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Check out some photo's of me and KIDD DA GREAT side group project, I was telling you about a couple post back

site =

yo yo yo ...whats better than old footage?

Yea ya boy been putting in work, so dont think its just overnight, anyways i still have copies of these mixtapes, so if anyone wants hit me up in the comments or on

here is a verse off of the prequel mixtape

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YOU CAN FIND ME IN THE H!!! H!!! H!!! Houston

or at these websites

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Producer Spotlight...DIGI. M

Born in Texas but musically raised in Seattle Digi. M is an under the radar producer / engineer in the well-rounded Houston Hip-Hop scene. With a musical influence of every genre you can think of from classical to emo to hiphop; Digi hopes to install real music back into the music game. . . With numerous projects coming out this year alone we caught up to Digi to learn more about him and why you should take notice to his new
generation movement!

FLOSS: Digi I want to thank you for taking your time to interview with IA, can you discuss a little bit about yourself?

DIGI: I enjoy beers, beards, and broads. i also like breakfast cereal, cool shoes, robots,dumpsters.lemons.road trips.xbox360. oh and i also produce music.

FLOSS: Who or What made you want to start producing?

DIGI: My family has always been very supportive when it comes to my music. There was always some type of music playing in my house growing up. We would even have a mariachi band come play on special occasions...still do to this day..... that def had a HUGE affect on me.

FLOSS: How would you classify your sound?

DIGI: I'd say I'm a mix between Rick Ruben (cause of the beard) and Burt Bacharach for the musical aspect. Rick Ruben + Burt Bacharach = Digi.M
not a bad mix huh? haha but to be honest, I'm always trying new things and constantly trying to out do my self. so i don't know?... hopefully someone can tell me who they think i sound like, cause I'm pretty confused about it right now,and i think thats a good thing.

FLOSS: What is your process when you decide to create a song?

DIGI: Really i just let my creativity run with it. I'm fortunate enough to have very diverse artists that i can work with, so i don't necessarily have to stick to one formula...I love that!
but anything can set off my process.... i could be watching Tv,or trying to make a different beat all together and get distracted and it comes out how it comes out and I'm not afraid to try new things.

FLOSS: What equipment do you use and how long does it usually take you to make a beat?

DIGI: I just bought an oxygen 8 midi control from Vango (Houston Producer), other than that, I use my PC,Reason, and Acid. As far as the how long it takes... it just really depends on what i want to do with it. If i feel a piece is complete i roll with it. sometimes i sit on music for months at a time till i find the right sounds for it, sometimes I'm done in 45 minutes.

FLOSS: How many instruments do you play?

DIGI: I play keys and drums... Started playing keys by ear at the age of five, i had this small keyboard that my mom had got for me from sears or something hahaha, after that i just continued to take in as much music as i could. then joined band and picked up the drums. never made a more appropriate decision before in my life!

FLOSS: Now you work with Hero and Rad a lot, Can you describe a session with you guys?

DIGI: I'm going to name this portion of the interview "FE-BREEZE ON YO FEET"
a typical session starts with Hero and Rad showing up to my house (late)... asking me what new beats Ive made that week. They eat up all my food, quote pop culture,play Xbox and then make some of the best damn music you've ever heard.

FLOSS: We've talked before and you engineer as well… how did that come about?

DIGI: I went to Mexico for three weeks and took in my culture, had some time to meditate and I knew I wanted to get back into music, i wanted to be around it for the rest of my life. so i decided to take a HUGE leap and moved to Seattle to go to school for audio engineering. It was the best experience of my life, and it definitely completed me as a person and as an artist. It made me the musician I am today!

FLOSS: What projects are in the works for DIGI, and who are you working with?

DIGI: Right now I'm working on wrapping up albums for Mic Skills and of course Hero and Rad... Also lets just say i have an ace up my sleeve production wise (hahahaha)....
I'm also slowly planning a compilation album. it would be a mix album of different genres and collaborations between dMP artists all produced by me. Something everyone can listen to no matter their genre of choice. It's gonna be crazy!!!

FLOSS: Where can rappers or singers get in contact with you or hear your work?

DIGI: Come see me at the shows, support the scene. Do open Mics @ mission control and also, get on that and do some networking(vote for me on the battles)and of course hit me up on


1. Favorite instrument.

drums, about to buy another set soon. It'll be emerald green and Im gonna name her Seattle.

2. Timbo & Danja or Neptunes.

how bout asking Quincy Jones vs Burt Bacharach ? (me and rad have this discussion alot)

3. Artist(s) you would love to work with?

Id love to work with The Strokes, or The Flaming Lips, Lupe Fiasco,maybe Gnarles Barkley... I think those projects would be a lot of fun to work on,very creative, and those guys seem cool as hell to hang out with in a studio.

but at the same time i gotta stick with my home team and continue recording and making music with the BGP, Hero & Rad, Mic Skills, Mike and Ike.

4. Fave Band

The Beatles, The Strokes, Mates of State... minus the bear., The Flaming Lips, Peter Bjorn & John... I also love listening to ALL music, i love the feeling i get when i hear something new for the first time.

5. Hidden Talent

I don't have any... I wont ever keep them will constantly hear my hidden talents in my music.

I want to thank my guest Digi M once again for letting IA interview him, its been fun..and you know HOLLYWOOD cant leave without giving you production from DIGI...its called SICK! and features Mic Skills, HERO and MIKE FLO...HOLLA!!!

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Mood: BLESSED & Thinking Positive

Working on my debut LP, but i will release a 6 track EP first for 2 reasons

1. Get a buzz going

2. While the buzz is going, i will be making more money to fund the full length project, yeah i know INDIE's a "B", but it is what it is

Name will be revealed later on, but the Series is called -

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED: __________ the blank is what i will fill in upon release, to many biters out there

NEXT, also got two more side projects besides my solo debut

I have a collab type project with and a group project with KIDD called E PLURIBUS UNUM...def. look out for both of those

Keep checking the ... and helping me get views and plays, i need all the support i can get, and for a treat i'll probably leak my own songs for the E PLURIBUS UNUM PROJECT


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G.o.D. Jewels Bitches Need I Say Mo'!!!

The Windy City just got a lil colder...You take Kanye, Common, Lupe, Rhymefest, Twista,GemStones then pass the torch to GoD Jewels and you arguably have one of the best rap lineups in modern day hiphop.

Known for his slick wordplay and effortless flow Jewels will soon have not only the internet buzzin, but your car speakers bustin to what i tab "Lyrical Riding Music", Music not captured since The Black Album (imo), and most recent example is "Maybach Music" by Rick Ross & Jay-Z, but thats neither here or there...IA got a chance to interview the Chicago Emcee to discuss Rap, Life and the future of Hiphop...I Present G.o.D. Jewels a.k.a. The Chicago Bully a.k.a. Rifle Jordan - The Last
Shot a.k.a. Jewels Almighty a.k.a. Chicago Hope

Southside Chicago, IL (Wild 100's area) STAND UP!!!

FLOSS: Thanks for the patience to interview you, how you been?

JEWELS: I'm feelin' really "glorious" right now...(laughs)

FLOSS: God Jewels is an odd and unique did u come up with it?

JEWELS: It honestly just came to me...It had a nice ring to it...(laughs) But
in all seriousness it's one of the more powerful sounding stage names
out right now...wouldn't you agree?

But nah, It's actually "G.o.D." Jewels, and the G.o.D part in it of
itself has endless meanings...But I'll spare you the elaborate
explanations and try to keep it basic: I just feel as though I'm one
of God's jewels...A diamond in the ruff if you will. A special type of
nigga. Everyone should feel that way in my opinion...But a lot of
people don't, So that's what they got me for.

FLOSS: Can you recall for the readers what made up decide to rap?

JEWELS: Oh, I was kinda like a late bloomer on the rap side G...I started at
like 17 years old. And at the time, It seemed as though I just kind of
stumbled into it, But lookin' back, That shit was actually destiny
when I think about it...

I just always had a deep love for hip-hop...I mean, Niggas lived off
that shit G...For real. I would memorize the lyrics word for word in
only like a couple of spins of the album, And I'd be reciting the shit
damn near AS good as the artist...If not better! (laughs) Like how you
got a nigga spittin' YOUR shit better than you? And it wasn't like I
was consciously going out of my way to memorize the shit on some Stan
type shit, But I would just naturally pick it up pretty effortlessly,
And I guess that lends itself to actually being a writer and being
able to deliver the bars. It wasn't no little hoe ass raps
either...Niggas used to walk around spittin' Big Pun verses with
ease...(laughs) But yea, I just respected the fuck out of hip-hop
since as far back as I can remember...

My cousin Jake used to say "You gon be a fuckin' rapper G...", And I
used to laugh it off...Now look. Guess folks saw somethin' I didn't
(laughs). Shouts to Jake...

FLOSS: I honestly didn't know Chicago was that official rapping wise
outside of Common and Twista back in the day...Where did all these
gifted emcee's arrive from?

JEWELS: Ummm...How about: Necessity is the mother of invention...

I wouldn't say that Chicago emcee's "arrived"...They were "made".

Chicago hip-hop is a product of being looked over by the labels and
fans for over a decade, Being treated like a second class city and
region as a whole, And a competitive, hungry, and vicious

To the niggas that are reading this: Can you HONESTLY say you was
checkin' for a Chicago nigga before Ye and Lupe? Like, Let's be for
real...It's this whole inferiority complex from a Chicago
standpoint...So after awhile, A whole bunch of niggas collectively
said "You know what? We'll show you."

They all went home to their lil tight rooms, or their momma's
basement, Got them a beat CD, A pen and a pad, And got it THE FUCK
in...I know, Because this is still my reality...I'm still in the

Fast-forward a few years later, And you got niggas like me, My team,
My guy Illinois...Shouts to The State...Uhhh...GemStones, Mikkey, Bump
and them...And niggas is NOT goin'...We WILL be recognized.

And it's even deeper than hip-hop...That feeling of inferiority,
Combined with the fact that niggas is not eating out here due to the
economy and their environment, is what's fueling all these murders in
Chicago this summer...Unfortunately.

But we didn't arrive...We been here...(laughs) Y'all made us.

FLOSS: Who are some of your musical influences?

JEWELS: The crib...(laughs)

I mean, Just livin' in the 100's is enough influence is it not?

Literally, Right before this interview, I watched these niggas sell
this cluck some soap...He came back to complain because they gave him
some fake work...So they pretty much whopped his ass like HE was in
the wrong and took his bike...(laughs)

Now I shouldnt be laughin' at that, But I could write a whole song on
JUST that!

But I mean, Other than Chicago and the hood in general...Because there
is obviously more to life than that, I draw my musical influences from
any and everywhere...I'm a well-rounded nigga, So that helps. Aside
from the typical nigga shit, I'm into everything from comic books and
technology, To history and government...

You ask another rapper what type of shit he's into, A nigga gon say,
"Uhhhh...Ummm...Basketball...Ummm...hoes..." (laughs)

So thank "God" there's more to "Jewels" than that...Ohhhh, Did you
peep the wordplay Floss? I'm cold as hell...(laughs)

FLOSS: Can you describe who you work with in the city? Any group affiliates?

JEWELS: Oh, Off top, Its Embassy Empire, Better known as "E2" all day.
Diction, My brother to the death - Naych, Real...E2 crazy.

I fuck wit The Boy Illinois heavy...That's my guy. That's like the Ryu
to my Ken and shit...My rap sparring partner...Nigga keep me on my
shit...He cold. Aint too many niggas fuckin' wit The State. Be sure to
download that Inhale Part 1 when that drops...Shouts to F.A. Squad

Ummm...It's another dude by the name of Ickus...He was dope. He was a
Northside dude...I'm Southside to the death...So we was gonna put a
joint together called "The Crosstown Classic"...Niggas not in the know
can Wiki that...But anyway, That punk just fell off the map...I don't
know where he at...Hit me up if you see this Joe...

But that's it though really...Hopefully I can expand that resume and
work with more Chicago acts...

FLOSS: What projects are you working on at the moment?

JEWELS: Glory Or Death...Which is coming along great...real great.

It's just a lot of the little shit that needs to be done...Shit like
artwork and what not...Shouts to Dub on that...

And I'm planning on doin' the Glory Or Death covershoot this
summer...I need to do some more recording and tighten up some old
songs...As far as release, I'm shooting for early 2009...Winter music.

FLOSS: Can you share what you usually go through when your creating a song?

JEWELS: Beat first. Period. My prerequisite for beat selection is this: It has
to grab me...Pause. You know how you felt when you first heard the
Blueprint production? It's was just something that grabbed
you...Pause. So I feel if the beat can successfully grab
me...Pause...It will more than likely grab you...Pause.

I cant be NaS with the beat selection...But shouts to NaS.

After that prerequisite is cleared, The beat has to either fit a
preconcieved concept, Or speak to me in such a way that it TELLS me
what to write about...You know those beats where you be like "Oh, This
is the joint where I speak on this...". The type of shit that was just
tailor made for a certain topic. But you gotta be careful with that,
Because you can box yourself into a cliche topic or talking point.

Then after that, I want to express myself in a way that hasnt been
done before...If it's something thats been said already, I have to
freak it to where its fresh and new again...If I'm traveling the
beaten path that everyone else walked down, I gotta at least backflip
down that ma'fucka...

To steal one from Pusha, "Twist metaphors to avoid sounding cliche..."

Too many niggas rap...You gotta approach shit from whole new angles nowadays.

FLOSS: Name your fave verse of all time... And one from yourself as we'll
if its not already your favorite.Explain why.

JEWELS: I can't do that...(laughs)

There are TOO many verses to name, And I'm so finicky that if I ever
did establish an all-time favorite verse, It would change everyday...

But I CAN tell you my favorite all-time verse is for today and today

So yea, As of today, I'm really fuckin' with NaS's verse off of
Revolutionary Warfare on God's Son...

That shit is really potent to me...A lot of gems in that verse...But
niggas don't really dissect NaS shit the way they be tryin' to DaVinci
Code Jay-Z's verses. But I guess Jay is more accessible...

But anyway, This punk NaS said:

"The beauty of life was when my moms said 'Nigga, YOU could be
Christ...', I wasn't old enough to hold my dick and pee right..."

Nigga...what? (laughs)

Then he follow that by sayin':

"Jesus? What is He like? I pictured Him standin' with diamonds on Him,
A little different from the way my Mommy saw Him..."

His momma saw Christ in him when he was just a shorty, And he saw
Christ as some nigga with all types of ice on...(laughs) Everybody
views Jesus differently, And Jesus is a part of all of us...It's just
ill to me how NaS conveyed that in that verse...His mind works crazy.

As far as a favorite verse of mine, My most recently created verse is
usually my favorite...So I would say I'm fuckin' with the verse I
wrote for this joint with me and Henz0 called "Royalty". My usual
sarcastic, sardonic, smart-ass, joke-cracking, witty, condescending
shit...A nigga was just stuntin' on that one...Havin' fun...Nothin'
too serious.

FLOSS: Your not a stranger to the limelight, and we all know that's when
people start taking shots...have you had to put any "Out of Liners" in
place? If so who? (Subliminal or not lol)

JEWELS: First off, Stop with that limelight shit G...(laughs)

I can be an arrogant asshole, But I know how to humble myself at
times...To be real, I haven't really done anything yet by my
standards. Yea, I'm better than a lot of niggas rappin' and I have a
very good chance to be "great" in this game, But I'm not there yet...I
gotta keep workin'.

So there is not limelight yet...Shit is lemonlight...I'm bitter as
fuck G...(laughs)

As far as puttin' people in line, I'm gonna have to put one of my
little kids over my knee in the near future...Grounded.

No TV...No phone...Ummm...Gotdammit...No goin' outside...No video
games...They gon have to come straight home from school...No
extra-cirrcular after school shit...I wanna check your homework too...

Ay, Y'all remember that shit? Everybody ridin' their bikes, Playin'
and shit...You in the window with the salty face....Ahhhhhhhhhh...

But yea, A nigga had to take his belt off...You'll see it...Call DCFS.

FLOSS: You've openly touched (nh) on your dislike for Cassidy, can you go
into detail why and what actually happened @ Mtv studios?

JEWELS: I don't dislike Cassidy...I don't feel any type of way towards him
good or bad. He's just not a genuine individual...He's not real.

Not real in the sense that he doesn't do what he raps about...I don't
care about that...Cuz we all guilty of that in some way, Just give me
quality music...

I mean that he's not real on a person-to-person level...He's just not
that down to earth, Cool, Approachable type nigga...He's just not that

And we need more niggas like that in the industry...But unfortunately
there are more Cassidy's out there than there are good dudes.

As far as the MTV situation, I'm not gonna break that whole thing
down, Because I'd be here all night explaining it...But more or less,
MTV/Cassidy/J Records pulled a little switcheroo that I wasn't
prepared for that I SHOULD HAVE been prepared for.

Just a paragraph in a chapter of the book of my life...Learning experience.

FLOSS: What do you expect and want to see from the Chicago rap scene in
the future?

JEWELS: Oh, I expect to be at the forefront...(laughs)

Me and Illinois basically had this same conversation, And we feel as
though Chicago hasn't fully been represented from OUR viewpoint
yet...Y'all have only been shown a small facet of it thus far...

Yea, Lupe is great...Common is amazing...Ye is incredible...Twista is
awesome...And I'm extremely proud to claim all them niggas...I poke my
chest out in pride over them niggas bein from the Crib and
accomplishing what they have accomplished.

But none of them speak for US, Or rep US...At least not in the way we
would like.

We the young, early 20's, streetsmart, booksmart, aggressive,
fashion-conscious, and hungry niggas
from Chicago...We want in.

Floss FAVE Five

1. Fave mixtape dj

Fuck the DJ...The DJ is dead.


Nah, I'm playin'...(laughs)

Shiiiit....Gotdammit...I dunno...I guess whoever will play my records? (laughs)

2. Lord Willin or HHNF

HHNF...Bitch Bra-zilian, Purse rep-tilian!

3. Fave Jordan shoe

A tie between the Aqua VIII's and the Inf VI's.

4. Studio or the stage

Studio...You wouldn't be able to reach the stage if you didn't go into
the studio first. That's where you perfect your craft. I couldn't get
on that Iverson shit..."Practice?"

5. Hidden Talent

Drawing. I'm nice with the pen in more ways than one..."Legend in two
games like I'm..." Lemme stop...(laughs)

Once again its closing time here @ IA, so i want to thank my interviewee (G.o.D Jewels) for sharing with us, and you know i couldn't leave without a viewer treat, so i got that Vinyl Heroin ,an exclusive track from Jewels called Word Play...Also stay tuned for his website

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As the Featured Artist of the Houston staple event Mission Control he has built a legacy of memorable events featuring passionate stage performances.

The honesty in his songs is a rarity that consistently pushes the envelope of artistry in a time of fabricated personas. The sharp, in-your-face lyrics will smack you in the head and then at other times they calmly convey his deepest thoughts on an array of topics.

Mic Skills has opened for several national artists, has been featured on and released several mix-tapes, but has now set his ambitions higher. His yet to be released debut album promises to shake the foundation of music as he emerges onto the forefront.

FLOSS: Here at IA, we want to reach out to all types of musical talent and your no exception…How you been?

MIC SKILLS: I've been great, business as "unusual."

FLOSS: For those that aren’t familiar with the Mic Skills brand name, can you explain how got involved with music?

MIC SKILLS: I grew up a fan music, certain songs have a special place with all of us, so as I began to rap as a teen it was fun but became serious and thought out my songs better as I matured.

FLOSS: Do you remember your very first rhyme? If so could you share a couple bars with us?

MIC SKILLS: All I remember was it was wack & corny, but I got better (thank God).

FLOSS: The Fever is a solid mix-tape, but you know everyone is anxious for the album… can you go into detail what we can expect from your solo debut?

MIC SKILLS: The title is "Defiant" and it is truly a concept album. When I came up with the title I had to relearn the definition of word "Defiant." Once I did that I realized that was me - Defiant!

It embodies My personality, my attitude, my persona, my style, my mode of operation even the duality of being a Gemini.

More than anything it is a bold statement that this is Mic Skills, Hate it or Love it!

FLOSS: What other projects or events do you have in the works at the moment?

MIC SKILLS: I am currently working on Mission Control Vol. I, Hero & Rad 's Album "Resilance", A Mixtape w/ DJ Nocturnal, Vertual Vertigo & Cooley Fly, Fever 2 plus remixes with Mike & Ike and Hi-Stakez.

FLOSS: Most rappers live at the studio, is that the same mind frame you have?

MIC SKILLS: I love being in the studio, creating and brainstorming, even if I'm not recording, but if the vibe ain't right or I don't have to be there I don't want to be there. Although I'm always thinking about it.

FLOSS: How long does it take you to write a 16?

MIC SKILLS: There is no set time, again it just depends. I've written great songs in a half hour and vice versa. In fact my verse on Three Kings (that I did with Hero & Rad) I wrote a verse in about an 20 min, loved it, recorded it, then played it for about a week. Came back in the studio a week later and freestyled it. But I don't do that a lot, I prefer to write it down and then record it.

FLOSS: Who are some of your favorite producers to work with? What are some famous producers you would like to work with?

I work mostly with Vango & Digi. We have a great working/studio relationship. Also I work with DJ Nut, Darren of Last Soul Descendants, Hi Stakez (Yeah he produces), Alpha 2020 (aka Ike from Mike & Ike) and Aktone.

I would really love to work with anyone that I could vibe with. I like so many different styles, Kanye, Neptunes, Timbo more than anyone Rick Ruban. I grew up on Def Jam and even the things he did with Geto Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the music he makes, makes statements. I want my music to make statements!

FLOSS: You also host shows… How is that working out and how did it start?

MIC SKILLS: Its great! It started from promoters in Houston straight up hating on me. I come from humble beginnings, freestyling and rocking open mics, practically begging for shows. At the time I was working with another mc and he and I would share every show we got, which wasn't much. He got booked for a show in Austin and told the show promoters to give me a full set since I was his ride. I received so much love when I got there and as a result had offers to come to other cities and do more shows and tours which was a no-brainer. Once I got back I basically said no ones going to do it for us I'm going to make it happen for us.

The rest is history.

FLOSS: What is your vision for H-Town hip-hop scene?

MIC SKILLS: There is great promise and great performers. I see so many artist/djs with the opportunity to take off and become megastars.

No matter where I go I will never forget where it came from.


1.Hulk or Ironman - Tie, I'm into robots and technology, but you can't stopa mad man either.

2.Favorite upcoming MC - Tie Hero & Rad

3.Host or MC - MC

4.Artist(s) you would love to work with? Prince, Alica Keys, Lupe Fiasco, Bun B & Kanye

5.Hidden Talent - Amateur Chef

I want to thank Mic Skills for the interview you can check him and his music out @ & Over at

There you can find more about his upcoming projects and shows

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Producer TIME making a beat!!!

Producers step ya beat game up...Shout out to ProTalk as well, google them