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Friday, August 21, 2009

New Hollywood FLOSS interview!!!

IA: Here at IA, we want to reach out to all types of musical talent and your no exception…How you been?

HOLLYWOOD FLOSS: I can't complain my music seems to be getting a little more coverage these days and i feel that in the next 8 to 10 months i will be able to do music full time (God willing)

IA: WHat music is having an influence on you as of late?

HW FLOSS: ...Man everything! ... Kid Cudi mixtape, T.H.E.M mixtape, Rob Jay, Dom Kennedy and I def. rock with the BEP " I Got A Feeling" track is dope

IA: What is the next project or move your considering?

HW FLOSS: Next up is a Mixer with The Tipping Point Shoe Store Sponsoring and My new Mixtape and Album coming soon! Album is gonna be called "House of Dreams" and mixtape is untitled... Oh and also an EP with a certain blog, but thats uder wraps...SHHHHH! gotta keep the suspense lol

IA: Most rappers live at the studio, is that the same mind frame you have?

HW FLOSS: Unfortunately my job wont let me, but i'm wishing to have that opportunity very very soon... I mean i love the environment and just creating music is fun!

IA: How long does it take you to write an acceptable 16?

HW FLOSS: Acceptable is a funny word because Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... I've written verses and thought it was great, but then people were naaa you can do better, and vice versa where i felt it wasnt that good, but others loved it...So i'll just say 30 minutes to an hour and i will have an acceptable 16... but i'm always redoing and editing myself as time allows

IA: What is your vision for H-Town hiphop scene?

HW FLOSS: Support and Coexist thats its...Shout out to my manager TONE MAVIS

A Big IA thanks to Hollywood FLOSS great interview as usual and you can check out his dope rhymes @

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