Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HOLLYWOOD FLOSS Dec. 16th, 2008

... Getting ready for the holidays and wanting to perform, so if you got some space on your set to let me rock with you, please contact me HERE (click the link)

and this invitation extends after the holidays are over as well...

I'm really just having fun, trying to be as creative as possible, I got new songs on the way - might as well tell you now, the new album is going to be a myriad of sounds - meaning it might not flow like an exact album, but it will be considered my second LP

I'll have excerpts or skits on the album talking about certain songs etc...

I want to encourage everyone to embrace individuality in music and DO YOU!!! - dont worry about someone not like your music, just keeping doing you... I like every genre from pop to grime to country to crunk to jazz so dont expect to hear me staying the same all the time

Just sharing my thoughts with you


Hollywood FLOSS

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