Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS 6 month reflection

Its been about 6 to 7 months since my debut solo underground album came out and i have to say im very pleased with the feedback it received

It def. took me further than what i would've imagined and its a proud moment in my life.
The thing i enjoy most is that the feedback is so different, there isnt one clear cut choice for favorite album cut, its all over the place with fans favorite choices

It ranges from She A DIme to Please Dont Judge to Cougars to Better Times

and thats exactly what i intended when i dropped the LP, show diversity and hit different markets

Thanks to all who copped it and jammed it, It means alot -- HOUSE of DREAMs on the way stay tuned!!!

Hollywood FLOSS

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airjordanjack said...

I put a up some links for you on my blog. You have some good stuff man, keep it up.