Thursday, January 29, 2009

Q TIP industry rule #4080...

Record company people are shady!!!!!

Words spoken so true, from abstract himself
man i saw the MTB4 trailer and i thought of that line...
Even though Puff kicked out and dismantled Danity Kane, it looks as if he's gonna keep them under contract

meaning even if they do continue success with another label, he will make money off the artist

Makes you think before signing to a label and not want to get screwed!!!

To all the artist dont be in a rush to sign your life away

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS Notorious Review

I know i know, I'm late but who cares...
anyways i give the movie a B-/C+

I know its a movie and hard to summarize, but i felt a lot of the parts were rushed, but i guess thats how they wanted it, as BIG's real life was rushed and ended early...

I would have liked to see more insight to how he created his songs, more back story on the pac beef as well

Whoever played Faith was dead on, and the 3lw girl was a good fit for kim

i recommend it, but it isnt a must see


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS MLK interview

MLK day 2009 Hollywood FLOSS interview from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo.

ALL HAIL THE UNDERDOG - hollywood floss

coming soon (wink)

anyway, be aware that when you get in this game (music game) not alot of people are sincere...
There are a lot of snakes in the game and a lot of people who have misconceptions of grass of greener, so they want what you have

so just a tip, be careful who you trust in music and know there's a 95% chance that an agenda will be behind someone playing nice to you...

Monday, January 26, 2009


hey dont forget i got two february shows approaching soon

1. Feb. 2 - Deans Credit Clothing
2. Feb. 21 - The Cellar Bar

please visit my myspace for further details, and please support me as an artist

I promise both shows will be worth it


Thursday, January 22, 2009


had a great weekend, with alot of projects coming up and the re-issue of Art of Fiscal Intelligence
shout out to the peeps and artists helping me with my new years resolution 182

here's a preview:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS top 5 female emcee's


Current mood: blessed
Category: Music

Female emcee's dont get the credit they deserve , well at least some of them dont...this blog is dedicated to the elite female emcees

Here is my fave 5
1. Mrs L Boogie aka Marley messed up my life - Lauryn Hill
2. Jean Grae - how could you not like a emcee named after a powerful mutant
3. Rah Digga - held down flipmode for years, second lp didnt see the light of day

4. Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs, need i say more
5. REMY - Big Pun had her lyric game on point

Honorable mention
Da Brat, Shawna,Foxy, MC Lite, Jackie O, Trina, Mysterious, BABs, Nikki Minaj and Lil Kim

Of course these are my faves, feel free to comment on yours

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS January 14, 2009 Video

I told you i was puttin in that work... more to come

FLOSS mixing "What I'm Not" from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo.

Hollywood FLOSS January 14, 2009

Shout out to Gumo for hooking me up with a sick bassline ! - dude had skills 4real

I have at least 3 album projects going on, so hopefully the fans will like at least one!

New Year, New Mindframe
Letting go of 40% of old rituals and things i did in the past - includes negative people, thoughts and things, to help a more positive outlook for 2009

(Mos Def).. trying to play me for the herb (Mos Def)

Well not this year,
1. if you want something, you have to go get it - firm believer
2. make sure it's an even exchange, quit short changing people
3. Think Positive
4. Get rid of the people who bring you down, use you, etc - erase them out your phone book

I aint one to preach, just want everybody to have a better 2009 and be on the look out for HOLLYWWOD FLOSS MUSIC


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS January 10, 2009

made some new songs and beats... im wiped

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS January 9, 2009

... Hey everyone, happy that it is the weekend and def. looking forward to getting some music done

Picked up some samples to chop - funny thing is, i been trying to get more original tracks created without samples but i always come back to samples... Sooner or later i will get a good number on both so there's a balance...Afterall i do like party/fun songs just as much as a Blackstar song - I just think the radio needs a better balance

To people who get all emo, when someone mentions a party song, lighten up - i mean summertime by will smith is a great fun song, so is cant touch this LOL!!!

I never understood, why people got mad with one hit numbers, They help you remember some great moments in your life... i can list at least 10 cheesy songs, that help me go back to great memories in my mind from

"I wish i was taller" to Marcy's Playground "Sex N Candy"

oh well, just bored, i will put up song 1 of 182 in a couple of days - rough version
until then peace

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Post of he NEW YEAR Hollywood FLOSS

SO far the new year is looking up and brighter than the past!

Please keep in touch with me and if you want to know about any updates on shows and new tracks, just hit me up

The new album is shaping up nicely, i really dont have a concept yet, just loose recordings and loose ideas
so once i get a solid 4 tracks to build upon, i'll form the base of the album...dont get me wrong the records i have now are nice, but i dont know if they're cohesive with each other, so i am gonna keep recording until its a guarantee

Its no big deal right now anyways as i still want to promote "art or fiscal intelligence" and my ep "ari gold tendencies"
but expect the album to be done by april or may

thats all for now, stay in touch