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The lives of most average twenty year old girls involves shopping,boys,drama,and daydreams about what they want to do after college. But for Houston artist, Kam, it has been on a constant hustle to become a successful singer. Going from classically trained opera student, to the lead singer of two former Houston ska/reggae bands, to experimental soul solo artist she is now, Kam is getting closer by the moment to achieving that goal.

FLOSS: First off thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule to
interview with IA, How have you been?

KAM: Thank you for having me! I’ve been really good, just hustling a day job Monday-Friday and trying to come up with excuses to be absent for these out of town gigs…yikes I didn't say that.

FLOSS: What made you begin your music career?

KAM: Ahhh I want to say it just came to me. I’ve been performing since age 5 doing gospel in the church. Once I held that first microphone it was on and popping from there.

FLOSS: Your style is definitely different, how would you classify your sound?

KAM: I’m a classification in process. I normally tell people that I am experimental/ indie/reggae/soul but it’s slowly becoming so much more. I’ve been tapping into everything from Afro-beat to Irish punk, 1940’s jazz standards and country recently. Soulja Boy doesn't have shit on George Jones.

FLOSS: Now lets talk about Myspace, I peeped the page and your upcoming
schedule is crazy, how do you prepare for your shows? Any rituals or superstitions?

KAM: I run around in circles and douse myself in crows blood before every show...JUST KIDDING!I am a weirdo and did opera for a little bit and eat apples and drink canned pineapple juice instead of water before every show.

FLOSS: Which do you prefer the stage or the studio?

KAM: Definitely the stage.

FLOSS: Do you play any instruments?

KAM: No I attempt instruments. I can fake drums and piano but I'm not fooling anybody with my guitar skills...awful. I am awful.

FLOSS: What upcoming projects/events are in the works from KAM?

KAM: Ohhh I am currently working on a few projects with Perseph 1 and I am trying to wrap up tracks with Fat Tony, Babel Fishh and my boy Redd The Vulture. My doowop group The Pearls [] begin a series of public shows starting on mothers day. I'm doing a country project with Katie Stuckey.I'm working on a Dub album with Del Vuelo (the alter ego dub band of Perseph One Producer Mark Sound aka Andacc) and my own album with Snowshoe and Lewis (the band I play with when I do my live shows). On top of that I am getting more and more heavy in the dubstep scene as an MC thanks to Gritsy [] and I hope to release a few dubstep tracks before I release my album. Now event wise 2 major shows are going down this summer!!!Last night I found out I was going to be opening up for one of my favorite bands,RX Bandits, at the Meridian on July 20th.Its a pure example, in my opinion, of SXSW being what you make it. I went from being just another fan to playing alongside them 4 months later. Then August 1st, I am throwing this huge show at Fitzgerald’s called "Leave Your Genre At The Door" showcasing a ridiculous assortment of artists in the scene including:Myself, Peekaboo Theory, Nosaprise, Fat Tony and Deerail, Two Star Symphony, The Fucking Transmissions,Snowshoe&Lewis,Perseph1,Evak 1,Lower life Form,Evak1,Television Skies and Satin hooks! Sorry I know that was a lot to take in.

FLOSS: What would you like to see accomplished in the Houston music scene?

KAM: For these artists that make it a habit to stop hating on other artists that are out there hustling and getting shit accomplished. They need to focus on themselves and what they need to do to get better.I say if so and so gets all these shows and all this hype, ask them how they do it, and or watch them, learn from them, and then do it better. Nobody ever got anything accomplished by bitching...excuse my bluntness.

FLOSS: You might win a 2008 Houston Press Music Award, what would that mean to you?

KAM: I'm still waiting on the nominations ha! If the stars aligned to where I did win, it would be a really good feeling and it definitely wouldn't be something that I would take for granted. I would see it as "okay I have their attention, now I need to take it to the next level and give them something more!"

1.Erykah Badu or Jill Scott....damn both of them together i.e. Dave Chappelle's block party!

2.Fave. Venue to play in Houston...Warehouse Live is nice but Fitzgerald's is home

3.Hill, O'Bama, or McCain...Obama

4.Fave. Ice cream flavor...Cookies and Cream

5. Any Hidden Talents…I know an obnoxious amount of TV theme songs…”It’s a rare condition in this day an age, to read any good news on the newspaper page!” Name that song?!!!!!(Family Matters!)Yes, it has been decided that I’m ridiculous. Well, you didn’t say it had to be a good talent!

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Here's a small audio teaser:

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