Monday, October 12, 2009

THE DON B setting trends Worldwide!!!!

Stylist Brad Jefferson

Here at IA, we want to reach out to all types of talent and your no exception…How you been?

THE DON -I've been so blessed to be a part of this industry, I grind hard everyday to make sure I accomplish the goals at hand, and it shows in the progression of my work. I would like to take a brief moment to thank you for this opportunity.

No Prob at all ...

For those that aren’t familiar with the Don B brand, can you explain your inspiration to want to get involved in Fashion?

THE DON -My inspiration to want to get involved in fashion wasn't just an over night dream. I've been inspired for years, i've always took heed to national trends and local trends as well, but what inspired me the most was the uniqueness and diversity of Houston. I started going out to different events and seeing a lot of outrageous styles and thought to myself how wonderful it was for people not be afraid to step outside the box and show their personality within their wardrobe. I had been doing the same thing myself for years, but now it seemed to be a trend for many people.

How long have you been perfecting your craft?

THE DON -I've been a trendsetter my whole life, but I've been really serious about my work since my early years in high school. In school I use to get comments from my peers like "hey you really can dress" "where did you get that outfit from" "can you tell me what to wear with this shirt or these jeans", I was so excited to help everyone that asked me.

Any notable names that we know of, that you have styled for? If not who would you like to style for?

THE DON -I haven't quite made it too the "big-dogs" yet, but I am starting with alot of local names like underground entertainment and upcoming models. I definately want to do some styling for my generation like Teyana Taylor, Miley Cyrus, The Newboyz, Lil Twist, and so many more. I feel like The independent industry is on the rise and I want to be a part of this new era coming about.

Now from day 1 hiphop and fashion have coexisted can you name some your favorite fashion moments through rap music?

THE DON -When Kanye broke through in 2004 every body favored his music but hated on his style, it was a break through for both industries because it opened alot of minds to see that hip-hop artist don't all have to dress a certain way. Now we have fashion foward hip-hop artist creating their own spreads and coming out with fashion lines.

Favorite brands of clothing? What decade fascinates you the most styling wise?

THE DON-The 70's And The 80's play a huge role in my styles because I use that historical time period and those trends to create new ones for our developing generation today. My clothing brands have a wide range from louis vuitton, gucci, ralph lauren, levi,american apparel, BDG, Jordan, Nike, Supra, and Vintage Thrift, just to name a few.

Whats the biggest difference between fashion and the music industry?

THE DON-The music industry can be very controlling at times and with fashion there are no limits, just expectations. What I mean by that is in fashion you have the opportunity to go above and beyond your work without the approval of anyone, on the other hand an artist has to make sure they are presenting themselves in a manor that will appeal to their audience. I like to take risks with my fashion designs to create a type of trend and not be ordinary.

Can you name future projects that your currently working on?

THE DON-I am in the process of building my portfolio and getting my work out to the public, I'm doing a fall photo shoot in November where I will be working with a Houston based model named Koffee Browne,she will be modeling a few styles that I put together for her. I'm also working on a project with my photographer to offer on site styling during scheduled photo shoots. My manger and I are continuously networking to build my cliental and reputation in Houston.

What is your vision for H-Town fashion scene?

THE DON-My vision for H-Town would be one that first has a unique signature style, and can always be used as a ground force for fashion. I want every style that I create do represent the H, we already have so many talented people in the city, therefor I want to represent and put on for my city while showcasing all the hottest and latest trends.

First off I Want to thank you guys at Internet Approved And Duke for giving me this opportunity to share myself with everyone. I also want to give a big thanks to my manger Ebonie Newsome and the whole TrendsetterPromotionz team you guys keep me busy and I'm loving it. My homie Duece over at, yall check him out he keeps you up to date on everything and my photographer Daniel Davis with


1.Favorite up and coming clothing brand
-American Apparel

2.Pharrell or Kanye

3.Gucci or Louie

4.LA, NY, or MIA
-New York

5.Hidden Talent
-Acting, Commercial Print Modeling, Choreography

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