Thursday, May 1, 2008

Producer Spotlight...

Todays artist,Kaigen Nova, comes from Brooklyn, New York and lives up to the rep of its grimy sounding hiphop. Even though he hasnt been in the game long he's made sure his beats dont dictate that. Crafting each beat with hard thumping drums over rare soul grooves he's sure to be a mainstay within the hiphop scene.

FLOSS:Kaigen Nova I thank you for taking time out your busy schedule to interview with me, can you discuss a little bit about yourself?

KN: I’m a 20 year old laid back dude from Brooklyn who likes all types of music really, from electronica to rock to classical. I find reading books and keeping an open mind inspires you to make the dopest music. I see where a lot of times these days producers are stuck in this hole or era when the sound doesn’t match our current times. Its like hip hop has intrinsic Alzheimer’s, we forget to keep the bar moving where as other genre’s are eons ahead in a technical aspect. Don’t get me wrong you can still do boom bap and keep it fresh its just all the producers who are still stuck in Heatmakerz land annoy me. There’s a difference between a vocal sample and drums with words over them... But there is a lot of ill producers out there who are taking it to that next level like Just Blaze, Beewirks, Alchemist, Tim Bob and the perennial Premo.

FLOSS: Who made you want to start producing?

KN: Actually a producer by the name of Plan inspired me to start making beats. There was this one beat while I was perusing his soundclick that was straight up mind blowing to me, the strings on it was just so vicious I said to myself I want to be able to create music like that because you don’t hear beats on the radio anymore that I would consider “Bangin”. The last bangin beat was probably Buckwild and Fat Joe’s - My Lifestyle that was actually getting radio play.

FLOSS: Everyone's always interested in what equipment the next producer uses, can you describe your setup?

KN: My setup is PC based, I basically use Reason 3. 0 and Fl Studio + VST’s and Cool edit to any editing or mixing. I find that using Fl Studio + Virtual Instruments like Hypersonic, Sonik Synth and Spectrasonics products are much easier for me to do composing because those VST’s that I mentioned have a realistic quality to them with a broader range of sounds that you can’t find anywhere else outside of a Korg Triton, Roland Fantom or Yamaha Motif. For sampling I usually start with the sample in Cool Edit and take it over to Reason 3. 0 because the Redrum is so freaking awesome in there you can make your drums sound like a real drummer which is a dynamic that I like. That’s basically it for production.

FLOSS: How long does it take you to make a beat?

KN: For sampling, anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Chopping usually takes longer but I’m really a looping producer. I like to find a hot loop and put some gritty drums over it. On composing it might take me days to complete a beat. Sometimes it is really difficult to get what you hear in your head and execute it perfectly into something that isn’t noise. I usually don’t make Hip-Hop or RnB beats composed, most of the time I’m doing electronica because that is where I find I have the most freedom to do anything I want.

FLOSS: What projects are you currently working on?

KN: I’m working on a Joe Budden Mood Musik 3 Remix album which should be coming out shortly if I don’t scrap it... But I’m always working on my demo and beat tapes to give to friends and family. Sometimes I even give out free beats and samples to fellow producers and rappers just to be philanthropic.

FLOSS: Your single favorite rapper?Group?

KN: My current favorite rapper is Jae Millz man. Homey just got that type of bravado and bars to possibly be one of the greats. My all time favorite rapper is Jay-Z which probably isn’t a surprise. My favorite band right now is Mew, they really inspire me a lot.

FLOSS: Do you still have your first beat that you created?

KN: Unfortunately I don’t but I remember it being a Star Wars sounding beat lol I probably have it on a CD in my crib and just need to find it.

Okay now time for Floss Five

1. Just Blaze or Kanye? Just Blaze
2. One rapper to work on their entire album? Cassidy
3. Club or House Party? House Party
4. Music guilty pleasure? Sally Shapiro
5. Hidden Talent? I can memorize myself in the mirror.

I want to once again, thank Kaigen Nova for the interview, to hear or get beats from him

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