Friday, January 9, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS January 9, 2009

... Hey everyone, happy that it is the weekend and def. looking forward to getting some music done

Picked up some samples to chop - funny thing is, i been trying to get more original tracks created without samples but i always come back to samples... Sooner or later i will get a good number on both so there's a balance...Afterall i do like party/fun songs just as much as a Blackstar song - I just think the radio needs a better balance

To people who get all emo, when someone mentions a party song, lighten up - i mean summertime by will smith is a great fun song, so is cant touch this LOL!!!

I never understood, why people got mad with one hit numbers, They help you remember some great moments in your life... i can list at least 10 cheesy songs, that help me go back to great memories in my mind from

"I wish i was taller" to Marcy's Playground "Sex N Candy"

oh well, just bored, i will put up song 1 of 182 in a couple of days - rough version
until then peace

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