Sunday, May 25, 2008

Soul Phunker to the rescue....

This week we take a small break from the rapping / producing talent to focus on the behind the scenes talent that the big time artists couldn't do without "PROMOTION & VIDEO ARTS". My guest this week is Houston's own LeAndre Gamble aka Soul Phunker

He’s the founder and head of Soul Phunk Productions started in late 2006. Since then, he’s been on his grind in the streets of Houston, Texas making his mark in video production, photography, music production, and professional writing. He’s truly a man of many talents and of course we had the chance to interview him!

FLOSS: First off I must say the Promotion game is definitely a heavier struggle than the music game, so how have you been?

SOUL P: Cool, but I think it’s the opposite. I remember I won a competition at Prairie View A&M University for being the best producer on campus. I even beat out the most popular producer on campus at that time. I got some people wanting to hear my music, but they didn’t want to pay me. I had the best samples and no one could deny me that. So why would I sell them that rare sample beat for $20 when I know it could sell for $1,000?
I just ran into a lot of “economic” rappers who wanted free music and it got on my nerves. That’s part of the reason I came to Houston; to find more lucrative opportunities.With promotion, I got my money straight up and kept my business tight. You don’t have to worry about the sharks in promotion as much as you do with music.

FLOSS: Its funny cause you started out a rapper/producer, what made you make the transition to video photography and promotion for the same industry?

SOUL P: I liked producing but it wasn’t making much money. It just wasn’t fun if nothing good was coming out of it. It got grueling at times.
I started doing video because it was just as creative and music was putting a strain on me. Making beats got boring for a while, you know. Plus, I always liked movies anyway so I just picked it up naturally.
As for promotion, that happened when I started working with Cornerstone Promotion as a FARM Team rep. They assign me projects according to my market and I just go out do the whole flyer/poster placement thing. I didn’t even know this kind of company existed.
Say being an artist yourself, you have some marketing ideas for your band, Cornerstone handles this.
Say you want to know the public opinion of your new single, Cornerstone handles this. Plus they own the Fader magazine and Fader films. It’s like they’re a powerhouse in the industry.

FLOSS: Do you still find time to make a beat or write a verse in your down time?

SOUL P: Yeah, I jot down little poems and verses. I still want to pick up music again when I feel it’s less stressful. I always have ideas.
I feel like I made a transition from rap (writing)/music producing to professional writing/video production. I like it.

FLOSS: How long have you been making videos? Who are you trying to reach out to?

SOUL P: I’ve been making vids since the Houston Winter Sneaker Summit ’08. Check them out at
I want to reach out to the young, hipster, life loving community. I see they like music, cool shoes, street gear, the opposite sex, and living life to the fullest. Why not reach out to them? I also want to keep my work PG-13 because I was a kid and I know what they go through. These fish can look at my videos in school and not get in trouble. LOL!
I don’t have particular people to reach out to though, that’s why I do marketing, to reach out to as many people as possible.

FLOSS: Can you shed some light on who your favorite directors are or what videos inspire you?

SOUL P: I like M. Night Shyamalan. I like his twist endings. I like all kinds of movies, deep and fun stories.

FLOSS: What obstacles do you face as a one man video/promo team?

SOUL P: Eh, it gets hard because I’m a man with a lot of ideas and I sometimes need someone to help me arrange them, kind of be my grounding. I know I’m in the right direction with my plans but I may need help getting the reality of it down, like finance and legal matters.
I would like some help though.

FLOSS: Do entertainers give the promotion teams the credit that they deserve?

SOUL P: They don’t need to. They don’t pay my checks, their label does. I know one time Cornerstone arranged this meeting between all the FARM reps and Buckshot and The Kidz in the Hall. I got the chance to interact with the artists and listen to specifically what they wanted us to do. I also got the chance to ask Buckshot some questions too.
That was tight, and Devin the Dude was cool when I worked with him for his first independent album. He’s thorough.
It's good to be appreciated by people you listen to and buy CDs from.

FLOSS: What has been the most memorable moment for you while promoting or filming?

SOUL P: I got a chance to video my trip at SXSW and video tape N.E.R.D.’s performance. Real cool. It’s funny because I actually saw them before on that exact date during Spring Break 2004. I also videotaped Barack Obama when he was here too. I’d never seen a presidential candidate in person before that.

FLOSS: How was SxSW this year? Did it help you expand your goals?

SOUL P: Yes, I had a blast. DON’T PAY FOR DRINKS!
Reference: http://youtube. com/watch?v=RlM2brc5sr8
It help me to realize how much I needed to step my game up and how competitive promoting really is. Those guys I roomed with from Cornerstone worked with more companies than one and had teams. That’s cool for them, but it just made me see I needed to step my game up in Houston.

FLOSS: One thing you would like to see improved in the Houston hip-hop scene?

SOUL P: I want to see Houston as a major entertainment market like Austin or Chicago. It’s not as big as some people think it is and some of these local artists got some egos out of this world because of it. Some really need to calm down.
Too add, I know events that few people know about and I want to expand on that.

FLOSS: Any future projects you want to shout out?

SOUL P: Yes, catch Soul Phunk presents…Breakin’ It Down (Vol. 1) this Friday at noon/ 1pm Eastern. Also, stay tuned and subscribe to Houston deserves more attention that it’s getting right now so I’ll show you what’s up.
If you need promotion in the Houston, don’t be afraid to message me.

1. Favorite music video - Don’t have one, but I use to really like Busta’s videos back in the day

2. Xbox 360 or PS3 - PS3, for GTA series

3. In Search of or Fly or Die - ISO, listen to that shit driving at night son! It will blow you AWAY!

4. Wish List Car of the moment - H3

5. Hidden Talent: I do some clothes design too

I want to thank LeAndre Gamble aka Soul Phunker for doing the interview, it really should be read by all inspiring artist. The interview contains some heads up knowledge about having back up plans in this industry and how to step your promotion game up!!!

Also I know you know me, meaning i cant leave this interview without showing off SOUL Phunker's work, so here ya go!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

IA gets a little (RAD) akaal!!!

...Whether going verse for verse with some of Houston's Finest rappers or performing live on stage for die hard fans, RAD stays humble and dedicated to the rap game. With numerous projects slated to drop this summer, IA checked in with the self proclaimed "Music Remedy" to find out more about the Houston rapper

Floss: Here at IA, we want to reach out to all types of musical talent and your no exception…How you been?

RAD: I'm like that other side of the pillow cool. LOL!

Floss: For those that aren’t familiar with the RAD brand name, can you explain your inspiration to want to get involved in music?

RAD: I come from a musical family, my dad had this huge record collection and he was a self taught guitarist who encouraged me to learn how to play instruments.After a poetry unit in the first grade I took an interest in rhyming words, and later saw rap music as a voice or platform. I've always felt that I had a lot to say and people would listen if I made it rhyme or put it in a language that they would be more receptive to.

Floss: How long have you been perfecting your craft?

RAD: About 5-6 years seriously.

Floss: I’ve interviewed your partner in crime HERO, but what exactly made you two link up for a group album?

RAD: We first recorded some tracks together almost 4 years ago now and developed a chemistry. We let people hear our body of work and they liked it. It was done in the spirit of fun and the love of the music.The good ole days featured me, HERO, & GT Garza recording together, but this project we(HERO & I) just set out to make good music and that mission soon became our debut album.

Floss: Is it steady competition between the two of you, to always one up the other one on a track…ex)Biggie and Jay-Z?

RAD: There are honestly no huge egos when we go into the studio. We are both competitive but at the same time always encouraging each other and pushing each other to be better. We both are very confident, but since you mentioned it we should do a song called Houston's Finest. LOL!

Floss: Most rappers live at the studio, is that the same mind frame you have?

RAD: To an extent, but I feel that it doesn't have to be an actual studio or location. If' I'm not physically in a studio when I want to be, I am in my mind. I'm always in a creative mood or working on something musical no matter where I am.

Floss: How long does it take you to write an acceptable 16?

RAD: It depends because I'm not easily satisfied so I go back and revise and improve upon my lyrics.I'm a perfectionist but I still give room for the gift to flow naturally so some times it takes no time like my single with Hero "Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll". I guess the beat as well as the atmosphere are factors.

Floss: Do you help the producer come up with the picture your trying to paint, or do you just listen to the track that is provided for you?

RAD: With Digi (my producer) it's usually a process of me coming and selecting from what he has. He is always at work so there is never a time where I cannot find something that I want.With other producers such as my buddy Josh Ray of the band Chase I am more particular and tell him want I want or I might play some ideas on the keyboard and have him add upon my ideas.

Floss: You and Hero also host shows, hows that working out?

RAD: The shows have been great and I appreciate all of the support from the people who come out to them.

Floss: Can you name future projects that your currently working on?

RAD: I have some songs with the Ko-tix as well as a video with them for a song called "Destiny".Hero and I are putting finishing touches on our album which will be out in August. We both will be making appearances on Defiant, an album that Mic Skills will be dropping this summer, as well as appearances on Mike&Ike' remix album.Last but not least my Solo album.

Floss: What is your vision for H-Town hiphop scene?

RAD: My vision for Houston is for it to be the center of music not only in the South but the nation. Houston is filled with very talented artist such as MicSkills,Karina Nistal,V-Zilla,The Legendary KO,Crystal Hardawick, Lower Life Form,Nosaprise,GT Garza,The Smuggalaz, Floss,H. I. S. D. My vision is larger than Houston. When they ask about the state of hip hop I want them to be asking about Texas.I think once this new wave and sound reaches the forefront we can change the face of not only Southern music but music period and bring back integrity.


1.Favorite up and coming MC - Big Sean

2.Oilers or Texans - Oilers Warren Moon all day long.

3.Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat - SF2 only Ken and Ryu I find it hard to be Blanka
(editor's note: if you don't know this rap line, you sleeping)

4.Artist you would love to work with - Pharrell

5.Hidden Talent - I play a little piano.

A Big IA thanks to RAD! Great interview as usual and you can check out his dope rhymes @ you know I can't leave you without a clip of the homies audio work...Here ya go "Be The Only One" feat. Karina Nistal

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Told You Its Not a Game...

H-Town has alot of talent and i was honored to be apart of this mini project from Fat Tony. Its an EP to the world but its better than most full length albums from established artists. Anyway, did I ever mention i Produce and Rap word to Kanye? Well i do you bastards and i produced the track on this EP called "Love Life"
Shout out to Fat Tony here it is for download


P.S. - Full interview coming from FAT Tony himself soon!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"TIME" Is Musical Excellence ...

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, TIME was always into music as his pops played guitar for the group LeVert... As the years passed,TIME grew to love music more than anything else and soon started writing rhymes in paragraph format, opting for no hooks in between. After awhile he started taking music seriously and began to write and record songs on industry instrumentals. Many people would encourage him to get original beats instead of well known hit songs, so he could be considered legit. Time wasn't interested in paying other producers for work he could do himself, so he learned the production side of Rap and became a serious talent to be messed with, Since taking the rap game by storm, TIME has been giving the killer flow and his masterful melodic beats to anyone who seeks a hit song.

FLOSS: I know Time is money, so lets get right into the interview; How you doing homie?

TIME: I'm good man... Trying to put the finishing touches on my mixtape/album all while maintaining my sanity(smoking A LOT of weed)...

FLOSS: Tell the viewers where your stage name originates from?

TIME: Well, my whole life i been about getting money pretty much... My grandmother (RIP) used to call me a black jew... Anyway I got the name because in high school I would try out and make the hoop squad every year but i would end up quitting before the first game... Usually saying something about how my time is too important to be spent in a basketball gym... The last time i quit the coach asked me "What else you got to do with your time boy?"... and i replied "Get Money"... On my way to work I put it together and came up with the well known phrase "Time Is Money"... I go by TIME now which is essentially the same... Time Is Money Entertainment...

FLOSS: How long have you been producing tracks?

TIME: Ehhh... I first started messing wit fruity loops in 99 so a good 9 years... I used Fruity Loops until March '06... Switched over to reason and never looked back...

FLOSS: You rap as well, how do you find the time to balance the two?

TIME: It's not easy I'll tell u that... I produce for a nice amount of artists and I learned the hard way if u plan on using a beat urself dont even let other rappers hear it... lol... Rappers are thirsty individuals by nature... If they hear a beat they want they're either gonna buy it or beg for it... I've sold a couple beats that I had full songs written to SMH... Other than that its pretty cool... You HAVE to take breaks though... Maybe a week off of producing to focus on gettin some songs recorded... and vica verca...

FLOSS: What are some of the well known producers that inspire you?

TIME: Timbaland, Kanye, Just Blaze, Primo, The Runners, DJ Paul & Juicy J... If I wasnt so blazed I could go on forever...

FLOSS: What Niketalk music producers keep you on you’re A-game?

TIME: Flu, Plan, Mez, Nemesis is a sleeper, and niggas still dont know about YoungMoneyChris...

FLOSS: You come out of Cleveland, Ohio… What is the rap scene like in your town?

TIME: PATHETIC!!! They have one or 2 spots here that frequently have local act nights or whatever but dont nobody go to that shit... its pretty weak up here... You gotta rap like somebody else to b hot in Cleveland... Word to Chip Tha Ludacris RipOff...

FLOSS: What equipment do you use?

TIME: Reason 4.0 and an M-Audio KeyRig 49 controller.

FLOSS: Any current projects in the works, that you want the viewers to know about?

TIME: Yea I got my mixtape/album "This Is Musical Excellence" droppin within the next couple months and Im workin on a group album... Ive been gettin a lot of business from the label as well... Im producing 10 tracks for some Gospel Rappers outta NC... I try to stay busy...

FLOSS: Where can rappers/ producers check out your work?

TIME: My beats can be found at
My not so updated Myspace wit a few songs on it can b found at


Melody or Drums first? - Melody

Rapping or Producing? - I dunno man thats a hard one but i think ill take producing... Its a little easier and shiiiiiiiiit they see way more money than

Kanye or Havoc? - Kanye... Havoc is cool tho...

Browns, Indians, or Cavs? - Cavs

Fave LeBron shoe? ...LBJ IV

As always i want to say thanks to my guest TIME, and allowing IA to interview him...and you know we cant leave without giving to an audio clip of his work

Monday, May 12, 2008


The lives of most average twenty year old girls involves shopping,boys,drama,and daydreams about what they want to do after college. But for Houston artist, Kam, it has been on a constant hustle to become a successful singer. Going from classically trained opera student, to the lead singer of two former Houston ska/reggae bands, to experimental soul solo artist she is now, Kam is getting closer by the moment to achieving that goal.

FLOSS: First off thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule to
interview with IA, How have you been?

KAM: Thank you for having me! I’ve been really good, just hustling a day job Monday-Friday and trying to come up with excuses to be absent for these out of town gigs…yikes I didn't say that.

FLOSS: What made you begin your music career?

KAM: Ahhh I want to say it just came to me. I’ve been performing since age 5 doing gospel in the church. Once I held that first microphone it was on and popping from there.

FLOSS: Your style is definitely different, how would you classify your sound?

KAM: I’m a classification in process. I normally tell people that I am experimental/ indie/reggae/soul but it’s slowly becoming so much more. I’ve been tapping into everything from Afro-beat to Irish punk, 1940’s jazz standards and country recently. Soulja Boy doesn't have shit on George Jones.

FLOSS: Now lets talk about Myspace, I peeped the page and your upcoming
schedule is crazy, how do you prepare for your shows? Any rituals or superstitions?

KAM: I run around in circles and douse myself in crows blood before every show...JUST KIDDING!I am a weirdo and did opera for a little bit and eat apples and drink canned pineapple juice instead of water before every show.

FLOSS: Which do you prefer the stage or the studio?

KAM: Definitely the stage.

FLOSS: Do you play any instruments?

KAM: No I attempt instruments. I can fake drums and piano but I'm not fooling anybody with my guitar skills...awful. I am awful.

FLOSS: What upcoming projects/events are in the works from KAM?

KAM: Ohhh I am currently working on a few projects with Perseph 1 and I am trying to wrap up tracks with Fat Tony, Babel Fishh and my boy Redd The Vulture. My doowop group The Pearls [] begin a series of public shows starting on mothers day. I'm doing a country project with Katie Stuckey.I'm working on a Dub album with Del Vuelo (the alter ego dub band of Perseph One Producer Mark Sound aka Andacc) and my own album with Snowshoe and Lewis (the band I play with when I do my live shows). On top of that I am getting more and more heavy in the dubstep scene as an MC thanks to Gritsy [] and I hope to release a few dubstep tracks before I release my album. Now event wise 2 major shows are going down this summer!!!Last night I found out I was going to be opening up for one of my favorite bands,RX Bandits, at the Meridian on July 20th.Its a pure example, in my opinion, of SXSW being what you make it. I went from being just another fan to playing alongside them 4 months later. Then August 1st, I am throwing this huge show at Fitzgerald’s called "Leave Your Genre At The Door" showcasing a ridiculous assortment of artists in the scene including:Myself, Peekaboo Theory, Nosaprise, Fat Tony and Deerail, Two Star Symphony, The Fucking Transmissions,Snowshoe&Lewis,Perseph1,Evak 1,Lower life Form,Evak1,Television Skies and Satin hooks! Sorry I know that was a lot to take in.

FLOSS: What would you like to see accomplished in the Houston music scene?

KAM: For these artists that make it a habit to stop hating on other artists that are out there hustling and getting shit accomplished. They need to focus on themselves and what they need to do to get better.I say if so and so gets all these shows and all this hype, ask them how they do it, and or watch them, learn from them, and then do it better. Nobody ever got anything accomplished by bitching...excuse my bluntness.

FLOSS: You might win a 2008 Houston Press Music Award, what would that mean to you?

KAM: I'm still waiting on the nominations ha! If the stars aligned to where I did win, it would be a really good feeling and it definitely wouldn't be something that I would take for granted. I would see it as "okay I have their attention, now I need to take it to the next level and give them something more!"

1.Erykah Badu or Jill Scott....damn both of them together i.e. Dave Chappelle's block party!

2.Fave. Venue to play in Houston...Warehouse Live is nice but Fitzgerald's is home

3.Hill, O'Bama, or McCain...Obama

4.Fave. Ice cream flavor...Cookies and Cream

5. Any Hidden Talents…I know an obnoxious amount of TV theme songs…”It’s a rare condition in this day an age, to read any good news on the newspaper page!” Name that song?!!!!!(Family Matters!)Yes, it has been decided that I’m ridiculous. Well, you didn’t say it had to be a good talent!

Thanks for the interview KAM! For more info or to book KAM please visit

Here's a small audio teaser:

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rap Games "HERO"...

Literally!!! HERO is what any rap fan would love to hear in today's stale music climate. With soul beat selection, diverse topics, and sharp lyricism HERO makes for a great MC hailing from Alief, Texas. Appearing on countless mixtapes, prepping 2 brand new studio albums, 1 solo and 1 group, and headlining several underground shows, HERO got away from his busy schedule to sit down with IA for an exclusive interview.

FLOSS: Hero, Whats good, thanks for taking the time away from your busy schedule to interview with us, How has everything been?

HERO: Man no doubt I appreciate you gettin' at me. Just stayin' busy really, we've shut down many shows lately and more to come so were just tryin to do us.

FLOSS: How long have you been in the game?

HERO: Hmmmm, Imma have to say im goin on year 3 since i OFFICIALLY said imma take the music seriously. But all in all, I think i've always been involved in music in one way or another.

FLOSS: What/Who influenced you to start rapping?

HERO: Hands down Jay-Z. I've always been a writer and story teller and when I head Reasonable Doubt, and even more "Friend or Foe", I was like "WHOA!!! Hip Hop and DOPE story... Yea I can do this." Haha

FLOSS: Hero is such an interesting rap name, how did you come up with it?

HERO: Well I didnt really come up with it. It was more given from friends and all. I like to help alot of my younger hommies and people around me. My people know that my doors are always open whenever they need me imma be there. For whatever reason big or small. So I kinda have that SUPER HERO mentality that if you need me, imma be there. haha

FLOSS: Favorite Emcee of all Time?Why?

HERO: Thats a HARD question....... Theres so many in my mind. IF I HAVE to choose one, imma say Biggie. He kept it street, but still marketable, and funny and did him. The essence of what everyone is tryin to do now.

FLOSS: Favorite 16 that is not your own.

HERO: Again, Biggie. First verse of Juicy "It was all a dream...." Classic!

FLOSS: What are you currently working on?

HERO: Well right now im wrapping up 2 albums. Resilience with Me and Rad. and My solo album named It's Just Begun. Also im starting on a mixtape for the H-Town Sneaker Summit (what up kadoma, brawnz and oakcliff)

FLOSS: How long does it take you to write a verse?

HERO: Well that really depends. I usually let the beat take me where it wants me to go. Sometimes it hits fast and my mind goes nuts. theres been times where ive written a verse in like 5 minutes, others it could be days. I remember writing "Suicide Takes Way Too Long" in like 15-20 minutes, the WHOLE SONG!!! haha

FLOSS: You need a special guest for your album, who you paying?

HERO: Hahaha man, Id rather have cats come up to me like "Yo wassap on a collab!?" Usually everyone I work with is fam, so I really dont think id outsource. Like I cant see my self hitting up Jay, or Kanye for a verse and not knowing them personally ya know? Thats just me.

Now Time for Floss Five:

1. Takeover or Ether - BOTH, cause the outcome was two MCs KEEPING it Hip Hop
2. Heroes or Villains - Heroes
3. Yao or T-Mac - T-Mac!!!! Yao really needs to play in the hood for a bit and stop being a PU$$Y!
4. One cd you cant live without - Reasonable Doubt
5. Hidden talent - I can play the Trumpet, oh yea.... Live band coming soon!!!! hahaha

Interested in getting more info about hero? Go to and here is a clip of his single Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Producer Spotlight...

Todays artist,Kaigen Nova, comes from Brooklyn, New York and lives up to the rep of its grimy sounding hiphop. Even though he hasnt been in the game long he's made sure his beats dont dictate that. Crafting each beat with hard thumping drums over rare soul grooves he's sure to be a mainstay within the hiphop scene.

FLOSS:Kaigen Nova I thank you for taking time out your busy schedule to interview with me, can you discuss a little bit about yourself?

KN: I’m a 20 year old laid back dude from Brooklyn who likes all types of music really, from electronica to rock to classical. I find reading books and keeping an open mind inspires you to make the dopest music. I see where a lot of times these days producers are stuck in this hole or era when the sound doesn’t match our current times. Its like hip hop has intrinsic Alzheimer’s, we forget to keep the bar moving where as other genre’s are eons ahead in a technical aspect. Don’t get me wrong you can still do boom bap and keep it fresh its just all the producers who are still stuck in Heatmakerz land annoy me. There’s a difference between a vocal sample and drums with words over them... But there is a lot of ill producers out there who are taking it to that next level like Just Blaze, Beewirks, Alchemist, Tim Bob and the perennial Premo.

FLOSS: Who made you want to start producing?

KN: Actually a producer by the name of Plan inspired me to start making beats. There was this one beat while I was perusing his soundclick that was straight up mind blowing to me, the strings on it was just so vicious I said to myself I want to be able to create music like that because you don’t hear beats on the radio anymore that I would consider “Bangin”. The last bangin beat was probably Buckwild and Fat Joe’s - My Lifestyle that was actually getting radio play.

FLOSS: Everyone's always interested in what equipment the next producer uses, can you describe your setup?

KN: My setup is PC based, I basically use Reason 3. 0 and Fl Studio + VST’s and Cool edit to any editing or mixing. I find that using Fl Studio + Virtual Instruments like Hypersonic, Sonik Synth and Spectrasonics products are much easier for me to do composing because those VST’s that I mentioned have a realistic quality to them with a broader range of sounds that you can’t find anywhere else outside of a Korg Triton, Roland Fantom or Yamaha Motif. For sampling I usually start with the sample in Cool Edit and take it over to Reason 3. 0 because the Redrum is so freaking awesome in there you can make your drums sound like a real drummer which is a dynamic that I like. That’s basically it for production.

FLOSS: How long does it take you to make a beat?

KN: For sampling, anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Chopping usually takes longer but I’m really a looping producer. I like to find a hot loop and put some gritty drums over it. On composing it might take me days to complete a beat. Sometimes it is really difficult to get what you hear in your head and execute it perfectly into something that isn’t noise. I usually don’t make Hip-Hop or RnB beats composed, most of the time I’m doing electronica because that is where I find I have the most freedom to do anything I want.

FLOSS: What projects are you currently working on?

KN: I’m working on a Joe Budden Mood Musik 3 Remix album which should be coming out shortly if I don’t scrap it... But I’m always working on my demo and beat tapes to give to friends and family. Sometimes I even give out free beats and samples to fellow producers and rappers just to be philanthropic.

FLOSS: Your single favorite rapper?Group?

KN: My current favorite rapper is Jae Millz man. Homey just got that type of bravado and bars to possibly be one of the greats. My all time favorite rapper is Jay-Z which probably isn’t a surprise. My favorite band right now is Mew, they really inspire me a lot.

FLOSS: Do you still have your first beat that you created?

KN: Unfortunately I don’t but I remember it being a Star Wars sounding beat lol I probably have it on a CD in my crib and just need to find it.

Okay now time for Floss Five

1. Just Blaze or Kanye? Just Blaze
2. One rapper to work on their entire album? Cassidy
3. Club or House Party? House Party
4. Music guilty pleasure? Sally Shapiro
5. Hidden Talent? I can memorize myself in the mirror.

I want to once again, thank Kaigen Nova for the interview, to hear or get beats from him

Floss Freshies

couple of instrumentals for the mixtape rappers out there to rock over

Wyclef - Sweetest Girl

Busta Rhymes - Dont Touch Me

Bake Up Boyz

Yessir, boyz out of Michigan and apparently have a new single with Jim Jones, where have i been

Bake Up Boyz Listen

Big Ups 2 All My Haters

... I never get tired of that part of the song...The beat is crack and the lyrics are trash but somehow = club hit!!! Anyways the blog is in full effect (yes i just used full effect), and my first interview is on the way. In the meantime check out this mixtape my group The W.E.B. made it on. Its hosted and mixed by DJ Split Image & Relly Rell, here's the link

Also to check out some other good mixes, go to

i'll be back in a lil bit to update you on new songz and news