Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Everything Happens for a Reason

...One of my favorite phrases and i have to say it to myself to humble myself (not that i'm an egomaniac or anything). It also puts your current life in perspective

I have a job and i'm able to work on music every now and again, so i should be happy, but i want to do music full time and tour the world off my music, i grind fairly decent and i still dont have the buzz off music that i would like, well that just means i have to work harder

Some days it feels as if my time wont come, but i believe strongly that this is what im made to do and its my purpose, so i will, will it to happen

Anyways look out for new music as always and btw, i got an interview up at

so thats something to be proud of - sometimes i hate being patient, but everything happens for a reason

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