Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rap Games "HERO"...

Literally!!! HERO is what any rap fan would love to hear in today's stale music climate. With soul beat selection, diverse topics, and sharp lyricism HERO makes for a great MC hailing from Alief, Texas. Appearing on countless mixtapes, prepping 2 brand new studio albums, 1 solo and 1 group, and headlining several underground shows, HERO got away from his busy schedule to sit down with IA for an exclusive interview.

FLOSS: Hero, Whats good, thanks for taking the time away from your busy schedule to interview with us, How has everything been?

HERO: Man no doubt I appreciate you gettin' at me. Just stayin' busy really, we've shut down many shows lately and more to come so were just tryin to do us.

FLOSS: How long have you been in the game?

HERO: Hmmmm, Imma have to say im goin on year 3 since i OFFICIALLY said imma take the music seriously. But all in all, I think i've always been involved in music in one way or another.

FLOSS: What/Who influenced you to start rapping?

HERO: Hands down Jay-Z. I've always been a writer and story teller and when I head Reasonable Doubt, and even more "Friend or Foe", I was like "WHOA!!! Hip Hop and DOPE story... Yea I can do this." Haha

FLOSS: Hero is such an interesting rap name, how did you come up with it?

HERO: Well I didnt really come up with it. It was more given from friends and all. I like to help alot of my younger hommies and people around me. My people know that my doors are always open whenever they need me imma be there. For whatever reason big or small. So I kinda have that SUPER HERO mentality that if you need me, imma be there. haha

FLOSS: Favorite Emcee of all Time?Why?

HERO: Thats a HARD question....... Theres so many in my mind. IF I HAVE to choose one, imma say Biggie. He kept it street, but still marketable, and funny and did him. The essence of what everyone is tryin to do now.

FLOSS: Favorite 16 that is not your own.

HERO: Again, Biggie. First verse of Juicy "It was all a dream...." Classic!

FLOSS: What are you currently working on?

HERO: Well right now im wrapping up 2 albums. Resilience with Me and Rad. and My solo album named It's Just Begun. Also im starting on a mixtape for the H-Town Sneaker Summit (what up kadoma, brawnz and oakcliff)

FLOSS: How long does it take you to write a verse?

HERO: Well that really depends. I usually let the beat take me where it wants me to go. Sometimes it hits fast and my mind goes nuts. theres been times where ive written a verse in like 5 minutes, others it could be days. I remember writing "Suicide Takes Way Too Long" in like 15-20 minutes, the WHOLE SONG!!! haha

FLOSS: You need a special guest for your album, who you paying?

HERO: Hahaha man, Id rather have cats come up to me like "Yo wassap on a collab!?" Usually everyone I work with is fam, so I really dont think id outsource. Like I cant see my self hitting up Jay, or Kanye for a verse and not knowing them personally ya know? Thats just me.

Now Time for Floss Five:

1. Takeover or Ether - BOTH, cause the outcome was two MCs KEEPING it Hip Hop
2. Heroes or Villains - Heroes
3. Yao or T-Mac - T-Mac!!!! Yao really needs to play in the hood for a bit and stop being a PU$$Y!
4. One cd you cant live without - Reasonable Doubt
5. Hidden talent - I can play the Trumpet, oh yea.... Live band coming soon!!!! hahaha

Interested in getting more info about hero? Go to and here is a clip of his single Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll

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