Thursday, June 12, 2008

Houston's Own FAT Tony !!!

...Few artist have the passion that Tony has for making music. Constructing his rhymes true to his life and matching his words to go along with his ever changing flow, its a combo thats rare in Emcees these days. With the momentum of the highly successful Love Life Ep under his belt, Tony plans on using that to open doors for his full length LP and new group collaborations...Get familiar with FAT Tony!

FLOSS: I've known you for couple of years now, and it seems like the hard work is paying off…How you been doing?

FT: I've been good, bro. Blessed to have folks supporting me and peoples that really feel my music. Can't complain...and where I can, I won't!

FLOSS: Can you pinpoint the person or thing that made you decide to rap?

FT: Kriss Kross. I used to play a videogame on Sega CD where you edited crappy pixel versions of their music videos. I saw that shit, bought the Totally Krossed Out cd and felt like it was something I could do. I was about 8 or 9 years old feeling this way...youngster status. Born in '88 so Hip Hop is the culture I was naturally F
FLOSS: Now I've seen you list numerous groups/ rap affiliation's that you're apart of, can you name the groups you are actively in and what's different about each?

FT: Actively I'm focused on pushing out my solo material and collaborating with different producers. I'm big on projects, groups, duos, whatever.. The possibilities of two or more good artists together can change the world. I work with Dee Rail under a moniker we frequently use to represent us.. I and I. I've worked with Robert Foster, Tron, and DJ b-side as The Low Ends in the past few years. Also, knock out tunes as a duo with Smash Bro. Who knows what could come next.

FLOSS: Your stage show is crazy, where do you find the energy to bring it to that level each and every night?

FT: "Somebody put something in my drink."
I'm hype from the get go. Hype from seeing the mics and PA equipment. Hype from seeing the bartender wipe down some shit. Hype from seeing pretty faces line up the front row. Its a party for me and my folks each time we hit a stage.

FLOSS: What's your favorite studio moment?

FT: All the events spurred by spontaneity catch me the most. "She Glows" off the Love Life EP came outta me, Tom Cruz, and Smash Bro hangin out at Yougenious' place one night. The beat was made, song written, and recorded the same night in a couple hours. Same for "Stand High." Tom Cruz's verse came out of him being at the studio right place, right time.

FLOSS: Houston is a big resource for music, but it seems so distant. What changes would you like to see in the Houston hiphop scene?

FT: Young folks taking music seriously and giving a shot at entertaining peoples. More originality and fun styles. Less seriousness, wallflower posting in the club, tough guy shit, and backpacker events.

FLOSS: Who are some unknown rappers from Houston you wouldn't mind seeing get their props?

FT: They're known just at varying levels of exposure. Off the top of me head... Dee Rail, Smash Bro, Cornbreadd, Hodge, Hollywood Floss.

FLOSS: What upcoming projects/shows are in the works?

FT: Working on my first LP right now. Doing music with Smash Bro seeing what we can concoct. I'm open to features so I'm just expanding and linking with more artists at the moment. Next show is BUNNY CAMP at The Mink Backroom Friday, June 13th. Its a free party hosted by myself, You(genious) the misfit of R&B, and Dee RaiL. Kam is gonna be performing and DJ Klinch, Dick Almighty, + iPod Ammo holdin it down all nite.

1. Top 5 personal favorite MC's (not best necessarily)

1) murs
2) q-tip
3) jay-z
4) andre 3000/big boi
5) mac dre

2. Fave venue in Houston and Austin

Houston: warehouse live
Austin: salvage vanguard theater

3. Do you prefer Solo or Group

I love the control one has over their art through solo work but its nothing like the growth a group can give.

4. Prince or Michael Jackson

Tough decision..but I'm go with Prince on this. Dude is my hero! Dirty Mind is a very influential record for me.

5. Hidden Talent

I can make broccoli morph into smoke in a split second.. Just try me maaannn.

Big shouts out to Fat Tony for the interview catch him live this June 13th for the Bunny Camp @ The Mink backroom performing with Dee Rail, YouGenious and KAM!, also download the ep right here ya digg!!

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