Monday, November 10, 2008

Artist Spotlight: Nosaprise

Houston should be ... Scratch that, Hip-Hop should be glad that there are still emcee's that care about lyrics and content in their music...Nosaprise is one of them...The lyrical assassin balances political music entitled "GROWN FOLKS MUSIC" with soul/grime/punk to make a refreshing sound in the music world

IA caught up with the emcee and here's the interview!

FLOSS: Nosa, I want to thank you for taking your time to interview with
IA, can you discuss a little bit about yourself?

NOSA: Whats good Floss sorry it took a bit, ya my names nosa or Nosaprise im Nigerian out the southwest side of Houston.........I rip and i rhyme .... i rhyme and i rip! Oh i also released my 1ST album Grown Folks Music not to long ago. Go cop that shit!

FLOSS: Who or What made you decide to start rhyming?

NOSA: I started rhyming cause thats what my friends did when we were younger we would just freestyled all the time. my boy had turntables and we would all just collect records and play' them at his house, hang out and rhyme.

FLOSS: How would you classify your music?

NOSA: The root of the music is Hip Hop but i feel my music is more than just that i've grown up on everything Punk and Hardcore to Fela and King Sunny Ade to Garage and Grime so i feel it all comes through one way or another.

FLOSS: What is your process when you decide to create a song? Are there
any subjects you wont talk or rhyme about?

NOSA: I dont think as a musician or an artist we should censor ourselves thats the beauty of music it's always been able to handle topics people don't always talk about. When i write a song i usually get a bunch of music and just listen to it constantly and till things start clicking in my head. I try not to say im gonna write a song about this or that going into it.

FLOSS: How long does it usually take you to write your verses?

NOSA: Im kinda critical when it comes to writing i really listen to what people say, verses can take me anywhere from 30 minutes to days to a week depending on how many times i re-write it.

FLOSS: Do you play any instruments? If so which ones?

NOSA: I played piano as a youngin but i really took to guitar around 6th grade i also play a bit of standard drums as well as the African talking drum which i started playing about a year and half ago it's a really dope, unique instrument.

FLOSS: Can you name some of your favorite memories of your music career?

NOSA: My 1st big show with atmosphere at warehouse live was good also we got to perform at the state capital for a rally for Darfur that was fun and enlightening. But all our charity events like Trills The Season And We Give A Jam have to take the cake cause we're actually able to really help others through music.

FLOSS: We've talked before and you teach youth kids as well… how did that
come about?

NOSA: My Crew RnS pretty much worked with kids since getting out of high school. We had a dance program in school that really kept us out of trouble and gave us some focus in life. we really felt the need to give that back to other who havn't been as lucky as us.

FLOSS: What current projects do you have in the works for NOSA, and who
are you working with?

NOSA: Im really promoting this Album Grown Folks Music Im working on my 2nd project It Takes A Village. this project Im really trying to work with as many folks as possible Im trying to expand passed what Im used to and really just trying to create a new path.

FLOSS: Where can rappers, singers, and future fans get in contact with
you or hear your work?

NOSA: hit me up!

FLOSS: What would you like to see from the Houston underground music scene?

NOSA: Less separation a little more open mindedness i want to eliminate the word"scene" and just have musicians work despite genre, crowd or whatever.


1. Favorite Rapper- Biggie since i been like 12 that Ready To Die album got me open. Big L also he left way to early as well

2. Mos Def or Talib Kweli - Blackstar!

3. Artist(s) you would love to work with- Bird Peterson, Damaged Goods, PPT, Uzoy, Devin, Floss and of Course all my Htown peeps.

4. Fave Band- Stark Reality this really trippy band from the 60's, the Sword, Golden Axe some good metal bands from Texas

5. Hidden Talent- the one handed joint roll

I want to thank my guest this week, nosaprise and if you would like to hear his music, please visit

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