Monday, March 30, 2009

Shout out to HASH & Twitter INFO on THEM

So I just had the pleasure to view the final tracklisting for Sounds From The Backseat...and WOW!

Council Music & Jett I. Masstyr presents...
hasHBrown's- SoundsfromtheBackSeat

Album drops Early May 2009!

Tenative tracklisting below:

1. Shout Outs Intro
2. Royalty
3. Early Bird
4. Innocence Lost pt. I
5. Love Supreme (ft. Fat Tony)
6. Forever Summer (ft. Phonix, and Upgrade)
7. The Baptism Interlude
8. So Special (ft. Monty)
9. Untitled [lazy as ever]
10. The Dedication
11. Close To You
12. Dreamin' With Ya Eyes Open (ft. Dustin-Prestige)
13. Sounds From The Back Seat

*bonus tracks*
14. Overtime (ft. Phonix)
15. Sweet Revenge (b-side version)

Production by jettimasstyr tracks 2-8, 10-12, 14-15. john dew track 9, and hollywood floss tracks 1&13

A T.H.E.M. Project! Mixed and Mastered by Chris Rockaway of Rockaway Productions.
Council Music Group
Hash Brown

THEM, NOW on TWITTER - check us out

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