Monday, October 27, 2008

Whats Good Hollywood FLOSS fans!!!

the ep collabo between Hollywood FLOSS and Sans Bayonet is almost done,

editors note (The project was really away from my element, but i enjoyed making the ep...the finished version will be 6 tracks, 5 songs and 1 intro explaining the campaign)

Shouts to Sans and Gusto for the beats and the artwork

I'm really i a creative space and ahppy to do music right now

As promised Kidd the Great album is 90% done and ready for the world...Its really like a 2.0 album, we went back in and touched up songs that he had unreleased and created new vibes...What most dont understand about Kidd is that he has a lot of old material no one has heard and he just sits on material, but never puts it out...I literally have to get on him about that

Next adventure will be E Pluribus Unum and working with other artist such as Presto, Council and Hero & Rad

Please stay tuned, and make sure to keep me i mind for shows and booking, i appreciate all the love


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its Hollywood FLOSS again


Fave Movies: Bad Boys 1, Casino, Goodfellas, Saw 1, Menace 2 Society and many more

Fave Songs of the Moment: Paris Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco
Art of Story Telling 4 - Outkast

Shows coming up - Mission control , Nov. 7th at The Mink backroom

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hollywood Floss Chopping Samples

Check It Out

Monday, October 13, 2008


if you domt know Hollywood FLOSS, KIDD the Great, Mai Duce, Tae Gutta, The WEB GET READY!!!

Its a slow process, but the reward will be great

Dont Say I Didnt Warn You!!!!!

hahahaha...nah but forreal "Ari Gold Tendencies" is coming soon...the new ep produced by The Sans Bayonet and Vocals by me (Hollywood FLOSS)

Here is the first song...rough mix, and just a small portion of the puzzle


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hollywood Floss does Free Press Houston...

Get ya mid out of the gutter, i went to the event and had a blast...Chilled with RAD and Mic Skills and saw numerous Houston Talent...also got some interviews, check them out

More on the way

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Weekend is here....

And i'm axious to get to the studio...Alot of projects are gonna be underway, please stay tuned

also check out ad search Hollywood FLOSS for videos of me and the camp: The Council, Presto, and The WEB

Sans-Bayonet EP collab coming soooonnnn!!! What up Gusto!

I need shows, so if you're looking to book any artist, holla at or my cell 832-618-4365


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Tables are Turned: Rad interviews FLOSS

This edition of underground spotlight is special to me, because the homie RAD asked to interview me, instead of me giving you the latest on dope underground emcees...

RAD: Who is Hollywood Floss???
For those of you who have not taken notice or are sleeping on this brother I asked him if I could interview him on his own website, to put you up on game. He is doing his best to unite the scene in Houston and has taken the time out to interview many other artist and producers. I figured it was his time to get some shine. He is a lyricist and a producer and his skills have earned him recognition by companies such as Open Labs (putting him in the company of Timbo, Prince and other great composers.) Editors note( If you have not heard of open labs keyboards google it now). Out of respect for his grind and talent It felt appropriate for me to switch roles with him. For those that are just waking up this is caffeinated drink it up!

RAD: What’s good Hollywood?

FLOSS: Nothing much RAD, still grinding in the music scene and about to release a lot of new music, so things are looking up!

RAD: You are usually asking all of the questions how does it feel to be in the hot seat?

FLOSS: It’s awkward I cant lie, but I’m glad you came up with the idea because I do feel its time for people to get to know me and bridge the gap in the underground music scene of Houston

RAD: How long have you been rapping and composing?

FLOSS: I’ve been rapping on and off since 2000, but its been serious since 2005. As far as composing and making beats, I started in 2006, so about 2 years now.

RAD: Where does the name Hollywood Floss come from?

FLOSS: (Laughs) It used to be Flossy B…that name came from my neighborhood…I’m from a poor hood, but I was fortunate to have both my parents raise me, so it was a poor rich situation ( we were poor, but upper-class poor lol) Anyways I had fly clothes and Jordan’s all the time…If you had 10 pairs of shoes and didn’t sell dope you were considered Flossy or Fresh, so my friends would see me in new items and say their go FLOSSY B again (haha) but when I started rapping I felt Flossy B was too corny so I took FLOSS, and made an acronym to it…F.L.O.S.S. (Flawless Lawless Opposing Stagnant Situations) and kind of just added the Hollywood to it, to give it a different feel and something you will remember once you hear it.

RAD: What type of music do you do?

FLOSS: I don’t limit myself…I can’t and I refuse too…I think my new album will answer that question, its called Art or Fi$caL Intelligence and its about the two sides of hiphop mainstream versus underground, lyrics versus dance etc… I dont care if its crunk, hyphy, boom bap, country, r&b , snap, or death metal I want to be apart of good music! I’ll do a conscience song one day and the next day I might be in the mood for a dance track. Music is about feeling and I refuse to get pigeon-holed. Look at Immortal Technique, great talent but if he was to make a club track with Paul Wall do you know how many people would be mad!? I want my fans to accept any kind of music I make as long as it is good. I want to be able to do tracks with Shawty Lo and Mos Def… No boundaries for me!

RAD: What future projects can we expect from you and your camp?

FLOSS: First project coming is in mid September from me, entitled “ART or Fi$caL Intelligence” its my solo debut(Not really an album, but a foundation for me to build upon and get better), Next I have two group albums from my group E Pluribus Unum(which is a group comprised of me Hollywood Floss and KiDD the Great), those will be ready by Late October/early November, and then I’ll finish the year with mixtapes and an album from my first solo artist Tae Gutta…So Kwiet Riot music Group will be pretty busy as far as music is concerned...As far as helping others out - Presto!, The Council, Hero & Rad, and Mic Skills...I'm trying to push and be as supportive as time allows

RAD: Explain how you linked up with Open labs and became a spokesperson for them.

FLOSS: No doubt, I purchased the Open Labs keyboard and was trying to really learn how to work the machine and told myself once I did, I would upload videos for others to see my work and how I used the Miko. Well it turns out people really were interested, and it just so happened that an Open Labs rep had came across one of my videos and was impressed by it, so she (Valerie Fouche) contacted me about the video and offered me sponsorship with the company and of course I couldn’t turn her down. The Miko has been a blessing for my music career.

RAD: As a producer who inspires you to compose new songs?

FLOSS: The underdogs who haven’t made it yet. You know why? Because they’re still raw and excited about the music game, that motivates me… If I’m ever not in a music making mood all I have to do is go search for unsigned people on myspace and get into that zone. You have to realize that someone is always out working you and if you not putting in that work, you cant look back and say “how he get to that recognized spot and I didn’t”… “ I was Better than him and no one knows me…

RAD: What makes a lyricist dope to you and who are some of your influences as a rapper?

FLOSS: Creativity mixed with me being able to relate to the music…Really that’s all I need when I hear music… My influences are Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3000, Cee Lo, Eminem, NERD, Fionna Apple, Prince…I’m gonna stop there cause I could go on for days with musical influences. Its all about which mood I’m in and what am I writing about.

RAD: What do you think that the biggest problem facing the Houston Scene, is and how can we change it?

FLOSS: (Plays Dr. Dre’s Big Ego’s) LOL … People who not even signed yet be getting hyped over myspace plays and shit, you ask them to lay a verse or collab and they get Hollywood on you…no pun intended… I’m cool with favoritism towards your friends and people your close to cause that’s natural, but the high and mighty attitudes have got to go so we can unite and make this music together…that’s the only true way to rise up…Get together, form shows together, record together, travel together…Its not hard its just people get jealous if they’re not the center of attention, but there’s enough for everyone to eat…There are 6 billion people on the planet not everyone gonna like the same music, so that’s when you put your boy on if the people not feeling you…Hell you suppose to put your boy on anyways!

RAD: In an industry full of ego-maniacs how do you keep such a positive attitude?

FLOSS: To be honest, I do it for the love, so this doesn’t bother me. Whether they have an ego or not, I’m still gonna have to pay bills and do me, so I cant be concerned with them… Plus there’s always tomorrow

RAD: Kidd the Great is amazing tell us how you met him and what his role is in your camp?

FLOSS: Me and Kidd been best friends since Birth lol, he was my next door neighbor and we always enjoyed the same things as far as cartoons, women, movies, shoes etc… So I really don’t see him as a group member or friend, that’s my brother from another right there! His role is the singer/rapper/entertainment… He’s the marq’e act and we just want the world to see the talent he’s blessed with...Matter of fact his solo album is coming soon and i'm glad to be apart of it.

RAD: What is one thing that you want us to know about you?

FLOSS: I really want the people, critics, fans whoever to know I really love music… Techno, Rap, Grime, Crunk, Club, Country, Death Metal, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Pop … I really love music

Name your favorite up and coming artist? Myself lol, nah but on some real talk Rockaway Productions...sidebar check out my myspace blog titled I PUT ONNN for the in depth list

Samples or original beats? Samples

Lauren London or Kim Khardashian? Can we say Menage???

In search of or Seeing Sound? No doubt in my mind In Search Of

Pete Rock or DJ Premier – Pr Pr Pr Premier, but Pete Rock is more organic

Lil Wayne or Lupe Fiasco? Lupe Fiasco, but wayne got the flow down

Name an artist that you really want to work with? M.I.A.

Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? ( anything other than MJ will get you crucified) Harold Minor hahaha

I want to thank Rad for taking his time out to interview ya boy...and i can leave you without some music RIGHHHT???


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Presto! Interview

Dope emcee out of Houston, check him out!

Presto Studio Interview from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October's Here

and the album is done Art or Fi$caL Intelligence...definetly download when you get a chance or donate some money to me and receive the hard copy version (nh)

Anyways i'm back in the lab this weekend working with KIDD, Presto! and maybe Fat Tony, so we will see and of course i'll update you guys...Also going to Mission Control Oct. 3 to film and network, so catch me there...Other than that be on the look out for more music and videos

yall know what time it is

Hollywood FLOSS