Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!!!

Even though summer coming to a close, you still have Winter/Fall to look forward to, and the best music if you believe in what Billboard releases say

Anyways, i'ma start back with the video blogs and more music...i know i keep saying it, but i'm 4real...I just had to settle down back into my job...You know how that go

But once i get the video and music rolling, i'm telling you it will be plentiful and you're going to be sick of me

But thats my plan

Have a safe weekend and listen to lots of new artists give us a chance :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

When everything is down

...thats when you keep your head up! If anything, thats what life and Tupac taught me...This music game is a constant grind, but i think the ones truly in it for the love and the overall grind will make a way in it...well back to the lab

i been making a 110% effort to do music everyday, so i can share it with others...Art or Fi$caL Intelligence is done now i'm on to new material mixtapes ad albums

stay in touch and support ya boy Hollywood Floss 832-618-4365


Saturday, August 16, 2008


yessir...I'm back again today to say the album Art or Fi$caL Intelligence will be presented to the world September 2, 2008
It will be available for download and for purchase, so make sure you get involved with that

I'm proud of it and i'm already working on the next solo album from me!

Here is a teaser sort of ep of Art or Fi$caL for download:

also check out EB productions for more updates of me and KIDD the Great, and check out an amazing producer EB from Sweden


Friday, August 1, 2008


As Most know its my debut album, and I think its a great piece of work, gotta hit the studio and finish off 3 more songs and then its on to pressing them up....So please stay tuned

For those that dont know Art or Fiscal Intelligence represents the Art and the Money Side of Hiphop...

ART = underground, boom bap, creative lyrics, storytelling, being different and yourself, backpack etc

Fi$CAL = Mainstream, club, hyphy, crunk tracks, "hip pop", Materialistic, etc

I like to feel my style is a combo of both, the best from both of the worlds...I just love all kinds of music and i dont want to get stagnant or bored, so i give you a variety of sounds to choose from me.

I will show you one of the album covers that didnt make the cut

Dope huh!? ...Wait til you see the Final one