Friday, September 12, 2008


As most people know, Hurricane Ike is approaching and it got Houston and the rest of the city by the gulf coast in a frenzy, Me i'm still trying to do what i love third (after god and fam) MUSIC baby lol!!!

Anyways the Art or Fi$caL Intelligence album is done, complete...I'm just picky about mixing and making sure i get the best product to ya ears ya dig

The process for making the album was really a dream...For the first time i was on my own and i had to come up with everything from the beats to the hooks to the verses...I really had fun tossing away songs as if i was a real exec. haha

But i read on another artist blog uzoy - that she didnt feel like her album she was working on was her first- but instead a foundation

I feel the same way, Technically it is my first album, but it isnt because i'm just opening the world to me, and still finding myself as an artist..I really dont want to find myself as an artist, i want to always change as i think its healthy and i got undiscovered ADD

But anyways look out for my album and pick it up, buy it, download it, steal it, whatever - -I love my fans and everyone trying to support the movement

Shoutouts to KIDD, Duce, Rockaway Productions, The Council, Presto!, Young Rilla, GoD Jewelz, Wize, TIME, Henz $, Fat Tony, KAM, Hero & RAD, H-Town Music Period

Listening To : Lupe The Killer Song - Sick Wordplay and he put Ninja Turtles in a verse

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