Saturday, July 19, 2008


Mood: BLESSED & Thinking Positive

Working on my debut LP, but i will release a 6 track EP first for 2 reasons

1. Get a buzz going

2. While the buzz is going, i will be making more money to fund the full length project, yeah i know INDIE's a "B", but it is what it is

Name will be revealed later on, but the Series is called -

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED: __________ the blank is what i will fill in upon release, to many biters out there

NEXT, also got two more side projects besides my solo debut

I have a collab type project with and a group project with KIDD called E PLURIBUS UNUM...def. look out for both of those

Keep checking the ... and helping me get views and plays, i need all the support i can get, and for a treat i'll probably leak my own songs for the E PLURIBUS UNUM PROJECT


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