Tuesday, May 20, 2008

IA gets a little (RAD) akaal!!!

...Whether going verse for verse with some of Houston's Finest rappers or performing live on stage for die hard fans, RAD stays humble and dedicated to the rap game. With numerous projects slated to drop this summer, IA checked in with the self proclaimed "Music Remedy" to find out more about the Houston rapper

Floss: Here at IA, we want to reach out to all types of musical talent and your no exception…How you been?

RAD: I'm like that other side of the pillow cool. LOL!

Floss: For those that aren’t familiar with the RAD brand name, can you explain your inspiration to want to get involved in music?

RAD: I come from a musical family, my dad had this huge record collection and he was a self taught guitarist who encouraged me to learn how to play instruments.After a poetry unit in the first grade I took an interest in rhyming words, and later saw rap music as a voice or platform. I've always felt that I had a lot to say and people would listen if I made it rhyme or put it in a language that they would be more receptive to.

Floss: How long have you been perfecting your craft?

RAD: About 5-6 years seriously.

Floss: I’ve interviewed your partner in crime HERO, but what exactly made you two link up for a group album?

RAD: We first recorded some tracks together almost 4 years ago now and developed a chemistry. We let people hear our body of work and they liked it. It was done in the spirit of fun and the love of the music.The good ole days featured me, HERO, & GT Garza recording together, but this project we(HERO & I) just set out to make good music and that mission soon became our debut album.

Floss: Is it steady competition between the two of you, to always one up the other one on a track…ex)Biggie and Jay-Z?

RAD: There are honestly no huge egos when we go into the studio. We are both competitive but at the same time always encouraging each other and pushing each other to be better. We both are very confident, but since you mentioned it we should do a song called Houston's Finest. LOL!

Floss: Most rappers live at the studio, is that the same mind frame you have?

RAD: To an extent, but I feel that it doesn't have to be an actual studio or location. If' I'm not physically in a studio when I want to be, I am in my mind. I'm always in a creative mood or working on something musical no matter where I am.

Floss: How long does it take you to write an acceptable 16?

RAD: It depends because I'm not easily satisfied so I go back and revise and improve upon my lyrics.I'm a perfectionist but I still give room for the gift to flow naturally so some times it takes no time like my single with Hero "Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll". I guess the beat as well as the atmosphere are factors.

Floss: Do you help the producer come up with the picture your trying to paint, or do you just listen to the track that is provided for you?

RAD: With Digi (my producer) it's usually a process of me coming and selecting from what he has. He is always at work so there is never a time where I cannot find something that I want.With other producers such as my buddy Josh Ray of the band Chase I am more particular and tell him want I want or I might play some ideas on the keyboard and have him add upon my ideas.

Floss: You and Hero also host shows, hows that working out?

RAD: The shows have been great and I appreciate all of the support from the people who come out to them.

Floss: Can you name future projects that your currently working on?

RAD: I have some songs with the Ko-tix as well as a video with them for a song called "Destiny".Hero and I are putting finishing touches on our album which will be out in August. We both will be making appearances on Defiant, an album that Mic Skills will be dropping this summer, as well as appearances on Mike&Ike' remix album.Last but not least my Solo album.

Floss: What is your vision for H-Town hiphop scene?

RAD: My vision for Houston is for it to be the center of music not only in the South but the nation. Houston is filled with very talented artist such as MicSkills,Karina Nistal,V-Zilla,The Legendary KO,Crystal Hardawick, Lower Life Form,Nosaprise,GT Garza,The Smuggalaz, Floss,H. I. S. D. My vision is larger than Houston. When they ask about the state of hip hop I want them to be asking about Texas.I think once this new wave and sound reaches the forefront we can change the face of not only Southern music but music period and bring back integrity.


1.Favorite up and coming MC - Big Sean

2.Oilers or Texans - Oilers Warren Moon all day long.

3.Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat - SF2 only Ken and Ryu I find it hard to be Blanka
(editor's note: if you don't know this rap line, you sleeping)

4.Artist you would love to work with - Pharrell

5.Hidden Talent - I play a little piano.

A Big IA thanks to RAD! Great interview as usual and you can check out his dope rhymes @ http://www.myspace.com/radremm...but you know I can't leave you without a clip of the homies audio work...Here ya go "Be The Only One" feat. Karina Nistal

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