Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS new features search artist to watch

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS performs live at last mission control

its truly said to see a great event come to an end, i've loved going to this event every first friday of the month and seeing the undiscovered talent

i'll be performing at the last one and will make it memorable

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS another promo for House of Dreams

Hollywood FLOSS House of Dreams promo - album coming soon

Hollywood FLOSS house of dreams soon!!! from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo.

Hollywood FLOSS promo for new album House of Dreams

member of T.H.E.M - the houston elite MC's

Monday, October 12, 2009

THE DON B setting trends Worldwide!!!!

Stylist Brad Jefferson

Here at IA, we want to reach out to all types of talent and your no exception…How you been?

THE DON -I've been so blessed to be a part of this industry, I grind hard everyday to make sure I accomplish the goals at hand, and it shows in the progression of my work. I would like to take a brief moment to thank you for this opportunity.

No Prob at all ...

For those that aren’t familiar with the Don B brand, can you explain your inspiration to want to get involved in Fashion?

THE DON -My inspiration to want to get involved in fashion wasn't just an over night dream. I've been inspired for years, i've always took heed to national trends and local trends as well, but what inspired me the most was the uniqueness and diversity of Houston. I started going out to different events and seeing a lot of outrageous styles and thought to myself how wonderful it was for people not be afraid to step outside the box and show their personality within their wardrobe. I had been doing the same thing myself for years, but now it seemed to be a trend for many people.

How long have you been perfecting your craft?

THE DON -I've been a trendsetter my whole life, but I've been really serious about my work since my early years in high school. In school I use to get comments from my peers like "hey you really can dress" "where did you get that outfit from" "can you tell me what to wear with this shirt or these jeans", I was so excited to help everyone that asked me.

Any notable names that we know of, that you have styled for? If not who would you like to style for?

THE DON -I haven't quite made it too the "big-dogs" yet, but I am starting with alot of local names like underground entertainment and upcoming models. I definately want to do some styling for my generation like Teyana Taylor, Miley Cyrus, The Newboyz, Lil Twist, and so many more. I feel like The independent industry is on the rise and I want to be a part of this new era coming about.

Now from day 1 hiphop and fashion have coexisted can you name some your favorite fashion moments through rap music?

THE DON -When Kanye broke through in 2004 every body favored his music but hated on his style, it was a break through for both industries because it opened alot of minds to see that hip-hop artist don't all have to dress a certain way. Now we have fashion foward hip-hop artist creating their own spreads and coming out with fashion lines.

Favorite brands of clothing? What decade fascinates you the most styling wise?

THE DON-The 70's And The 80's play a huge role in my styles because I use that historical time period and those trends to create new ones for our developing generation today. My clothing brands have a wide range from louis vuitton, gucci, ralph lauren, levi,american apparel, BDG, Jordan, Nike, Supra, and Vintage Thrift, just to name a few.

Whats the biggest difference between fashion and the music industry?

THE DON-The music industry can be very controlling at times and with fashion there are no limits, just expectations. What I mean by that is in fashion you have the opportunity to go above and beyond your work without the approval of anyone, on the other hand an artist has to make sure they are presenting themselves in a manor that will appeal to their audience. I like to take risks with my fashion designs to create a type of trend and not be ordinary.

Can you name future projects that your currently working on?

THE DON-I am in the process of building my portfolio and getting my work out to the public, I'm doing a fall photo shoot in November where I will be working with a Houston based model named Koffee Browne,she will be modeling a few styles that I put together for her. I'm also working on a project with my photographer to offer on site styling during scheduled photo shoots. My manger and I are continuously networking to build my cliental and reputation in Houston.

What is your vision for H-Town fashion scene?

THE DON-My vision for H-Town would be one that first has a unique signature style, and can always be used as a ground force for fashion. I want every style that I create do represent the H, we already have so many talented people in the city, therefor I want to represent and put on for my city while showcasing all the hottest and latest trends.

First off I Want to thank you guys at Internet Approved And Duke for giving me this opportunity to share myself with everyone. I also want to give a big thanks to my manger Ebonie Newsome and the whole TrendsetterPromotionz team you guys keep me busy and I'm loving it. My homie Duece over at, yall check him out he keeps you up to date on everything and my photographer Daniel Davis with


1.Favorite up and coming clothing brand
-American Apparel

2.Pharrell or Kanye

3.Gucci or Louie

4.LA, NY, or MIA
-New York

5.Hidden Talent
-Acting, Commercial Print Modeling, Choreography

you have to appreciate dope artwork - this one captuures Hollywood FLOSS in performance

Hollywood FLOSS

Hollywood FLOSS interviews with/ & video


Post Show interview

Hollywood FLOSS post show interview & Freestyle 16 from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo.

Hollywood FLOSS talks about House of Dreams and spits a 16 verse

Hollywood FLOSS

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quick Note: Youth VS Wise

I'm finally understanding the frustrating link between the youth and the wise in the entertainment field

The youth just want to be apart of something, while the wise want to chestize to help carry on tradition

Youth might not always want the same tradition and rebel
Wise take offense or feel they went through a hard task, now youth must as well

Youth start their own way of doing it and The wise dont feel that it is good representation of what "its" about

Youth dont suppoprt Wise and Wise dont support youth (Always exceptions)

I find myself a hybrid of both (understanding thw wise sentiments but also a big fan of the youth willing to change and start something new

just my thoughts

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deans Credit Clothing Hollywood FLOSS interview

Hollywood FLOSS at Deans Credit Bar Postshow Interview from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo.

Its Hollywood FLOSS post show interview and talking about mixtapes and upcoming projects

House of Dreams coming soon!

Hollywood FLOSS post show interview

Rob Jay ... Video Rob Is Dead Sampler/Interview

Rob Jay dropped off his new Video Rob is Dead Sampler and I got the exclusive interview Check it out!


Floss: Here at IA, we want to reach out to all types of musical talent and your no exception…How you been?

Rob Jay: I've been blessed and highly favored. I don't have any complaints, and even if I did nobody would want to listen. But overall I'm pretty happy with how everything is going and excited about where I'm headed.

Floss: For those that aren’t familiar with the Rob Jay brand, can you explain your inspiration to want to get involved in music?

Rob Jay: I think for me getting involved in music was just a result of me evolving as an artist and a person. I was always a rapper, but as a kid and young adult I didn't have the courage to step out there and say this is me. I was scarred of stepping into my destiny, so I did things that would keep me close to it, without me actually having to do it. I would manage artist, write poetry, book shows, shoot music videos, work at record pools and music conferences. I didn't have to heart to do it at that point in my life, but I eventually grew stronger and wanted to express myself more and finally I reached a point where I didn't care what anyone had to say, if people thought I was wack, nothing mattered anymore because I was going to go crazy if I didn't follow my calling, literally. So I took a leap on faith and started recording and God took care of the rest..That's basically how I got involved.

Floss: How long have you been perfecting your craft?

Rob Jay: I started rapping in 6th grade. I lived on the Southwest Side of Houston but I went to a magnet school, Lanier, that was downtown. So I had to catch the bus at like 6:30 in the morning. I don't know why but somebody asked me to rap one day and from that point on I was always rapping on the bus. I spent years freestyling before I ever wrote anything down so that helped me think at a much faster speed. Another thing that developed my craft was my love for reading. When I was young my father would make me read lots of books, before I could go outside and play I had to read and write book reports. And not kid books either, real stuff ,Naim Akbar, and this is like at age 11. My mom she used to always buy books on things I was interested in. So she helped me fall in love with reading because she made it fun. Anyway, over time the books, combined with the freestyling and the traveling that I did just gave me so much subject matter and I developed a strong command of the English language. But to answer your question I've been honing my skills for about 14 years.

Floss: Now you've stated that you started off making/ directing videos why the switch to music?

Rob Jay: Self expression, that's the biggest thing that made me switch. I thought doing videos would allow me to express myself as an artist, which it did but in a very limited way. The biggest misconception about music videos is that it's just an artistic vision of a director etc. Music videos can be artistic, but the director's job isn't to show how good he can direct, it's to promote that song and that artist. I couldn't deal with that any longer.

Floss: Whats the biggest difference between the two?

Rob Jay: I express myself through words with music, with music videos it's more colors and visuals. So if I'm hurt, I can just say on a song I'm hurt, either through a metaphor or direct statement. With a video I'd have to use dark hues and stuff like that. Also everything is faster. i can make a song today, I can make a mixtape next week. But with videos everything takes extensive planning.

Floss: Most rappers live at the studio, is that the same mind frame you have?

Rob Jay: I'd like to but unfortanely my work schedule and managing all of the other aspects of career kind of keeps me from living in the studio. I like to go occasionally but just knock out alot of work while I'm there,

Floss: How long does it take you to write an acceptable 16?

Rob Jay: Usually around 25 minutes

Floss: Do you help the producer come up with the picture your trying to paint, or do you just listen to the track that is provided for you?

Rob Jay: When I was working with Smitty and Ryan Marrone out in L.A. we had that relationship where I could just have an idea, no lyrics and they come back with something. Sometimes I'd tell one of them a story and they come back with a track for that. But the producers I've been working with lately, Jonh Dew and Maestro, are more the type that provide beats they make stuff that they feel like I'd be good on but it's different from when I was working on my last two ep's.

Floss: Can you name future projects that your currently working on?

Rob Jay: Video Rob Is Dead- which will be my first ever mix-tape. and The Art Life EP Vol.2 which will be the third ep of the Art Life Trilogy. Both of those will be out this year. After that I'll be putting out The Art Life Catalog which is going to be every single original song that I've recording since beginning the Art Life Movement.

Floss: What is your vision for H-Town hiphop scene?

Rob Jay: I want to see more support from the city. We don't support each other enough, then when people get the first bit off attention from someone outside of Houston the whole city wants to hop on the bandwagon. I would like to see more leaders on the hip hop scene, and I think we have to raise the bar as far as skill. If your gonna be out here make sure you can spit, because you can't just be out here taking up space. I want to see new artists that represent different sides of the city. It's more to Houston than, Codiene, 84's, candy paint and slabs


1.Favorite up and coming MC - I really don't have one, but I like B.O.B.
2.Oilers or Texans - Texans
3.Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat - Street Fighter (Ryu)
4.Artist you would love to work with? Janelle Monae, Lupe Fiasco
5.Hidden Talent - Culinary Arts, I'm nice in the Kitchen

And of course i couldn't leave you without a quick sampler, Rob Jay's music

Rob Jay - Video Rob is Dead

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS speaks on upcoming album House of Dreams

Hollywood FLOSS speaks about new album House of Dreams from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo. - Rapper / Producer Hollywood FLOSS speaks about upcoming album entitled "House of Dreams"

coming soon!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS spits a rap verse at the tipping point store

Dont sleep on Hollywood FLOSS

Hollywood FLOSS