Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Post of he NEW YEAR Hollywood FLOSS

SO far the new year is looking up and brighter than the past!

Please keep in touch with me and if you want to know about any updates on shows and new tracks, just hit me up

The new album is shaping up nicely, i really dont have a concept yet, just loose recordings and loose ideas
so once i get a solid 4 tracks to build upon, i'll form the base of the album...dont get me wrong the records i have now are nice, but i dont know if they're cohesive with each other, so i am gonna keep recording until its a guarantee

Its no big deal right now anyways as i still want to promote "art or fiscal intelligence" and my ep "ari gold tendencies"
but expect the album to be done by april or may

thats all for now, stay in touch


BrioII said...

Where did the name Hollywood Floss come from? Our family company makes Gripit Floss Holders - - and I try to track all posts on the Web that have FLOSS in them.

Roger1 said...

Good question - started as FLOSSY B as in Flossy (insert my first name) because i always had fresh clothes and shoes

but as i started rapping, i cut it to FLOSS -flawless lawless opposing stagnant situations

and added the Hollywood - because i like the west coast and it helps make people remember me