciate it man... Shit has been cool though man. Real cool actually. We (Real Recognize Real Records) dropped Steel City Music Vol 4. a second ago and that's been doing real well so I'm happy with that. Me and Nonsense have been doing some shows and the CEO Billboard B is all over the place with the movement right now so I think it's looking real positive for the G right now. Gary, Indiana is definitely making moves bro. Steel City Music Vol 5. is RIGHT around the corner and I got some crazy shit on there so look out for that. It's gonna be a real nice summer family.

FLOSS: Can you tell the readers where your from and how you got started in
the music industry?

RILLA: No doubt. I'm proud to say I'm from Gary-Fucking-Indiana. We call it the Steel City... or Gangsta Island... or just the G. It's been my home since birth man. BottomSide, we out here baby!! But as far as this rap stuff, I like to say I started in middle school but the more I think about it, the more I realize I been doing this as long as I can remember... I guess rapping Andre's verse on Playas Ball don't really count but that's what made me love this artform so it counts to me. I started writing my own stuff in 6th grade but the shit was garbo until Novacane started teaching me and showing me how to "flip syllables" and ride the track and stuff like that. I learned a lot from that man and that's my nigga for that. We did the Foundation thing and dropped a few legit mixtapes but that group shit is dead. Ain't no love lost tho. We did "You don't Want It" on Vol. 4 over this mean ass beat from that nigga T.I.M.E.... Preciate it family! But shiiiiiiiiiiiit...... I've been working with Triple R since..what.. like 05 ish and Billboard B has really been holding ya boi down. He put me on. You gotta respect the man's grind.

FLOSS: Now when I first took notice of your talent it was through Niketalk keystyle (rapping in text-form over a message board), How did that prepare you for the studio?

RILLA: It didn't. I go into the studio 100% focused. I think I did most of the stuff on my first mixtape in 1 take just because I had been SITTING on those verses for so long that I knew em in and out. I had my adlibs where I wanted them.. you know.. all the touchy stuff. I've grown a lot since then as an artist though. With the keystyle thing, when I do that it's like an exercise. It keeps me witty I guess.. plus it's a little different, ya know? It's like.. I dunno.. it's different when you can read a guy's lyrics and pick up the flow. But yeah.. I get bored.. so I write. Sometimes I write on NT.. I love that place.. lol. I don't like to use pen and paper. My handwriting is ass for one. I got a hardrive full of lyrics. Why kill all those trees? Technology is a bitch.. It's 2008...We're supposed to have robot maids and flying cars and shit anyway... lol

FLOSS: As you know once you receive any praise the hate comes naturally...Did you experience other rappers wanting to battle you more whether keystyle or in person?

RILLA: I mean.. EVERYBODY is a rapper anyway, right? I meet two new rappers every time I take a piss in a public bathroom. "MC this and that" or " Lil such and such". I ain't knocking nobody but damn.. lol. I don't even do battles though man. On the net it's all fun and games cause it's just a time killer type thing. Nothing is at stake. I can't even see the person I'm dissing. It's just a sparring thing.. who's doper than who or whatever. That's fun. But battles in real life don't seem worth it to me. Niggas rarely get further than up the block with that shit. I mean, my niggas already know I got bars so I ain't gotta go through the hood wasting rhymes trying to prove something. That shit cool, but I guess..
Hold up, R.I.P. Nod G. That nigga had spit. I ain't never met a sicker battle rapper/freestyler.. dude had a shot..
Anyway... yeah... career wise, that shit is dead in my opinion. Niggas need to be about making complete albums and compilations. That's like all for one and one for all, you feel me? That mixtape shit is dead too for the record.

FLOSS: How many songs or verses do you write a day?

RILLA: Depends.. on a bad day, none. I'm human. On a good day, I might write 10 to 20 verses or a few songs or whatever. Sometimes I just write some hooks or bridges. More often than not, I'm driving in the car thinking up a verse and memorizing it for later. I've done that a couple times on some Jay-Z shit I guess. Sometimes I'll just do a pair of 64s or do like... I dunno... one of those "marathon" type joints that Wayne does. Dude just takes the whole beat for a ride with no hook. That's dope as hell.. I've written some really long verses if you wanna call em that. It's really no telling. I usually spend more time thinking than actually writing. When I write, the words just spill out so it doesn't take long to fill up a beat. I like trying to think of something creative though. I spend the most time trying to come up with something innovative. Hip-hop needs more originality anyway

FLOSS: In the past you've openly mentioned your mother as a source of inspiration, Is that still what keeps you motivated? What about other rappers on NT or in your hometown?

RILLA: Oh snaps, the mom question!! LOL..........ok so all I really gotta say about that is that if you've seen me around NT then you will like a certain song on Steel City Music Vol 5. Do NOT sleep ya'll. It's on my mysapce...
Hometown rappers? That's easy... First off, Novacane is the name of the man you should know. Secondly, one time for the homies Nonsense and Sani G. Also, I 'preciate the love from Ric Jilla. Ya'll should know by now, I fucks with the homie T.I.M.E. and Wize is my lil bruva. Shout out to E2! That's what's up family

FLOSS: You have a big chance to introduce your area, Indiana, to the world...How would you liked it to be displayed?

RILLA: Honestly. That's all I ask. We get a lot of bad press cause shit... well aight, so Gary is pretty gutter, who am I shitting? But real talk, it's more than that. This is a beautiful place with beautiful people man. These people deserve a chance to have something. It's educated, hardworking people here too man. Niggas got us fucked up, but not as bad as we got ourselves fucked up. Half of the citizens don't even know their own potential. That's bad fam. This shit is like Gotham bro. SOMEBODY has got to do it for the G, cause shit Michael didn't. Janet didn't. Glenn is trying so I ain't mad at fam.. besides, he got a ring......so it's kinda like fuck it... kinda.. but it ain't cause he had to be on the Spurs to get one. Go Lakers! Wait...what was the question again? Oh yeah..

FLOSS: What label / affiliates do you work with and what are your future plans and projects?

RILLA: Triple R aka Real Recognize Real Records is the label man. Billboard B is the CEO.. and I guess that makes me the front man, huh? Like I said I fucks with Nonsense and Sani G and every other nigga that's a part of Triple R and the Triple R movement. This compilation thing is what it do right now but ya'll can expect a solo project from Young soon enough. Steel City Music 5 is almost here ya'll.. Anything else you need to know, Billboard ain't that hard to get in touch with. IF you're around the G, you should be listening to 88.7FM @ 4PM every Thursday if you wanna hear that Steel City sound.

FLOSS: Anything you want to get off your chess...misconceptions, pet
peeves, beef?

RILLA: What's beef? I'd rather chill, but if you want to play chess I guess that's cool too. Check. Pet peeves.. I got a few I guess but nothing special. I hate ignorant hoes like everybody else. I hate being pigeonholed into certain genres like I'm not versatile or something. I hate myspace. I wrote a few facebook notes full of this "I hate" type stuff lol.. Ummmmm... I hate lazy rappers. I hate that somebody that's reading this will find me kinda interesting but won't check for my team. I hate Bush. Shit like that.. I'm normal man, I really am. Umm.. yeah...I dunno man..

FLOSS: Studio or Stage and why?

RILLA: Damn... that's the best question so far. I think I like the studio more. It's like conception, you know? I get to go in the booth... usually twisted.. and take my time creating something...dope. (That's like adjective of the day I guess...). I take care of all the little stuff. I'm a perfectionist low key. I used to just one-take shit thinking that was cool or whatever. Now I like to be picky and go over shit. Plus the ambiance is real chill. You can just disappear off into the lab, away from everybody. Or even better, with ya niggas and some tree or with some breezies and a bottle. It's like a mini vacation to me.

1. Cassidy or Joe Budden - Budden... landslide.. not even close. Yeah, I'm one of those Joe Budden people..

2. Pacers or Hoosiers - Ha, neither.Uggh.... fuggouttahere.... Lakers and Purdue FTW.

3. Fave Gun - 12 guage mossberg.

On some real life Rainbow Six shit though, AA-12s are ridiculous bro.. You'll know I'm on if you ever see me with one of them lol

4. Fave Niketalk Producer - This IS Musical Excellence. One time for Plan!

5. Fave Cereal - Fruity Pebbles... no Cam'ron

There you have it, Young Rilla reppin Gary, Indiana hiphop all day everyday...Thanks again for the great interview and here is where you can sample some tracks of Young Rilla -