Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS is back like he never left...

Hey Fans,

Sorry for the long delay I apologize, just had to get my 9 - 5 taken care of and situated ... I accomplished that, and i'm back on my grind

Really wasnt away, I still hit up some functions like Hero and Rad's album release and some Council shows, so my fave was still out there

Now first order of business , new material coming soon, but i want to reach out to photographers - because hollywood needs pictures for album work...Now i could just give you the album, but what fun would that be, without the Pretty little packaging i'm going to give you... So photographers please hit me up

To book or get production from Hollywood FLOSS use - I do reply :)
Please check me out Every First Monday on the Month at Deans Credit Clothing 316 main st. 9:30pm

and Every Second Saturday @ The Cellar Bar 3140 Richmond Ave.

Here is a lil teaser

Hollywood FLOSS back to making pre beats from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo.

Yessir, Hollywood FLOSS is back in the lab, making a pre beat, and gearing up for the new LP, coming soon

Thanks to all that waited check out for updates and

I promise you, bout time i'm done you will be sick of me


Hollywood FLOSS

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