Monday, October 27, 2008

Whats Good Hollywood FLOSS fans!!!

the ep collabo between Hollywood FLOSS and Sans Bayonet is almost done,

editors note (The project was really away from my element, but i enjoyed making the ep...the finished version will be 6 tracks, 5 songs and 1 intro explaining the campaign)

Shouts to Sans and Gusto for the beats and the artwork

I'm really i a creative space and ahppy to do music right now

As promised Kidd the Great album is 90% done and ready for the world...Its really like a 2.0 album, we went back in and touched up songs that he had unreleased and created new vibes...What most dont understand about Kidd is that he has a lot of old material no one has heard and he just sits on material, but never puts it out...I literally have to get on him about that

Next adventure will be E Pluribus Unum and working with other artist such as Presto, Council and Hero & Rad

Please stay tuned, and make sure to keep me i mind for shows and booking, i appreciate all the love


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