Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yo - I'm officially DOPE

i get a feature in 2dopeboyz ... God is good!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guest Post: Hollywood FLOSS


its been a minute since the last guest post, but i'm back... I'm about to put out some new music again and really prepare my mind to make Music a full time gig

XP2 (Xperiment Vol. 2 is on the way)
House of Dreams LP

and an avant garde project that will come out this summer - I dont want to rush it or let any tips out of the bag

hit me up on if you need to contact me asap


Hollywood FLOSS

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does EWOOD KID Measure Up in Rap? ... Interview

FLOSS: Here at IA, we want to reach out to all types of musical talent and your no exception…How you been?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: Man I have Been Blessed I can't complain. Feels Good to be Here! Thanks for having me on!

FLOSS: For those that aren’t familiar with the EWOOD K.I.D brand name, can you explain how got involved with music?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: Well I will Start from the Beginning. I have always been a musician, moms started me off as a child on those Keys. In middle school played Trumpet & Baritone, then I met a teacher by the Name of Ms. Wanda Davis that made me stick with Keys, and told me these words that I preach to people to this day "RESPECT YOUR CRAFT!" I got my first hand at producing in 2004 when my Older brother Dustin Prestige gave me my first copy of FL Studio 5 at Southern University. Since then I have never Looked Back! Built my own Stew T.H.R. (THE HIT REGISTRY) from the Ground up. over Time I acquired my my first Keyboard which was a Micro Midi Korg, then I Graduated to Motif 6 "THE ORIGIGNAL BOY, NOT THE ES," DJ The Damn D-RELL gave me my first Turn Table, and my Guru DJ BEZO gave me my first mixer and it was on from there! Your gonna laugh when I tell you how long I have been Rapping seeing that it is 2010, I started in 2009 out of necessity. I always new my tracks went Hard, but always got that Famous Line "THAT SHIT GO HARD, BUT DON'T KNOW HOW TO CATCH IT," and I realized in order to get my stuff heard it needed vocals on it. My Producer Name was always was E. WOOD, but I need a alter ego & the "K.I.D." was born. I am not a cliche' dude so everything has thought and reason. K.I.D. is not the word "KID" lets get that clear now. K.I.D. is not a name, its is a BRAND for "KEEP'N IT DEF" that is not only a lifestyle but a movement.

FLOSS: Do you remember your very first rhyme? If so could you share a couple bars with us?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: Actually I do, It was this Song "Shine Time" That got cut from the K.I.D. Measure Sometimes you just out grow songs. Let me see if I can Remember a couple of bars:

Main Course today, Hmmm Let Me think/
Money, Hoes, and Rims na that was last/
Steak & Eggs w a side of gun & butter/
Not my Stilo Mr. Waiter Can I trouble/
For some dessert, Stack Cake so I can get a better view/
Panoramic is my Picture/
Mr. Please bring the Check so I can Dip-a/
I got my Grind Right ninjas call me YOUNG FLIPPA/

LOL... it was ok, thats a couple of bars. I still like that verse so I won't revel the rest!

FLOSS: What other projects or events do you have in the works at the moment?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: Well the "K.I.D. Measure" is my first project released on Dec. 17, and I am very proud of the outcome! I have not heard one person that has put that CD on track 1 and has not let THE WHOLE THING RIDE. Its That Good! I take Pride, and stand by everything I do, because I have team of Brethren (T.H.E.M. The Houston Elite M.C.'S) that won't let me put out anything that misrepresents me, my family, and lastly T.H.E.M.<<>><< Whats makes this CD different from everything you hear, notice how I keep saying "CD" because I do not consider it a Mixtape but a project of quality Music. I tired of all the POPCORN music on the Radio so I wanted to give the people something that I deemed AS REAL MUSIC FOR FREE!!!!!! This Project was Named the K.I.D. MEASURE, because it is a MEASURING UNIT like inch, cm, mm, and so on to measure these "RAPPERS" by. So the new unit is K.I.D.'s LOL KEPP'N IT DEF!!!!! I have been in T.H.R. Like crazy Since Then Recording the Next Project THES-MATIC which is a play on words THESPIAN & DRAMATIC and all I can do is SHAKE MY HEAD at the Illness... [as he shakes his head] Its due to release in March and the crazy part is it was completed in 2 weeks "SOME TIMES WHEN YOU HAVE THAT BUG, YOU GOT THAT BUG!"

FLOSS: Most rappers live at the studio, is that the same mind frame you have?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: My first songs hook provides the perfect anecdote "GRIND TIME FOR SHINE TIME." Anyone that knows me knows that my GRIND & MY PASSION FOR MUSIC is strong, and is not to be tested.

FLOSS: How long does it take you to write a 16?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: Not Long at all like 20 min. tops. HOV said it best you put THE RIGHT TALENT in a room, crack the door open and let GOD in, ITS MAGIC. I Honestly feel this way "Many are called, but Few are chosen," and I believe in THE WORD and that I AM ONE OF GOD's CHOSEN PEOPLE. Can't help it moms the Rev., LOL

FLOSS: Who are some of your favorite producers to work with? What are some famous producers you would like to work with?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: Well Fist off Myself, let me makes this clear as well "E. WOOD IS A PRODUCER 1st" "K.I.D. Is a Rapper 2nd" my love is music PERIOD! Back to the question, my coproducer M-DUB, Jett-I-Masstyr, E. Wheelz, and John Dew. As far as Famous Producers I would love to work with the one that I always dreamed of, but he passed on not to long ago "THE LATE GREAT J DILLA" [as he says under his breath] don't sleep its a surprise on the THES-MATIC "TRIBUTE", 9th Wounder, Ryan Leslie, Timbo, Premo, Krewcial, and SCI-FIYA.

FLOSS: What is your vision for H-Town hip-hop scene?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: That people stop associating us with that "I DONE CAME DOWN" rap of the mid and late 90's! Don't get it twisted I'm a screw head, and I pay respect to my four fathers who paved the way; but its 2010 and "HOUSTON MUSIC IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!" Let me lay it out how I feel, and hold me accountable for these 4 words "TIME TO GIVE BACK!"
To long have we been kept in the shadow because Houston artist who are on the scene don't give back. Meaning, if you wanna "EAT" do you think you will make more money nurturing a up and coming artist from your city and putting him on, or HOG THE LIGHT UNTIL YOURS FADES AND HOUSTON HAS TO BE PUT ON THE MAP AGAIN?!!!!! The City does not show love to independent artist, and that has to change before we can move anywhere! I am holding MY CITY ACCOUNTABLE so MY CITY SHOULD HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE. People are unaware of the music scene in Houston their are constant shows @ DEANS, JET LOUNGE, THE HORN, CELLULAR BAR, THE BLUE DOOR, LINK LOUNGE, BAMBOO. People in Houston always complain about "WHY DON'T TOURS EVER STOP IN HOUSTON?" Well, if you would come out and support more you will get more! Cities Like NY, LA, Detroit, Atlanta, and Autstin have a serious music shows, followings, and events because there people turn out when artist put on an event. I am Just Saying "You Have to Give Love to Get It!

FLOSS: Who or What made you want to start producing?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: So things you are just born to do! I always tell people to "FOLLOW YOUR PASSION, and RESPECT YOUR CRAFT & IT WILL RESPECT YOU." We all have are own walks to choose from, and this is my public easement (EXCUSE MY ARCHITECT JARGON) and "NO ONE WILL WALK ON IT!"

FLOSS: How would you classify your sound?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: K.I.D. Keep'n It Def, that was to easy of a question, LOL!

FLOSS: What makes a lyricist dope to you and who are some of your influences as a rapper?

E. WOOD THE K.I.D.: What makes a lyricist dope? Hmmm...... Good question! in my opinion "THE FANS" because "ALL MUSIC ISN'T FOR EVERYONE" so I guess my answer would be "What makes a Good Lyricist is how many fans you touch based off of your medium, which is your Product." At the end of the day when you are dead and gone you won't be here to help people interpret your music, and it will have to speak for it self "What Will It Say?" "What Will Your Legacy Be?" Mine hopefully will be "HE TOUCHED THE WORLD." I do not have many rappers that influence me, because in order to establish yourself as an artist you have to be in tuned with yourself first; but if I have to say one it would have to be my long time friend J$RICH! The reason for this is he was the only person as passionate about music as I am, and gave me the formula to this Rap shit! Do I care to share? Do Generals reveal there military strategies before their attack is waged? I think Not. As far as this Rap Shit goes this is "Kicks and Giggles" as well it should be. Nothing you do in life that is your passion you should look at as work. Not to say don't put in hard work, but the time should fly because the work you "ENJOY." Well I'm off to "RAP CAMP" as Jett-I & J$Rich Like to call it! Getting My critique on the "THES-MATIC" Today, but I wanted to leave everyone with this "TAKE PRIDE IN EVERYTHING YOU DO, BECAUSE WHEN YOU DIE IT REPRESENTS YOU!"

Monday, January 4, 2010

new year new season EXTRA EXTRA

Hollywood FLOSS had a great 2009 and is looking for 2009 to be even better

check it out!