Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where Brooklyn At - Henz $

FLOSS: Henz, I want to thank you for taking your time to interview with
IA, can you discuss a little bit about yourself?

HENZ: Oh no problem my dude, we been fucking with each other before I even thought about rapping (LOL) so its my pleasure. Well, my name is Henry but now a days all I hear is Henz, henz0, henz $, or with the chicks Henzy, Henzy Wenzy LOL. Anyway, I'm from Brooklyn, New York.. East New York to be exact... I'm 23 (damn niggas getting old), Sarcastic as hell. Super laid back.. Maybe to laid back.. my hobbies include: Stayin' Fresh, Sports (basketball,football,baseball) i'm a athlete!!, Surfing ( the internet, lets be serious LOL).. Smoking ( bud ), and lets not forget Video games... Yall holla @ me on Xbox live so I could show yall how to do this ( gamertag - henz0 ).

FLOSS: As a newcomer to the music scene, what made you decide to take

rapping serious and pursue it?

HENZ: Hmmm I dont really have a clear answer to this one its really a mixture of things.. I've been a fan of rap for as long as I can remember and I would always take niggas lines & switch it up a little to fit myself personally and use it as away msg's or just random sayings during everyday shit and people would always comment on em like " thats funny " or " thats hot ". Or even " hey make 1 for me " ( LOL ).. So I realized that people really pay attention to my words, and what better way for people to follow em? About a year ago one of my dudes who raps, just outta the blue came to me like " yo, you got a rapper voice ", So everybody lookin at him like AYOO you like Henz voice.. But now I guess he can say I told you so (shout to rah) haha. Last but not least, I started doing this shit because I hear these dudes who been calling themselves rappers for years that sound horrible making moves with it so I figure hey why not me?

FLOSS: Who are some of your favorite rappers or influences?

HENZ: Well my favorite rappers are ( No order ): The Clipse , Cam'Ron, Eminem, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Juelz Santana, and Youg Jeezy. As far as influence I would definitely have to say the Dip Set.. My reason for that being it always sounds like they're having fun with what they do, not taking themselves to serious.. Like the joker said.. " why so serious " So i definitely take that approach when I'm in the booth.. Also Kanye, Jeezy and I'm gonna single Juelz out (juelz from the dips in this part) because of the emotion they be put out on the tracks.. I fucks with that.

FLOSS: What is your process when you decide to create a song?

HENZ: The urge to lay down some shit could come at any time its never planned but here it goes: First I need to hear the beat, I've never wrote a verse just to write it, always the beat first.. Then figure out how I'm gonna start the track, Thats like the hardest part to me, after that it kinda just flows out 8-).. Are there
any subjects you wont talk rhyme about? I will never rhyme about killin niggas or selling tons of cocaine because I dont do either.. Some things may be exaggerated in the lyrics, but I wouldn't talk about things that I dont do.

FLOSS: How long does it usually take you to write your verses?

HENZ: I dont think its ever taken me more than an Hour to complete em.. With just the first 2 lines taking up the most time.. I try not to sit there and think to much about it because then it never comes out >:o so I just put down whatevas running through my mind.. And when I play it back I might make a couple little edits here & there.

FLOSS: What would be the ultimate goal for you music wise? Do you want to
get signed or do you prefer the indie route?

HENZ: My ultimate goal is to really just to entertain & have alotta people fuckin wit me and interested in whats coming next.. Also working with alotta different people and to just keep having fun enjoying the music shit. I'd prefer the indy route because I can still do what I prefer which is just having fun on the mic and saying whatever I want instead of having a whole plan to things. I think that takes some of the fun out of it.. I didn't get involved for the $ I did it for the fun.. If $ comes along with that... Thats a Plus ( big plus haha )

FLOSS: The Ayo Technology and Sexual Healing freestyles is where people
started acknowledging your skills…Have you always known you can rap or
did the responses shock you?

HENZ: "Started acknowledging my skills?!?!?" LOL... That statement sounds like I been rapping for years and niggas just started noticing me... Those are like 2 out of the first 5 shits I ever wrote/spit in my LIFE.. I kinda knew I could do it because like i mentioned earlier people always comment on little sayings/lines theyve seen me use/post up online.. But I never tried to turn it into rap until recently which you can still tell ( flow still in progress!).. The responses definitely did shock me though to see so many people feeling it and even putting it on their on myspace pages, and asking for the mp3's to download like I was a veteran at this shit definitely put a smile on my face and motivated me to keep going @ it.

FLOSS: When can we expect more material from you? A mixtape or more features maybe?

HENZ: I have all the lyrics and beats I plan on using for my mixtape ( The Unu$ual Suspect ) ready to go, a nigga just been lazy with going to the studio.. Which is right around the corner from my house SMFH.. I know this sounds cliche but " Coming soon " LOL. Features I'm always up for.. Maybe by doing that, their fans can become your fans.. you never know. I actually features more because it makes you want to go harder knowing you're along side somebody, sorta like a little fun competition ( see: crosscountry royalty ).. So whoever wanna do something with me holla at me.. I'm down.

FLOSS: Any producers or other rappers you want to work with?

HENZ: My dude Plan was displaying some of his beats at " the secret society " (LOL).. And I was feeling one of em so hopefully we can work something out with that... My man time has a song called " I'm That Nigga " that is just crazy to me so I would love to be on the remix of that ;) since every day I hear "im that nigga ".. The other 2 people I wanted to work with G.O.D Jewels & Dom Kennedy we already completed that and is getting crazy reviews called Cross Country Royalty... On a mainstream level I would love to get a beat from Heatmakers, and whoever the fuck be doing Jeezy beats, shits just get you hype and WANT to go in in the booth... As far as rappers if I could pick some people to do a track with it'd be Juelz, & Cam.. would be a funny ass track.. Or Weezy, you get Weezy on a track you know a million peoples listening.. Son is going in right now!

FLOSS: What makes you listen to a rapper and buy the album or show support?

HENZ: They have to entertain me, it doesn't even have to be lyrical.. The shit could just be funny. But as long as im entertained I could fuck with it.. If its a new rapper, I have to hear them go in on somebody else's beat. I cant just listen to a "song" from someone i've never heard of they have to show me something first, like bodying somebody elses beat.

FLOSS: Where can rappers, singers, and future fans get in contact with
you or hear your work?

HENZ: Well the best place would be the myspace.. www.myspace.com/henzmuzik. With all my other contacts ima have to know you first before you get access to those, theres some weird things going on out here!( listen to "technology" Lol & watch the video on the space ).


1. Jay-Z or Fabolous - I'm not gonna sit here and say that Fab is better than Jay. But i'd rather listen to fabs music anyday over jays.. he entertains me way more.

2. Besides rap what music artists do you listen to - alicia keys( my boo ).. Other than that I dont really check for anybody but when its a good song I fucks with it reguardless of who it is.

3. Favorite Jordan - Jordan XI.. I remember me & my moms went to go cop the White/black joints when I was in 5th grade a week before they came out when everybody had the grant hills, I was that dude..

4. Jets or the Giants - UGHHH I dont fuck with either of these teams, and before a few weeks ago i wouldve quickly said the jets but now they have brett favre :-\ who i despise. So im gonna leave this one open (-_- )

5. Madden 09 or NCAA 09 - When I'm playing with friends I prefer Ncaa because its more fun, but online I gotta go with madden, shit is serious business with the online play and you really have to have a strategy to win, whereas in NCAA its mainly run & gun.

Once again i want to thank my guest this week (HENZ $) and you know I want leave you without a preview here it is:


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