Thursday, July 24, 2008

Producer Spotlight...DIGI. M

Born in Texas but musically raised in Seattle Digi. M is an under the radar producer / engineer in the well-rounded Houston Hip-Hop scene. With a musical influence of every genre you can think of from classical to emo to hiphop; Digi hopes to install real music back into the music game. . . With numerous projects coming out this year alone we caught up to Digi to learn more about him and why you should take notice to his new
generation movement!

FLOSS: Digi I want to thank you for taking your time to interview with IA, can you discuss a little bit about yourself?

DIGI: I enjoy beers, beards, and broads. i also like breakfast cereal, cool shoes, robots,dumpsters.lemons.road trips.xbox360. oh and i also produce music.

FLOSS: Who or What made you want to start producing?

DIGI: My family has always been very supportive when it comes to my music. There was always some type of music playing in my house growing up. We would even have a mariachi band come play on special occasions...still do to this day..... that def had a HUGE affect on me.

FLOSS: How would you classify your sound?

DIGI: I'd say I'm a mix between Rick Ruben (cause of the beard) and Burt Bacharach for the musical aspect. Rick Ruben + Burt Bacharach = Digi.M
not a bad mix huh? haha but to be honest, I'm always trying new things and constantly trying to out do my self. so i don't know?... hopefully someone can tell me who they think i sound like, cause I'm pretty confused about it right now,and i think thats a good thing.

FLOSS: What is your process when you decide to create a song?

DIGI: Really i just let my creativity run with it. I'm fortunate enough to have very diverse artists that i can work with, so i don't necessarily have to stick to one formula...I love that!
but anything can set off my process.... i could be watching Tv,or trying to make a different beat all together and get distracted and it comes out how it comes out and I'm not afraid to try new things.

FLOSS: What equipment do you use and how long does it usually take you to make a beat?

DIGI: I just bought an oxygen 8 midi control from Vango (Houston Producer), other than that, I use my PC,Reason, and Acid. As far as the how long it takes... it just really depends on what i want to do with it. If i feel a piece is complete i roll with it. sometimes i sit on music for months at a time till i find the right sounds for it, sometimes I'm done in 45 minutes.

FLOSS: How many instruments do you play?

DIGI: I play keys and drums... Started playing keys by ear at the age of five, i had this small keyboard that my mom had got for me from sears or something hahaha, after that i just continued to take in as much music as i could. then joined band and picked up the drums. never made a more appropriate decision before in my life!

FLOSS: Now you work with Hero and Rad a lot, Can you describe a session with you guys?

DIGI: I'm going to name this portion of the interview "FE-BREEZE ON YO FEET"
a typical session starts with Hero and Rad showing up to my house (late)... asking me what new beats Ive made that week. They eat up all my food, quote pop culture,play Xbox and then make some of the best damn music you've ever heard.

FLOSS: We've talked before and you engineer as well… how did that come about?

DIGI: I went to Mexico for three weeks and took in my culture, had some time to meditate and I knew I wanted to get back into music, i wanted to be around it for the rest of my life. so i decided to take a HUGE leap and moved to Seattle to go to school for audio engineering. It was the best experience of my life, and it definitely completed me as a person and as an artist. It made me the musician I am today!

FLOSS: What projects are in the works for DIGI, and who are you working with?

DIGI: Right now I'm working on wrapping up albums for Mic Skills and of course Hero and Rad... Also lets just say i have an ace up my sleeve production wise (hahahaha)....
I'm also slowly planning a compilation album. it would be a mix album of different genres and collaborations between dMP artists all produced by me. Something everyone can listen to no matter their genre of choice. It's gonna be crazy!!!

FLOSS: Where can rappers or singers get in contact with you or hear your work?

DIGI: Come see me at the shows, support the scene. Do open Mics @ mission control and also, get on that and do some networking(vote for me on the battles)and of course hit me up on


1. Favorite instrument.

drums, about to buy another set soon. It'll be emerald green and Im gonna name her Seattle.

2. Timbo & Danja or Neptunes.

how bout asking Quincy Jones vs Burt Bacharach ? (me and rad have this discussion alot)

3. Artist(s) you would love to work with?

Id love to work with The Strokes, or The Flaming Lips, Lupe Fiasco,maybe Gnarles Barkley... I think those projects would be a lot of fun to work on,very creative, and those guys seem cool as hell to hang out with in a studio.

but at the same time i gotta stick with my home team and continue recording and making music with the BGP, Hero & Rad, Mic Skills, Mike and Ike.

4. Fave Band

The Beatles, The Strokes, Mates of State... minus the bear., The Flaming Lips, Peter Bjorn & John... I also love listening to ALL music, i love the feeling i get when i hear something new for the first time.

5. Hidden Talent

I don't have any... I wont ever keep them will constantly hear my hidden talents in my music.

I want to thank my guest Digi M once again for letting IA interview him, its been fun..and you know HOLLYWOOD cant leave without giving you production from DIGI...its called SICK! and features Mic Skills, HERO and MIKE FLO...HOLLA!!!

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